Kingfisher Bay Resort

Kingfisher Bay Resort


Far from the bustling crowds of modern civilisation … your naked toes crunch the warm, white sand, occasionally you bend over to pick up a seashell. A warm breeze tousles your hair and, eyes resting on the ocean’s infinity, the sun caresses your face!


A dream, certainly, but one that might soon become a reality: INTOSOL has discovered a new, fantastic holiday destination for you. Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia, is an oasis of pristine nature and a holiday hideaway par excellence!


The read more » perfect accommodation to complement this natural paradise is the four-star Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island. Fraser is not only protected as a national park and a listed world natural heritage site, but also the world’s largest sand island.


The Kingfisher Bay Resort blends perfectly with the natural splendour of the environment, its architecture respectfully conceding nature the right of way. The result is a hideaway that sets new standards.


Wilderness setting and first-class cuisine: The Kingfisher Bay Resort’s restaurant serves mouth-watering delicacies prepared with ingredients from its own vegetable patch and seafood fresh from the Pacific Ocean.


Tantalising smells starting to waft over from the kitchen, sip a refreshing drink at the cosy Seabelle Bar or invite yourself to a sundowner at the Jetty Hut.


Incidentally, the beauty of the island was acclaimed long before Fraser received its modern name. The Aborigines used to call it K’gari, which freely translates into “paradise”. Something to look forward to…!


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Picturesque boardwalks wind though the Australian rainforest and connect the elegant Kingfisher Bay Resort’s 152 rooms and suites to the main facilities.


Each of the tastefully furnished and superbly read more » equipped units sports a magnificent view: Put your feet up, eyes resting on either the lushly green tangle of the bush or the strikingly, bright-blue lake.


The large private deck will surely become you favourite spot to unwind. Prepare yourself a steaming mug of tea or coffee in your room and settle down in all comfort.


On a hot day, the modern air-conditioning system keeps the temperatures pleasantly cool. A TV provides entertainment if desired and a fridge cold drinks. Insect screens protect you from unwelcome visitors in the night.


Our recommendation goes to one of the 110 villas – romantically located above the forest’s canopy. If you are travelling with family or friends: the villas are available with two or three bedrooms.


And or course, the balconies provide a stunning view out over the forest and its inhabitants. For an extra notch of luxury, you might want to consider a villa with a spa-tub on the balcony – scenic panorama included!


A separate lounge and dining area offer plenty of space to unfold and relax in all privacy. Despite the wilderness location, you may stay on top of current events: The villa is equipped with a TV and radio broadcasting world-wide news.


Moreover, a fully-equipped kitchen allows you to self-supply, should you wish to do so. The Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island – your individual holiday retreat far from the throng of mass tourism!


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When god created our diverse, blue planet, he must have taken special care and harboured a secret love for Fraser Island off Australia’s east coast. The sand island is a sparkling gem, a fine example read more » for nature’s beautiful splendour.


The UNESCO has consequently awarded Fraser Island world natural heritage status. No matter whether you set off to explore the rainforest or are digitally hunting down the wildlife – Fraser’s magic is captivating!


Sand dunes shaped by the ocean breeze, crystal-clear lakes hidden in the forest and gurgling streams – Fraser Island has it all. A guided safari introduces you to the island’s natural wonders. And, incidentally, all safaris are strictly ecologically friendly and have been certified.


Marvel at beautiful Fraser Island and leave nothing but a faint footprint in the sand. There is so much to see and do on Fraser Island that we highly recommend spending at least a full day exploring.


Go for a splash in the green Eli Creek or refresh yourself in the radiantly beautiful, turquoise Lake McKenzie. Of course, you will drive down the famous 75-Mile Beach and come across the photogenic Maheno shipwreck.


However, the highlight is a Fraser Island rainforest hike. You knowledgeable guide points out interesting facts and figures of both the island and its ecosystem. Alternatively, hop on a boat and spend a few hours out on the ocean whale-watching.


When you get home to the Kingfisher Bay Resort, relax at on of the four swimming pools or, if you have not tired yourself out, play a round of tennis or do some water sports. Something to look forward to: Fraser Island and the luxurious Kingfisher Bay Resort!


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