Lilianfels Resort & Spa


The Lilianfels Resort & Spa is the ideal holiday retreat no matter whether you are planning a relaxing family holiday or an adventure with friends and colleagues.


The luxury resort romantically nestles on a ledge amidst the Blue Mountains like a fairy tale castle. The view of the shimmering blue mountains and forests is simply stunning.


Let your soul fly and tune in to the rush of a nearby waterfall, hidden deep in a ravine, and the chirp of the cicadas. The pristine nature around the Lilianfels read more » Resort is invigorating – breathe the clean air and admire the blue mist that rises from the eucalypt forests.


The Lilianfels boasts refined luxury in a historic ambiance. It truly deserves its reputation as one of Australia’s finest and most exclusive hotels.


Lilianfels is located in Katoomba, a small Blue Mountain village. Designed like an English manor house, the stately building is set amidst a lush garden and accommodates 86 guest units. Opened in 1992, the graceful architecture is based on historic drawings.


The resort is conveniently located near the Blue Mountains’ main attraction: the Three Sisters. The imposing rock formation is an awe-inspiring beacon that stands high above the surrounding countryside.


Set so spectacularly on a cliff edge, the Lilianfels Resort commands an incomparably beautiful panorama. Admire the pristine nature from above before hiking right into the heart of the forest.


Other local attractions are the scenic Zig-Zag steam railway and the historic villages Leura and Katoomba. However, your eyes will always, invariably, be drawn back to the scenic vista.


Kick up the leaves and inhale the refreshing perfume of the eucalypt or gum trees! The Lilianfels Resort & Spa – unforgettable days in a wonderful setting!


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The Lilianfels is the right environment to kick back and relax, indulging in the sweet comforts the luxurious resorts puts at your disposal. Soak in a hydrating milk-bath, rub yourself dry with an extravagantly read more » soft towel or quench your thirst with the local spring water. Wonderful!


The exquisite marble bathrooms feature both an extra deep bathtub and a separate shower. Naturally, every room commands a magnificent view of the mountains, forests and valleys!


The interior is tasteful and welcoming. Unobtrusive cherry, green and violet hues create a positive ambiance. Quality textiles like silk and organza enhance the elegant effect.


The Deluxe Rooms are spacious and cosy. Most of the Deluxe units feature a view of the gorgeous Jamison Valley.


The Spa Rooms enjoy popularity among honeymooners and those that appreciate the extra comfort of a private whirlpool. Moreover, the Lilianfels offers four suites, each designed in a different but irresistibly appealing style.


However, the Lilianfels’ claim to fame is not only based on its luxurious accommodation but also on its exquisite cuisine. Only fresh, regional products pass through the masterful chefs’ hands, who specialise in modern, Australian cooking.


Settle down to a romantic candlelight dinner at the celebrated Darley’s Restaurant. The romantic ambiance and first-class service perfectly complement the culinary highlights.


The Tre Sorelle offers equally sophisticated delicacies in a more casual ambiance. However, the predominant culinary direction points towards Italy. Of course, the tables are arranged so that they feature a view of the lush Lilianfels’ gardens.


Sip a fragrant espresso and savour the clean mountain air. Open skies and pristine nature – the wonderful Lilianfels Resort & Spa!


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Adventures and leisure activities galore at the Lilianfels Resort & Spa – Hike the infinite forests, brave the rapids in a canoe, accept the challenge of a tennis match or discover the breathtakingly read more » beautiful surroundings with a mountain bike!


Do you have a motorbike licence? Hire a powerful and gleaming Harley Davidson and cruise through eucalypt scented forests at your complete leisure!


Those who appreciate the tingling sensation of adrenaline may choose to abseil down into one of the deep gorges. Alternatively, climb up the steep face of a limestone plateau, immersing yourself in the rainforest that meets you halfway.


The Blue Mountains are a natural paradise for mountain bikers. The Lilianfels bikes are always available free of charge. Moreover, ask at the reception for guided full-day bike tours.


Of course, guided bush hikes are also being offered. A knowledgeable guide introduces you to the exotic ecosystem, flora and fauna and takes you along hidden paths that lead deep into the forest.


Are you planning a romantic surprise for your loved one? It is a pleasure for the Lilianfels to help you arrange a private gourmet picnic at an overwhelming beautiful, secret hideaway.


Incidentally, the name Blue Mountains needs some explanation: The eucalypt trees sweat tiny beads of oil that light up blue as the sun’s rays hit them. Admire the mystical ambience of the blue mist wrapping itself around the trees.


The eucalypt fragrance fills the lungs like a refreshing breeze. A stay at the Lilianfels Resort is like a free aroma therapy – courtesy of Australia’s forests.


Pristine nature all around! The Blue Mountains and the Lilianfels Resort & Spa – a pair that complements itself perfectly! Magical … mystical … and simply fantastic!


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