Luangwa Safari House

Luangwa Safari House


The exclusive Luangwa Safari House is your perfect choice if you would rather spend your African safari in a noble hotel than in a camp. The fine Safari House is one of the most luxurious hotels in Africa and Zambia.


The Luangwa Safari House was designed by Neil Rocher and is located on the Pope family’s private grounds in the southern section of the Luangwa National Park, nestling right next to the river in the shade of wonderful, soaring trees.


The wooden house was recently restored and read more » is perfect for honeymooners, families and all those who appreciate a private atmosphere. Small groups are also welcome.


At the Luangwa Safari House, you are lodged at a prime location for spectacular wildlife sightings. A maximum of eight guests are accommodated in the four generously decorated bedrooms.


Wonderful – dine on your private terrace, refresh yourself in the small but inviting swimming pool and watch the animals from the observation deck. The real Africa and untamed nature. An adventure, despite the sophisticated comforts!


The dedicated and friendly team, including every position from management to waiters, cooks and tour guides, makes all the difference and ensures your stay at the five-star hotel to be an unforgettable experience.


The grace of the Luangwa Safari House has many aspects. The timber terrace is the perfect backdrop to sunbathe or enjoy a cool drink while stretching out on the leather sofa or in the hammocks, admiring the tall ebony trees all around.


A lagoon is located right next to the hotel grounds. It is frequented by elephant families, which drop by to take a bath and refresh themselves, the young ones playing merrily in the water.


Beautiful Africa, magical Zambia – come and visit this unique place and enjoy a top-class holiday. Choose the Luangwa Safari House – a truly unforgettable experience.


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The Luangwa Safari House is located in the southern part of the Luangwa National Park, framed by idyllic, old Leadwood Trees. The wonderful, slightly old-fashioned and light-flooded house is a brick building read more » sporting a thatched roof.


The Safari House’s inspired chef will introduce you to the local African cuisine. Of course, everything is fresh and of finest quality. On your request, you may dine right next to the river or on your private terrace.


Every one of the four bedrooms has a unique design. The bathrooms are much rather a bathing-temple and have been decked out with skilfully crafted copper elements, sand blasted aluminium and African quality timber.


The living room is graced by an elegant chandelier suspended over a marble table and comfortable couches. All the delicious African specialties the cuisine prepares can also be served in your private sanctuary.


The two hand-carved staircases lead to a wooden balcony, which allows you to admire the breathtaking beauty of an African sunset behind the Chindeni Hills.


The Luangwa Safari House’s central facilities include a well-stocked library offering many interesting reads. Incidentally, private safaris with your own vehicle and guide are possible at any moment you wish to set off for the bush.


Refresh yourself in the swimming pool – an early morning bath is a wonderful start into a new, adventurous day. The African bush and the Safari House are a combination that entertain when desired but leave you all the freedom to kick back and relax.


Discover Africa’s mind-blowing beauty and Zambia’s fabled mysteries. Experience wildlife and fine comforts at the Luangwa National Park. Just amazing!


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The Luangwa Safari House is located idyllically in the southern part of the Luangwa National Park. The South Luangwa Park is considered one of the most important and beautiful game reserves in the world. read more »


The wildlife that inhabits the area around the Luangwa River and the connecting wetlands is incredibly diverse and plentiful. The park has a size of 9000 square kilometres and houses a huge variety of birds and plants of every shape and colour.


Nowadays, safari hikes are being offered all over southern Africa. However, the original idea was born here in the Luangwa. It is the best way to get to know the local flora and fauna without the racket of an engine and at a much slower pace.


Every changing season shows a new aspect of the park’s beauty: the bush, which is dry during the winter time, turns into a flourishing forest during the summer time. The park provides a habitat for more than 60 mammals and 400 species of birds.


The guide will introduce you everything the park has to offer, from flora and fauna to birds and different habitats. You will see hippopotamuses in the rivers, baboons, cranes and grazing antelopes.


Adding extra style to this unique experience, the Luangwa Safari House offers refined accommodation with excellent service. At this fine retreat, you can really relax after having spent a day on safari, on a boat trip or out hunting.


Just grab a good book from the house library and relax in a deck chair or take a refreshing dip in the pool after sundown. A romantic candle-light dinner for two, right next to the beautiful Luangwa River, is the best finish to a perfect day.


There is so much to discover! Africa and Zambia have so much to offer… go exploring!


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