Kalamu Tented Camp

Kalamu Tented Camp


Large crocodiles lazily bask in the sun on the sand banks. Hippopotamus jostle for the best bathing spot in the shallow water and herds of elephants pass by, stopping for a drink; it is a natural wildlife wonderland!


The amazing wilderness experience is enhanced even further by the fine standards and comforts of the Kalamu Tented Camp in Zambia’s pristine South Luangwa National Park.


The Kalamu Tented Camp, designed along the lines of a classic safari camp but significantly more luxurious, read more » belongs to the celebrated Wilderness Safari Chain, which offers fifty lodges and camps in Africa and on the Seychelles.


All of the Wilderness camps and lodges have a common feature: The fine accommodations are committed to responsible ecotourism and the conservation of the local flora and fauna. A concept that will hopefully inspire others to follow in the footsteps!


The small but exquisite Kalamu Camp is situated in the southern part of the South Luangwa National Park, more precisely in the Luamfwa Concession. It is a setting of great natural beauty!


Whenever possible, the delicious meals are served amidst the pristine nature. Soaring trees cast welcome shade, while you dine with a view of the Luangwa River and your feet digging into the soft sand banks.


Even the bar is open-air and complements the perfect setting with a range of some fantastic wines. And all that despite being in the middle of nowhere! In the rare case of bad weather, a dining tent is kept at hand.


The camp features its own airstrip, which can be reached from various cities. The Kalamu Tented Camp – a treasure combining adventure with fine comforts!


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Sweet and undisturbed peace and quiet – sweet relaxation! Leave the stress and tension of everyday life far behind and let your spirits fly! With only four tents, the Kalamu Tented Camp sports a friendly read more » and tranquil atmosphere.


Kalamu is an oasis of harmony and an inspiration for your senses. Warm colours and local materials create a cosy flair. A mosquito net spans the big and comfortable bed, ensuring a good night’s sleep and revitalising rest.


The process of getting up is sweetened by the fine design of the generous bathrooms, which feature surprising amenities for a wilderness accommodation. Quality timber supports an elegant wash bowl.


Of course, you have a shower and toilet at your disposition. Incidentally, warm water is heated by solar panels. Take a refreshing shower with an ecologically pure conscience. Equally, the power for the lights and ventilators are produced by solar panels.


A safari is about basic experiences and apart from a camera no one likes to carry a lot of luggage. For this reason, the camp runs a laundry service that delivers your washed and ironed clothes in a day. Concentrate on the essentials – your magical holiday!


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The Wilderness Safari Chain runs its camps and lodges in seven countries in the south of Africa. Consequently implementing is environment-friendly policies and cultivating a respectful relationship with read more » the local population, the Kalamu Tented Camp is a place to stay without a guilty conscience.


The Kalamu Tented Camp, its perfect setting and gorgeous pool are a wonderful place to relax. Admire the river while you refresh yourself in the pool after a hot and adventurous day. Of course, exciting safaris are the number one activity.


Track the park’s big predators on foot and spot majestic lions, elegant leopards, rare African wild dogs and hyenas. Watch the water-loving hippopotamus play or the crocodiles bask on the sand banks.


The South Luangwa National Park features an incredibly rich diversity of species. Countless animals like elephants, buffaloes, warthogs and many antelopes have made their home in the park, to name just a handful.


Safaris start early in the morning as well as in the early evening and can be experienced on a classic game drive or on guided safari hike. Of course, you can do both. The shiny, unblinking eyes that carefully observe you in the dark are what make the night safaris so exceptionally thrilling.


The camp’s small guests may join trips to nearby hot springs and an authentic local village. Yet another option is to discover Zambia’s manifold birdlife on a birding hike. Lasting impressions and superb accommodation – the Kalamu Tented Camp!


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