Joys Camp


At the heart of the Shaba National Park, lies the wildly romantic Joy’s Camp. The Shaba Park forms one great protected area together with the Samburu National Park and the Buffalo Springs Reserve.


Sustainable and respectful tourism, with a special focus on the protection of the wildlife, is a top priority at the Joy’s Camp. Maybe, in part, this exemplary dedication to the environment is due to the camp’s patroness: Author Joy Adamson (Friederike Victoria Adamson), who wrote “Born Free”. read more »


It was back in 1956 that Joy and her husband George found three orphaned lion cubs. The Adamsons took the three helpless young in and raised them. Once they had grown sufficiently, the two larger were sold to the Rotterdam Zoo.


The smaller lioness Elsa, however, stayed with the couple. At the age of two years, Joy and George started the long process of releasing her back into the wild. Joy Adamson recorded every aspect of Elsa’s life in colourful detail and later published a bestseller that was translated into 33 different languages. The royalties were donated to the “Elsa Wild Animal Appeal” organisation.


With such a great legacy, the Joy’s Camp preserves a romantically natural flair. It is set by a waterhole and offers all the amenities one could wish for at the heart of the wilderness. A large swimming pool and sundeck invite you to enjoy the African sun.


The ten luxurious tent suites command a wonderful view out over the Shaba National Park and its diverse wildlife. The facilities also include a small museum in honour of Joy Adamson. « show less


The Joy’s Camp’s luxurious tents have been set atop raised platforms that command a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape day and night. Thus, your private veranda becomes a prime spot for comfortable read more » wildlife observation.


Each tent’s interior is vast 80 square metres large and tastefully furnished in the style of the Somali and Borana tribes with warm colours and flowing lines. In fact, both the Somali and the Borana tribes are well known for their creativity and outstanding arts and crafts.


The spacious bedroom features an inviting king-sized bed at its centre that provides sweet dreams to come. A separate lounge and ensuite bathroom provide additional space to spread out and make yourself comfortable. « show less


The temptation to just kick back on your veranda’s comfortable furniture, slipping into the private pool every now and then to cool off, is great. However, there is plenty to do at the Joy’s Camp, read more » countless attractions it would be a shame to miss.


Join an exciting game drive in an open all-terrain vehicle hot on the trail of hunting lions or closing in on a herd of grazing elephants. The Joy’s Camp also organises highly recommendable night drives.


Guided bush hikes introduce you to the highly diverse wilderness and at a wonderfully slow pace. Semi-deserts, bizarre rock formations, rolling hills and wetlands bordering the nearby rivers are a fascinating environment to explore in all detail.


For something uniquely special, ask the Joy’s Camp’s friendly service team to organise an exciting breakfast or dinner out in the wilderness on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River.


Authentic African arts and crafts are handmade in many of the surrounding villages. It will be a pleasure for the locals to welcome you and share their culture and way of life with you. Yet another local attraction is the nearby Mgado Crater.


And whenever you have some time to spare, be sure to visit the small Joy Adamson Museum located directly on the hotel property. Joy was certainly a fascinating and strong woman: a literary talent, scientist and passionate nature lover.


But then, of course, at some stage you will need to make good use of your veranda and private pool for a relaxing spell. Moreover, returning tired, dusty and happy from an exciting safari, the spa offers to spoil you with a soothing massage. « show less