Kapamba Bushcamp

Kapamba Bushcamp


The Kapamba Bushcamp is a romantically remote camp set on the banks of the Kapamba River in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Part of the celebrated Bushcamp Company, Kapamba unites a secluded nature setting and superb safaris with a distinctly luxurious touch.


Set right in the middle of the famous South Luangwa National Park, the Kapamba Camp boasts an abundance of species, which can be observed on the camp’s doorstep, so to speak. While you are taking a refreshing splash in the pool, read more » elephants might doing the same in the Kapamba River only metres away.


Designed in a traditional African style, the Kapamba Bushcamp offers only four gracious stone huts. Despite the simple appearance, the units boast sophisticated creature comforts.


The bright and individually designed interior radiates a welcoming flair. The airy, open architecture allows you to observe the hippos down in the river without having to leave the comfort of your home away from home. Of course, every unit features a private ensuite.


At the centre of the camp lies the elevated deck housing the dining area and bar. Both areas sport magnificent views of the river and the pristine surroundings. Settle down and enjoy a mouthful with an eyeful.


At night, the sky fills with an incredible abundance of twinkling stars, which can be observed in all their clarity thanks to the absence of any pollution or nearby cities. Lean back, sip a fine wine and loose yourself in their breathtaking beauty.


Of course, the Kapamba Bushcamp offers exciting safaris to explore the beauty of the South Luangwa National Park. Highly experienced guides take you on hikes through the wild surroundings. Admire stunning landscapes and thrilling wildlife encounters while prowling the bush!


Please note, that the Kapamba Bushcamp is open only from May to December and welcomes children twelve years and older.


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The Kapamba Bushcamp’s four ensuite guest chalets radiate a wonderfully romantic charm. The interior has been designed in a graceful African style with flowing forms and an airy feel.


Set amidst read more » pristine nature, the main room’s room open architecture and the spacious veranda allow for magnificent views of the Kapamba River. A stone framed plunge pool provides refreshment amidst this breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Another perk is the unique double shower.


The wilderness is all around. However, at night, you may rest assured: While the roar of a distant lion might be heard clearly, cast-iron shutters protect you from unwelcome visitors in the night.


Two of the romantic chalets are equipped with queen-sized beds, the other units boast king-sized beds. With a clear focus on the unspoilt nature, sustainability is an important topic at the Kapamba Bushcamp. For this reason, solar energy provides not only the lighting but also hot water.


The Kapamba Bushcamp in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia: It is a place to feel supremely comfortable at. Experience exciting safaris and find supreme relaxation!


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The Bushcamp Company, the Kapamba Camp being one of its properties, promotes guided safari hikes in the South Luangwa National Park as its principal activity.


Your hiking boots tied up, explore the read more » pristine surroundings on long walks in the early morning or late afternoon, savouring the cool air and making good use of the hours with the most wildlife activity.


Alternatively, with tired feet, you may also opt for a classic day or night time game drive in a rugged safari vehicle. With a little luck on your side, you might spot African wild dogs, giraffes, elephant or lions to name just a few.


On your special request, the Kapamba Bushcamp also organises riverbed hikes. As a surprise, surrounded by the river’s cool waters, dinner has been set up in a romantic location beneath the twinkling night sky.


Indeed, the Kapamba Bushcamp is a first choice for those fascinated in following in the footsteps of the early explorers to admire the wild fauna and flora far off the beaten path.


Relish the sound of silence, interspersed only by the calls of the wildlife, with no motorway, engine or cell phone anywhere in earshot. Inhale the clean, musky air and feel the strength of the African sun on you skin.


The local guides are a wealth of knowledge and happy to share details about the ways of the wildlife and the intricate ecosystem. Learn to read tracks, interpret the wildlife’s warning calls and how to tell medicinal from poisonous plants.


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