Kwandwe Game Reserve


The Kwandwe Private Game Reserve is a pristine natural paradise for wildlife, such as elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, buffalos, and visitors alike who will be lodged at one of the indisputably outstanding Kwandwe Game Reserve luxury hotels.


The name of the private sanctuary can be traced back to the native tribe Xhosa. The Xhosa still inhabit the area and regularly practice their traditions and rituals. To go on safari at the Kwandwe Reserve is inseparably connected with a host of exciting activities read more » and first-rate accommodation.


Explore the extensive and wild 200 square kilometres of the reserve teeming with life. Knowledgeable guides will add their experience to your safari and are prepared for your questions.


Follow the giant prints of a full grown rhino with an experienced tracker or take part in a spectacular canoe tour on the river. Go hiking on the animals tracks through the underbrush and learn about the striking flora and fauna of the breathtaking nature … the options are endless.


Coming home from an exciting day to your luxury accommodation at night and listening to the sounds of the African bush, you can let the many impressions of the day sink in while enjoying the comfort of your private terrace.


The Kwandwe Game Reserve is a member of Relais & Chateaux and offers its distinguished guests three exclusive lodges in the park: The Kwandwe Main Lodge, the Ecca Lodge and the Kwandwe Tented Camp.


The Main Lodge hugs the banks of the Great Fish River, the thatched roof chalets built from natural materials offering finest accommodation and a great view of the river stretching out below.


The modern Ecca Lodge is located among the hills in the midst of the reserve. Its state-of-the-art luxury housing creates a refined ambience.


The more adventurous will enjoy the Kwandwe Tented Camp giving the convincing impression to be directly in touch with nature. Nevertheless, it offers finest accommodation and unobtrusive luxury.


The Kwandwe Game Reserve is the perfect choice if you want to experience the thrills and wonders of a safari without venturing far from the Garden Route.


Let yourself be captivated!


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Composed of nine suites along the banks of the Great Fish River, the Kwandwe Main Lodge affords breathtaking views of the river and the landscape stretching out beyond.


Every suite is outfitted with read more » air-conditioning and ensures your comfort with a private pool and a large viewing platform.


Elegantly furnished and spaciously designed, every suite has its own bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower. The latter awards you with an inspiring view of the river and the game reserve.


The interior has been decorated in the colonial style of the first settlers to the area and guarantees a unique flair in the midst of this original region.


Kwandwe Ecca Lodge


Hidden deep in the Kwandwe nature reserve, the Ecca Lodge with its modern design creates a sharp contrast to the Main Lodge.


The lodge’s suites are separate chalets spread out wide among the bush to better serve your privacy.


The chalets feature a modern and luxurious atmosphere through an enchanting combination of natural materials and precious furniture. A private pool and a cleverly placed viewing platform round off the uncompromising comfort offered to the discerning guest.


Exterior showers promise a special experience and will award you with breathtaking views of the stunning and wild landscape surrounding you.


On a par with the Ecca Lodge regarding the facilities, the walls of the Kwandwe Tented Camp are simple canvas allowing the sounds and smells of Africa to accompany you to bed.


This intensified experience is a must-do for those seeking to get to know the nature intimately.


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The exciting game drives with open 4X4 vehicles through the extensive reserve constitute the main attraction. However, a large range of other activities is at your disposal.


Join an experienced tracker read more » on a hike through the wilderness on the scent of rhinos. Find out more about the bizarre night active animals, go bush walking or follow the winding river … it is a nature lover’s paradise.


Reward yourself with the unique experience of canoeing the Fish River or take to the air on a scenic flight marvelling at the rough landscape and spotting the herds of wild animals. Visitors arriving between June and November enjoy the special benefit of being able to spot the migrating whales from the air.


Should your taste for wilderness be satisfied for once, take refuge in a gentleman’s sport and spend some relaxed time playing golf … at the Kwandwe Game Reserve your every wish is anticipated.


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