L`Albereta Winery


L'Albereta – the name alone carries a promise: “Land of Trees”. To be honest, today the stately country residence is mostly surrounded by rolling vineyards at the heart of the idyllic Lombardy in northern Italy.


However, a second name is establishing itself. Where the undulating hills and vineyards meet the sparkling Lake Garda or the vibrant city Milan – the nickname Italian Champagne can frequently be heard.


Following the French example and high quality guidelines, the region is read more » home to Italy's best sparkling wine – a Mecca for wine enthusiasts, doubtlessly.


Despite all these delightful attractions, the region is not overly exploited by the tourism industry. It caters perfectly for all those in search of peace, quiet and relaxation in a remote hideaway.


L'Albereta is the perfect luxury hotel to complement the serene, laid-back setting. It is a member of the renowned hotel chain Relais & Chateaux and located on the southern banks of Lake d'Iseo, Erbusco. The distinguished guests may look forward to first-class service and warm-hearted hospitality.


Relais & Chateaux five great “Cs” are put to perfection at the L'Albereta: Culture, Wine Cellars, Character, Courtesy and Charm. Everything for a memorable stay at in the land of vineyards, olive and citrus trees.


Needless to say that your palate may look forward to an unparalleled Italian culinary joyride. Chef de cuisine Gualtiero Marchesi holds his place among Italy's most celebrated culinary magicians. His creative work has been greatly honoured with sometimes two, sometimes even three Michelin stars!


Only the very best for you in Italy! INTOSOL is proud to offer you the L'Albereta Hotel on the shores of Lake d'Iseo in the land of fine cuisine!


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The L'Albereta Hotel offers a total of fifty seven supremely generous and glamorous accommodation units. The interior has been decked out most graciously and is slightly reminiscent of the splendour of read more » past days.


The 57 units are divided into 48 rooms and nine suites. Every room is a small work of art with a perfectly balanced colour scheme and an ambience that invites you lean back and unwind in fine style.


Select antique furniture, ceilings sporting marvellous frescos, satin drapes and finest tapestry have all been combined and positioned with a loving fascination for details.


Please note, no two rooms are alike. Size, shape, decoration and facilities all vary – the L'Albereta is an old, distinguished house perfect for individualists.


However, the bathrooms, are all exceedingly generous and richly decorated with finest marble. Most are equipped with a state-of-the-art spa bathtub as well as a shower incorporating steam and massage jets.


Everything has been prepared for your unconditional well-being. Satellite TV provides entertainment and allows you to stay in touch with the world. And the mini bar provides a snack or refreshing drink whenever desired.


A safe protects your valuables and the air-conditioning system sends a refreshing breeze blowing through your room to take the edge off a hot day. However, you may just as well step outside to walk the paths between the ancient buildings and outhouses.


Time-honoured vines crawl up the old stone houses and towers. Time apparently seems to have stopped in the well kept, yet romantically quaint gardens. Settle down with a bottle of wine and enjoy the unique flair! Welcome to Italy!


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Journey on the trail of North Italy's cultural treasures. Excellent places to start are Verona, Cremona or Mantua. The graceful L'Albereta Hotel is perfectly located to put you in touch with all of the read more » region's beautiful sights.


Of course, you may also indulge in a spot of completely guilt-free idleness. Put your feet up, twiddle your thumps, gaze at the scenery, read a good book or sip a cold drink – all at your complete leisure!


Alternatively, you may also visit the L'Albereta's superb spa centre Espace Vitalité by Henry Chenot for some professional relaxation support. On approximately 1500 square metres, the spa offers sophisticated therapies in the fields anti-aging, anti-stress and shape-up.


After having enjoyed one of the treatments, soak for a while in the whirlpool, turn up the heat in the sauna or cool down with a few easy laps in one of the two pools, one of which is located in the spa area.


Having indulged in the L'Albereta's world-class cuisine, balance the delightful sins with a visit to the gym. Do not hold back. A professional massage effectively eases all the tension from your muscles.


Another sports option is to pull on the running shoes for a mile or two amidst the breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The ambitious go for a short run in the early morning before settling down to a hearty breakfast.


You may also improve your aim with a game of pool billiard or pick up a racket for a match on the tennis court. Lastly, there are several golf courts in the region that welcome anyone from beginner to pro.


At some stage, most certainly, you need to visit a number of the many vineyards that have made the region famous. Sample the bottled treasures at your leisure. The L'Albereta in Erbusco leaves nothing to be desired!


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