Lufupa River Camp


Hippo families roll contentedly in the river and enjoy the African sun on their broad snouts. An eagle majestically unfolds its wings, pulling out of a sharp dive, a gleaming fish in its talons. Welcome to the pristine natural paradise of the Kafue National Park, Zambia!


At the Lufupa River Camp you enjoy almost the same view the eagle uses to scan for prey. The Lufupa is set scenically on the banks of the river and commands a wide view of the inspiring surroundings.


It is a hideaway par excellence! read more » The Lufupa Camp blends in beneath soaring trees on the river bank. A passer-by on the river may only spot the camp with a very keen eye.


The natural materials used to construct the camp contribute towards this end. Local wood, stone and straw-thatched roofs lend the camp an authentic flair.


A sumptuous breakfast is, of course, included with the accommodation. A light lunch or a candlelight dinner – the place to meet is the Kafue River Café. The bar is the perfect backdrop to make plans or exchange safari experiences.


Incidentally, the Lufupa River Camp is part of the Wilderness Safaris chain, which is well known for its commitment to the protection of the environment and the support of the local communities. The 150 workers that constructed Lufupa were all local hands.


In 2007 and with the help of the camp, a small school threw its doors open to the local children. Your precious holidays are thus not only spent in fine comfort but also contribute towards preparing the next Zambian generation for a turbulent future.


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Air, light and space to breathe are defining design elements at the Lufupa River Camp. Both the elegant main building and the nine guest tents follow these wholesome principles.


The tents are highly read more » comfortable and underpin the safari flair. They are a wonderful place to rest and relive the exciting encounters of the last wildlife safari. With only a small number of guests present at any one time, the camp ambiance is friendly and personal.


Two of the nine tents have been designed to offer enough space for families. The two units each feature two separate bedrooms with a shared bathroom.


Picturesquely strung-out along the banks of the Kafue and the Lufupa River, the tents command a wonderful view. A generous space separates tent from tent, ensuring privacy and serene tranquillity.


Canvas walls and high ceilings facilitate a constant air circulation and keep the tent’s interior cool. Throw open the doors to the private timber deck and allow sunlight and clean African air to flood inside.


The deck is the perfect spot to unwind: Relish the view, loose yourself in a good book or simple close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the wilderness.


The bathrooms feature everything to spend your holiday in comfort, including hot showers. The large and cosy beds promise sweet dreams to come beneath the crisp sheets.


The Lufupa River Camp’s inviting swimming pool offers instant refreshment on a hot day. A number of palm trees line the pool and cast their protective shade.


The gracious camp is an oasis in the rugged but stunning wilderness of the Kafue National Park. Return from one of the exciting game drives and indulge in the tranquil atmosphere and the fine comforts.


What’s keeping you? Start your tailor-made adventure holiday today!


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The Kafue National Park is famous for its overwhelming diversity of species. It is not only diverse but also immense: Measuring approximately 22,500 square kilometres, it is one of the African continents read more » largest protected areas.


The Lufupa River Camp is scenically situated at the juncture of the Kafue and the Lunga River with the Lufupa Channel. Water is life and life can be found in abundance along the lush waterways – the perfect conditions for wildlife observation!


The entire region is flooded in the summer months. The wide marshlands and floodplains attract countless bird species. Game drives are offered both during the day and at night, each option offering a different insight into the spectacular flora and fauna.


Those who prefer a slower pace can join one of the guided safari hikes that let small details shift into focus. The life beneath the water’s surface is equally diverse and abundant. Drop a hook and sinker into the obscure depths and maybe catch your dinner.


Of course, all of the safari highlights inhabit the park: Experience leopards in their natural habitat, majestic lions dozing in the sun or awe-inspiring elephants parading past completely unperturbed.


So many different species inhabit the Kafue National Park, it would be pointless to try and name them all. However, a boat trip down the river is highly recommendable to observe the giant hippopotamus from up close.


Your most important piece of equipment is going to be your camera. Behind every bush, at every turn of the track, a new fantastic photo opportunity presents itself. Keep the camera up and firing.


The Lufupa Camp can be reached by air or land. The city Lusaka offers a one and a half hour flight to the nearby Moshi Airstrip. However, most guests choose to travel by car. Just the journey out to the camp is an exciting safari adventure for the entire family.


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