Kalahari Plains Camp


For the exceptional Kalahari Plains Camp, Wilderness Safaris chose an incredibly secluded location in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve – a region that is both highly scenic and teeming with wildlife.


The Kalahari Plains Camp, as the name suggest, is set on a vast plain about 20 kilometres from Deception Valley. The Kalahari’s species diversity is astounding all year round. However, it is the rainy season that really gives life a boost.


Thousands of springboks attract predators like cheetahs read more » and the Kalahari’s peculiar lions sporting a black mane. Safaris are run twice a day and introduce you to this fascinating environment.


You may look forward to a stunningly beautiful landscape rich in contrasts and intriguing wildlife encounters. The Kalahari Plains Camp is the African dream come real. However, it is not only the setting but also the lodge itself. Wilderness Safaris places greatest importance on your absolute wellbeing.


The Kalahari Plains’ ten guest tents are finely decked out and all boast a private ensuite. Moreover, the tents have been designed in such a fashion that you may admire the brilliant night sky while comfortably snuggled up in bed.


Incidentally, families are warmly welcomed to visit the Kalahari Plains Camp. Last but not least, the general facilities contribute greatly to a memorable stay. A lounge, bar, romantic dining area, pool and sundeck allow you to kick back and unwind in all style.


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The secluded Kalahari Plains Camp is located at approximately 20 kilometres from Deception Valley in the northern Kalahari, central Botswana. Unbelievable five million hectares large, the Central Kalahari read more » Game Reserve boast an astounding abundance of wildlife.


Nestling amidst this natural splendour, the Kalahari Plains Camp and its ten guests units offer an intense Africa experience par excellence. Sitting on a plain, the views all around are spectacular.


The same view may also be enjoyed in all comfort from your tent’s veranda. Lean back and gaze at the clear and star-peppered night sky, before snuggling up in bed and nodding off to the lullabies of the surrounding wilderness.


The tent’s entrance is fashioned from strips of canvas that may be raised and pulled down for maximum privacy or superb views. Ventilators provide a breeze whenever the heat becomes too oppressive.


Every tent features an ensuite with a shower. Sustainable tourism is a top priority with Wilderness Safaris: Hot water and electricity is supplied by solar panels.


Of course, the Kalahari Plains Camp’s general facilities have also been designed to sport magnificent views. The lounge, dining area and bar have been set atop a slightly raised platform for a better vantage point.


Your private veranda or the bar… settle down, a glass of good wine in hand, enjoying the Africa scenery or a good book, eyes darting here and there scanning the bush for movement. Indulge in a moment of sweet idleness and be inspired by the natural splendour all around!


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With the Kalahari Plains Camp, Wilderness Safaris created a comfortable, friendly and authentic wilderness camp for nature enthusiasts. The focus lies on an unbridled nature experience.


The Kalahari read more » Plains is the perfect basis for exceptional wildlife observations. Located in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, experience one of Botswana’s most impressive landscapes teeming with game.


The species inhabiting these regions year round have adapted to the harsh conditions of the desert. The summer months boosts wildlife numbers with countless migrating species like springboks and gnus, which in turn attract predators.


You may look forward to memorable wildlife sightings. Two safaris a day are being offered: either in an open all-terrain vehicle or on foot. Of course, all safaris are accompanied by experienced guides, who introduce you to the wildly beautiful ecosystem.


Explore the wild surroundings and keep your senses honed searching for cheetahs, leopards, hyaenas and, with just a little luck, the Kalahari’s black-maned lion. The Kalahari is also an exciting sports ground for enthusiastic birders. More than 220 species have been recorded.


The safaris are not only conducted in the immediate vicinity. As an extra service, tours are offered to Deception Valley and the Letiahau region, providing you with a more comprehensive Kalahari experience!


And lastly, the Kalahari offers more than wilderness: Learn more about the culture of the original inhabitants and join a walking safari with a local Basarwa, a bushman, who will explain about life in the desert and read animal tracks.


Learn to appreciate the age-old traditions of the Basarwa, the history and the culture of this old people, who have so magnificently adapted to life in the Kalahari.


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