Jock Safari Lodge

Jock Safari Lodge


The Jock Safari Lodge sits on a private wildlife reserve within the southern Kruger National Park, approximately half way between Skukuza an the Malelane Gate.


Incidentally, the reserve was the first privately financed section joined with the Kruger Park to extend the reach of nature conservation efforts. Both the reserve and the Jock Safari Lodge proudly look back onto a history marked by groundbreaking successes.


The area is characterised by its exceptional specie diversity. Apart from the read more » longstanding conservation tradition, credit goes to the two rivers Mitomeni and Biyamiti which, flowing together here, attract myriads of animals.


Having been repeatedly renovated over the many years, the Jock Safari Lodge has nevertheless preserved its original safari lodge charm. Despite this quaint ambience, accommodations are nowadays on a previously unattained level of sophisticated luxury.


The stunning result is a first-rate safari lodge which easily ranks among the most enchanting lodges in the Kruger Park. The Jock Safari Lodge’s credo is: “Untouched, untamed, and unforgettable.“


The Lodge’s magic atmosphere will captivate you from the first moment. Warm, ochre colours and selected, age-old timber help create the authentic sensation of a classic safari lodge.


Serenely raised above its surroundings, the Lodge’s main building commands a breathtaking view of the wild African landscape. Especially the candle-lit evenings infuse this enticing setting with an irresistibly romantic atmosphere perfect for a honeymoon dinner.


A first taste of the culinary pleasures will leave you yearning for more. Enjoy the exotic African cuisine in the finely-appointed restaurant or next to the campfire of a traditional boma.


You will be spoilt for choice. An open restaurant complete with a bar next to the pool with its viewing deck and lounge chairs and, of course, the extensive wellness centre round off the Jock Safari Lodge’s facilities.


The Safari Suite’s offer every conceivable comfort: exciting outdoor showers, a day bed on your veranda or delicious meals served on your private veranda flavoured by the breathtaking view.


Of course, the principal activity at are the various adventurous safaris. It has to be pointed out that the Lodge’s rangers all draw on a wealth of experience.


They know the region like their backyard and the visitor can only marvel open-mouthed at their astute skill of tracking down the rarest and shiest animals.


Two open 4x4 game drives through the wide expanse of the African bush are scheduled daily. Additionally, guided hikes at a slower and more intimate pace are being offered.


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The Jock Safari Lodge’s twelve elegant suites feature extraordinary comforts and a classic safari design underlined by finest African timber.


Even the most discerning guest will be pleasantly surprised read more » by the spacious, 50 square metre large air-conditioned bedroom dominated by a king-sized bed draped by mosquito nets. Warm, ochre colours, exposed beams and the thatched roof evoke an authentic feel of early day safaris.


Despite the quaint atmosphere, the suite is airy and the design open, never confining. A day bed on the veranda invites one to take a doze or simply to loose oneself in the magnificent view of the river and savannah.


A lounge, a private plunge pool and a bathroom featuring double sinks and a separate shower complete the suite’s extensive range of facilities.


Guests revel in the possibility to use the outdoor shower or sit in the plunge pool while, with only a little luck, farther below the animal herds pass by. It is a memorable experience.


On your request, the delicious breakfast will be served next to your private pool with a view of the Kruger Park’s savannah. All meals and beverages (with the exception of champagne) are included in your accommodation and may be delivered to your suite by the room service.


Let the African cuisine work its mysterious magic of exotic aromas, spices and hot sauces. The scent of fresh herbs wafts through the air underlined by a combination of locally produced delicacies like plantains, tomatoes and raisins.


The African cuisine is surprisingly diverse. Braai is the popular South African version of a barbeque, a feast enjoyed on an almost weekly basis.


The traditional “Boreworst” will be sizzling on the grill next to giant steaks, lamp or pork chops or selected fish. Original charcoal adds the distinctive smoky flavour.


Spices play an important role and lay down the culinary landmarks of the aromatic, hot flavours. The Jock’s excellent food has been repeatedly commented on by our customers.


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As you would expect, the focus at the Jock Safari Lodge is on safaris in all their many exciting forms. The reserve and its pristine nature are an excellent choice to observe the plentiful wildlife.


On read more » the one hand, the area boasts an unusually rich specie diversity, on the other, the experienced rangers turn the safaris into an entertaining and educational event.


The rangers know the surrounding bush like the back of their hand and sport an almost supernatural skill of tracking down even the shiest, hardly ever observed animals.


Two game drives through the unspoilt bush in open 4x4s are scheduled daily. Additionally, you may choose to participate in guided safari hikes or tours focusing on bird watching.


Both on the safaris and the guided hikes, the rangers will always have some interesting facts and figures about the Kruger Park’s ecosystem at hand. Learn about the intricate life cycles and the animal’s habits.


Should you still be hungry for more information or just curious about a ranger’s lifestyle, you will surely meet the rangers around the campfire at night. Not accommodating more than 24 guests at a time, the evenings and nights at the Jock Lodge are usually spend in an informal and friendly atmosphere.


Of course, there is no necessity to join the chit-chat ‘round the fire. For a quite moment, just retreat to the comfort of your luxurious suite or let yourself be spoiled by a massage or wellness treatment at the spa or even on your private pool deck.


Not matter which safaris you choose to join or how you spend the nights… one thing is for sure: at the Jock Safari Lodge you will enjoy an unforgettable safari experience!


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