Kangaluna Camp


The Gawler Ranges lie approximately 500 kilometres west of Adelaide. A recent addition to South Australia’s national park system, Gawler has been inaugurated as recently as 2002.


The national park’s highlights are not only the diverse and spectacular landscape but also the historic evidence the Aborigine population has left behind.


Set at the heart of the Gawler Ranges, the Kangaluna Camp is a luxury oasis for those who appreciate both essential creature comforts and adventures in a remote read more » and unspoilt environment far from civilisation.


The Kangaluna Camp introduces you to the exceptional flora and fauna of the region. Regain your balance and become one with the pristine surroundings. The exquisite camp harmonises marvellously with its environment.


Treating nature with respect is one of the camp’s highest principles. The Kangaluna’s impact on the environment is almost non-existent thanks to sustainable fresh water sources, recycling and responsible waste treatment as well as the committed safari team, who takes pride in the park.


Both experienced and passionate, the Kangaluna Camp’s guides will introduce you the park’s great natural beauty and unique attractions. Explore the surroundings in especially designed 4x4s.


Kangaluna intentionally keeps the maximum number of guests low. Only three tents accommodate no more than six distinguished guests. A small but exclusive camp, the guests naturally come together at dinner time to exchange stories about wildlife encounters.


The camp’s central facilities are more than a dining area. Relish the friendly and casual ambience. Settle down around the campfire, a cool drink in hand, chat to the other guests and admire the brilliant night sky!


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Explore South Australia’s rugged outback with one of the Gawler Ranges Safaris - a unique experience in a stunning setting!


The basis for all your expeditions is the luxurious Kangaluna Camp. Lodged read more » in the heart of the wilderness, relish the serene tranquillity and privacy far away from the bustle of more heavily frequented destinations.


Enjoy bush camping on its highest level: The Kangaluna Camp is something magical. Featuring only three luxurious safari tents, the units all boast two rooms, a shower and toilet as well as an elegantly designed interior decked out in a soft, natural colour scheme.


Blending with the pristine environment, the tents are authentic bush accommodation but nevertheless feature the essential creature comforts like private bathrooms, tasteful decorations and elegant furniture.


The word camping is redefined by Kangaluna – the sensation of being accommodated amidst nature is the only shared feature of the Kangaluna Camp with a more traditional concept of camping.


Romantic flair and privacy are two of the key elements. Request to have a dinner for two arranged … open-air and directly in front of your luxury tent. However, sometimes it is also nice to spend some time with the other guests.


The ambience is friendly and easygoing. All of the guests sharing a love for nature, an evening spent dining together flies by in a hurry. The bush tucker is outstanding: Despite the remote location the cuisine pleases even the most demanding gourmet.


Afterwards, settle down around the campfire, a glass of superb Australian red wine in hand, and share stories about travelling the world or about wildlife encounters. Above, the firmament is brightly lit by the southern hemisphere’s spectacular star formations!


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The Kangaluna Camp is your home away from home while exploring the Gawler Range National Park’s many beautiful attractions.


More than 1600 square kilometres large, the Gawler Ranges feature diverse read more » flora and fauna as well as ancient works of art left by the Aborigine population thousands of years ago. Incidentally, it was only recently, in 2002, that the region was declared a national park.


With the experienced and passionate Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris guides and a sturdy 4x4, the park’s many natural wonders and historic treasures reveal themselves to the adventurous visitor.


One of the highlights is Lake Gairdner, South Australia’s largest salt lake and the fourth largest on the continent. Another unforgettable experience is to go for a dip with the sea lions in Baird Bay.


No matter which of the Gawler Ranges National Park’s many attractions you decide to visit, the guides’ highest principle is the philosophy to take only pictures and leave nothing but footprints.


The Kangaluna Camp shares these values and goes to great lengths to minimize its impact on the ecosystem. Recycling is a top priority and rain is collected off the tent roofs, providing the water for the toilets and showers.


Of course, the surroundings of the Kangaluna Camp were left in their pristine state during construction. Moreover, great care has been taken to integrate the tents and camp facilities into the natural environment.


A special feature is the Kangaluna Camp’s computerised telescope. On a clear night, which is most nights, punch up a constellation on the computer and the telescope will zoom in and lay the stars at your feet. Visit Jupiter, Saturn and the moon and take picture with your digital camera.


The spectacular sunsets are other emotional and stirring moments that also make for excellent pictures. Next, there are the many encounters with the wildlife in its natural environment.


About 500 kilometres west of Adelaide, the Gawler Ranges and the Kangaluna Camp are most definitely worth a visit – stunning nature and superb accommodation!


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