Lunga River Lodge


The gracious Lunga River Lodge borders on the Kafue National Park in the north. It is set on the banks of the wild Lunga River and is the only accommodation option in this region.


The lodge can easily be reached by air. Flights from Lusaka or Livingstone take approximately one and a half hours and touch down on a small airstrip a mere five minutes’ drive from the Lunga River Lodge.


Six thatched-roof chalets accommodate the distinguished guests. Throughout the years, the Lunga Lodge has acquired read more » an excellent reputation for its delicious cuisine and first-class service.


The location of the lodge is perfect for exploring the lush Busanga Plains. Incidentally, the Kafue National Park is Zambia’s largest game reserve and the third largest protected area in the world!


Set amidst the abundant African wildlife, the camp is a place of natural grace and quiet beauty. It offers easy access to the Miombo woodlands, floodplains and veldts and is the first choice for travellers looking for remoteness, privacy and nature experiences in a romantic wilderness setting.


Every detail has been designed to offer maximum comfort and an authentic flair. Just like the guest chalets, the dining room sports a typical thatched roof.


Having spent a long and dusty day exploring the wilderness, everything is in place to relax and refresh yourself. Take a long, lazy bath, go for a dip in the pool or spoil yourself with a professional massage after a sauna session.


A holiday under the strong African sun! Awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse wildlife and the comforts of the Lunga River Lodge, open from June till November. Experience Zambia, the original Africa!


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The gorgeous Lunga River Lodge in the Kafue National Park is set amidst a thriving wildlife population. The four comfortable chalets are equipped with a shower and toilette and the beds are draped in protective read more » mosquito nets.


All of the rooms sport a fantastic view of the river. Two luxury chalets additionally feature a king size bed and a terrace with outdoor shower. Settle down and enjoy a sundowner while admiring a magnificent sunset behind the savannah.


All chalets feature authentic thatched roofs, candles and kerosene lamps, which provide romantic emergency light. However, you might want to turn all lights off and star-gaze at the brilliant African night sky. Leave the curtains open to let the bright stars wink you to sleep.


The camp furthermore features a bar, where you can enjoy your evening sundowner, and a beautiful sundeck complete with deck chairs to enjoy the tranquil wilderness flair. Indulge in the breathtaking view out over the river!


A library stocks interesting books, some fictional and some with information on the Zambian history, flora and fauna. Of course, the Lunga River Lodge also features an inviting pool to refresh yourself after an adventurous day. The icing on the cake: Spoil yourself with a professional massage after a session or two in the sauna!


The magic of Zambia is apparent in every small detail – in the sounds of the wilderness or the rising sun’s rays filtering through the dust stirred up by the wildlife. Zambia – a dream and an adventure that has to be lived!


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Maybe you have seen documentaries about the African wildlife and Zambia? Or have you already been to Africa but never lost yourself deep in the wilderness? Zambia is a real African adventure, much more read more » intense than any TV screen can possibly relay!


Experience Zambia’s pristine nature at the secluded Lunga River Lodge. Observe the wildlife in its natural habitat and benefit from the lodge’s rangers’ and trackers’ great experience and profound knowledge.


The Kafue National Park, where the Lunga River Lodge is situated, is the largest game park in Zambia and the third largest in the world. The activities include tracking hikes, boat safaris, fishing, nocturnal game drives and many more. Or treat yourself to a soothing massage applied by experienced hands.


Especially recommendable are the jeep and hiking safaris in the Miombo Woods, where you will very likely spot awe-inspiring elephants, buffaloes, kudus and other species of antelopes.


The lodge is famous for its multi-day canoe trips down the Lunga River. While setting up night camp, maybe a herd of elephants makes its way past you down to the waterhole. The region is also highly interesting to birding enthusiasts. Many rare species inhabit the park.


Experience the wonderful ambiance at the gracious Lunga River Lodge. The cuisine is exotic and first-class. Indulge in the freshly prepared African specialities and accompany them with a good wine!


After a sumptuous breakfast, track antelopes on a safari hike. Relish the wild beauty of Africa, like the magical sunsets behind the savannah – a composition of red and gold! Simply perfect!


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