Lianshulu Lodge


Ornithologists and birding enthusiasts listen up: The Mudumu National Park in the east of Namibia’s Caprivi Region is considered a prime location for spotting birds! More than 400 species inhabit the park.


Amidst the lush natural beauty, the highly luxurious Lianshulu Lodge offers its exclusive accommodation services. The fine comforts and caring service transcend even the most demanding guest’s expectations.


Situated on the banks of the Kwando River, close to the border with Botswana, read more » the gracious lodge nestles beneath soaring Jackalberry and Mangosteen Trees. The architecture has been designed to blend with the lush vegetation and natural surroundings.


The attentive service team’s credo is “outstanding service at all times”. It perceives your wishes even before you can voice them. Would you care for a cup of coffee or tea delivered to your bedside at sunrise? It is a pleasure for the team to meet special requests.


In the morning, a sumptuous breakfast is prepared to give you strength for an exciting day. At night, African drums advise you that the delicious dinner is ready. Having feasted to your stomach’s content, the cosy bar receives all those guests interested in a drink or simply a friendly chat.


The bar and the adjoining veranda are just the right place to conclude a fantastic day in the wilderness. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the river and the wildlife gathering there. On a cold night, a crackling fire is lit in the fireplace.


The Lianshulu Lodge features its own airstrip and a regular connection with Air Namibia. It is also possible to drive to the lodge. One thing is for sure. The moment you arrive on the Lianshulu Lodge’s doorstep, the African bush feeling will cast its charms on you!


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Life at the Lianshulu Lodge: Slowly the fiery sun rises above the horizon and bathes the cottages in a soft orange glow. Early risers enjoy this serene moment on their private terrace, which also features read more » a breathtaking view of the Kwando River.


Those who are less willing to leave the comfort of the bed any earlier than strictly necessary can admire the display of natural beauty without having to get up. Large panoramic windows come down all the way to the floor.


The luxurious and tastefully furnished cottages feature a typical thatched roof and high ceilings creating an airy ambience that lets you breathe freely. Carefully selected arts and crafts decoration are the finishing trim to the room’s gracious design and lend each unit a personal note.


Protecting your privacy, the cottages have been spaced generously apart but all line the majestic Kwando River. Move into your private realm. Each new day of your holiday starts and ends in your unit’s finely appointed bathroom, either with a foam-topped bath or with a refreshing shower.


The Lianshulu Lodge offers ten cottages for two guests and a family unit accommodating up to four guests. However, you will quite nearly share your fine lodging with a number of wild pets.


Hippopotamus happily splash in the Kwando River at just a few metres’ distance from your terrace. Occasionally, a band of monkeys drops by to pay you a visit while the birds provide the multi-voiced soundtrack.


You can see, the safaris start on your front porch. A foretaste of the many encounters you will experience on one of the exciting safari excursions…


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The Lianshulu Lodge is situated amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Mudumu National Park. The diverse habitat features both dry forests and lush arteries of live along the rivers’ waterways. The park read more » is a habitat for a multitude of wildlife, bird species and exotic plants.


There are many ways to explore this colourful and diverse world of wonder. The classic option is to join one of the open all-terrain vehicle game drives that guarantee you close encounters with the region’s prolific wildlife.


The night safaris are especially exciting. Disembodied eyes gleam back at you from all around you. The nocturnal wildlife is a different experience altogether.


For a more intimate encounter with Mother Nature at a slower pace, participate in a guided hike through the pristine ecosystem. Another popular option is the river cruise down the Kwando, which again focuses on a different habitat and a new set of species.


Spot towering elephants, grazing buffaloes, hippopotamus and graceful antelopes. Scenic flights afford you with the opportunity to admire this microcosm from a bird’s perspective. Look down upon the winding network of the rivers and the large animal herds.


Excursion venturing as far as the celebrated Chobe National Park or the Victoria Waterfalls can also be arranged. The Falls are a spectacular sight, thousands of litres of water taking a roaring tumble and spray rising high above the scenery. The Victoria Falls are listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.


Cultural tours take you to the nearby, traditional villages. Learn about the local way of life, the culture and the traditions. Of course, after a long day rich with novelty experiences, it is pure bliss to come back to your comfortable lodge and relax.


Cool down in the inviting swimming pool’s refreshing water and dry off on the adjacent sundeck. Those who prefer shade may settle between the soaring trees. Every well-planned holiday should always include the time necessary to kick back and burry oneself in a good book.


A small shop sells local arts and crafts and a variety of souvenirs to keep the memory of your fantastic holiday in Namibia alive…


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