Islands of Siankaba Camp

Islands of Siankaba


The most idyllic setting imaginable: The luxurious camp Islands of Siankabe is situated on two lush Zambezi River islands connected by romantic suspension bridges.


The Siankaba Lodge is an outstanding five-star boutique resorts. Each of the six bungalows features a private terrace offering a stunning view of the majestic Zambezi and the nearby rapids - a breathtaking sight!


Livingstone, a charming town well worth a visit, is located approximately 40 kilometres downriver and half an hour by read more » car away. The comfortable tent bungalows are situated on one of the two river islands while the gourmet restaurant is located on the other.


The pristine surrounding of the Siankaba Camp enjoys a reputation for its especially diverse and abundant wildlife. Keep your eyes on either of the two shorelines, try to spot game and let your thoughts fly. The Siankaba offers the perfect backdrop to unwind.


Constructed from natural materials, the Siankaba Camp blends harmoniously with its inspiring surroundings. The maximal occupancy of only twelve guests helps underline the focus on a private ambience and intimate nature experience.


Great importance is placed on personalised service. Allow yourself to be pampered by the attentive service team. The lodge’s fine facilities include a dining and viewing platform, a bar, lounge-area and a pool deck.


The transfers to the airport in Livingstone can be arranged either by car or by boat and take approximately one hour. The activities offered by the Islands of Siankaba include guided forest walks, bird watching and canoeing. Of course, a visit to the world-famous Victoria Falls needs to be included in every itinerary.


Experience Zambia – the authentic Africa – and a most memorable holiday!


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The Islands of Siankaba Lodge offers a different style of camping: The extremely luxurious six tent bungalows accommodate a maximum of twelve guests. The sophisticated construction is based on a teakwood read more » frame draped with handmade canvas. Of course, the bungalows are safely located above high water levels, snugly nestling under tall trees.


The private terraces allow for a breathtaking view of the majestic Zambezi River. The startlingly beautifully panorama is omnipresent wherever you go … the restaurant, the suspension bridge or the boardwalks.


Siankaba features a celebrated restaurant renowned for its superb African cuisine and selection of fine wines. Especially noteworthy is also the attentive service staff who radiate sincere friendliness and take care of your every whims and wishes.


Indulge in the serene ambience of the Islands of Siankabe Lodge. Savour the delicious African dishes served by the aspiring cuisine and unwind, forgetting the stress and tension of everyday life.


Having enjoyed a hearty breakfast, take a stroll down the river shores, exploring the wildly romantic beauty of Africa. The sun hanging low in the sky, return to your private terrace to enjoy a sunset behind the Zambezi River, a refreshing drink in hand.


Strain your ears to pick up even the most distant call of the wild animals roaming the bush – an enchanting soundtrack! Exotic birds twitter, whistle and call and the African wild dog accompanies the serenade with its mystic howl – African magic at its best!


Come and experience the Islands of Siankaba Lodge in Zambia – you will be thrilled. Even more, you will want to come back – the ambience is so arresting.


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First and foremost, every guest should relax and indulge in the delightful ambience the Siankaba Lodge sports. However, once the enterprising spirit takes hold of you, there is host of exciting activities read more » to explore.


Set out to discover the pristine environment: take a stroll beneath the tall trees or along the many trails criss-crossing the island. Explore the river and the shoreline in a canoe or join a guided walk focusing on the region’s prolific birdlife.


The bird species frequently spotted include the African Finfoot, the Pel’s Fishing Owl or the Pygmi Kingfisher. Not only birding enthusiasts will develop an interest in the many colourful feathered friends.


Those who enjoy casting a line will be thrilled to learn about the Zambezi Wolf Fish. With only a little luck you can hook one of the big predator fish. The nearby Mosy-Oy-Tunya Reserve also enjoys a good reputation for its excellent fishing and the added benefit of possibly spotting rhinos.


Another hot recommendation is a trip to the Chobe National Park, Africa’s number one destination for observing elephants. A sunset cruise is an alternative for romantic souls who enjoy the spectacular sight of the fire-red ball sinking beneath the savannah’s horizon.


The culturally focused excursions to the nearby villages are another highlight. Experience an authentic African lifestyle firsthand. The town Livingstone is larger and sports an interesting range of museums. Of course, no visit to this part of Africa would be complete without a trip to the world-famous Victoria Waterfalls.


The activity menu for adrenaline junkies is extensive: Bungee-jumping in the awe-inspiring Batoka Gorge, rafting the rapids of the Zambezi, Gorge-Swinging, and close-up perspectives of the Victoria Falls and the Mosy-Oy-Tunya Park by motorboat, helicopter or ultra-light plane.


There is a lot to see, smell, hear, taste and touch! Visit magic Zambia and lodge at the enchanting Islands of Siankaba. It doesn’t get any better than this!


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