Little Kwara Camp


The Little Kwara Camp is the smaller brother of the Kwara Camp, which is also in the INTOSOL programme. Despite being smaller, the Little Kwara Camp does not need to fear comparison with its larger brother.


Situated in the fringes of the “eternal waters”, the world-famous Okavango Delta, Little Kwara Camp occupies an idyllic spot on a lushly wooded island. It is the most romantic getaway imaginable and a perfect backdrop for safari enthusiasts and those with a soft spot for unspoilt nature.


The read more » sweeping Delta holds water all year round. No matter the season, safaris on the water are being offered. If the water levels are high, a motorboat passes without problem. However, in the case of low water levels, guests may board a Mokoro, the traditional dugout canoe.


The water safaris are a highlight that only few lodges in Africa can offer. Another advantage the Little Kwara Camp boasts is the location within a private concession, the great difference being that game drives can be offered day and night.


It is a special experience to set out at night to track down the mostly nocturnal big cats - an experience that quickens the pulse and a memory you will forever cherish!


Every true safari camp upholds some basic traditions. The Little Kwara Camp is no exception. At night, you dine with the other guests around a large table. The casual atmosphere at dinnertime is just the right setting to share the day’s experiences or make plans for the next safari.


Of course, you may also decide to swap stories over at the rustic bar. Despite the convivial ambience at dinnertime, the Little Kwara Camp is a remote hideaway perfect for those in search of a pristine environment far from modern civilisation.


The small camp is only accessible by air. Turn you back on the stress and tension of everyday life, board a light plane and allow INTOSOL to take you on a journey to a distant paradise where the grace of Mother Nature is still present in every small detail.


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The Little Kwara Camp is the first choice for those who seek to spend their holidays in a remote setting that is characterised by an intimate ambience.


It does not get any remoter than the Little Kwara read more » Camp. The camp is accessibly by light airplane only. Moreover, the number of guests is intentionally kept low to ensure maximum privacy and intimacy.


Little Kwara features only four highly luxurious and tent chalets. The tents have been designed with the guest’s total comfort in mind. The management went to great lengths to create a true home away from home.


The idea is that guests arrive and immediately fall in love with the camp. Of course, it is not only design that helps achieve this ambitious notion. The dedicated service crew fully supports this credo and warmly welcomes every single guest.


Your chalet features an intriguing design. Should you wish to do so, you can flood the room with fresh air and sunshine. The semi-open bathrooms and the freestanding bathtubs offer bathing delights par excellence.


Having spent and exciting day out and about in the African bush, returning to the camp happy but dusty, the ambience is more than inviting to indulge in a foam-topped bath.


Rise and shine in the mornings, having spent a revitalising night in the comfortable bed beneath Africa’s immense night sky.


All of the elegant Teakwood furniture was skilfully manufactured by hand. Incidentally, most of the tents sit on an elevated wooden platform.


The private deck sports magnificent views out over the inspiring surroundings, most noteworthy, of course, the sweeping lagoon where hippopotamus can be observed on a regular basis.


Like the other camps in the Kwando Safari Group, Little Kwara Camp stands for luxurious accommodation in a remote region combined with excellent service. This is the Africa you cannot help but fall in love with!


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At the heart of the Kalahari Desert - the world’s largest connected sand desert – the 1.6 million hectare Okavango Delta features a Garden Eden of rivers, floodplains, reeds, trees and a mind-blowing read more » diversity of wildlife.


The extraordinary Little Kwara Camp is open year-round, allowing you to visit this fascinating region at any seasons, discovering different aspects of the intricate ecosystem.


Depending on the water level, guided safaris hikes are available only seasonally. Experienced guides take adventurous visitors on an intense journey, introducing the guests to the Delta and its wild inhabitants.


The traditional game drives cover a larger distance and are available day and night, of course, also accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Look the wildlife in the eye. At night, the light from the vehicle is reflected from countless, half-hidden eyes.


The Little Kwara Camp boat safaris down the Okavango water channels are especially popular. Again, depending on water levels, the boat safaris are carried out either with a motorised boat or in a traditional dugout canoe, the Mokoro.


Float noiselessly out onto the sweeping floodplain in the Mokoro without scaring the fascinating wildlife. It is a sensational and highly authentic experience rewarding the visitor with usually plentiful bird sightings.


Such a large expanse of permanent water naturally houses a variety of fish. Those interested in fishing may cast a line and perhaps pull a big catch out of the dark water below.


Having spent a long day in the wilderness, a spot of sweet idleness by the poolside is welcome relaxation. The pool is perfect for a refreshing dip on a hot day. Alternatively, settle down comfortably in the shade or in the sun and enjoy the gracious surroundings.


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