InterConti Thalasso-Spa


The extravagantly luxurious InterContinental Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora opened as recently as May, 1st 2006. the setting is superb: the InterConti Bora Bora is located on Motu Island Piti Aau, a coral island that lies framed by a living reef.


The InterConti Bora Bora perfectly unites modern technology and comforts with traditional design and architecture. The style is Polynesian, the facilities state-of-the-art. The interior has been decked-out in the colour of the lagoon, underlining the contemporary, read more » elegant flair.


Praise goes to the InterConti's unique air-conditioning system. The only of its kind world-wide, the air-conditioning is run with water from the ocean's unfathomable depth, effectively reducing both electricity consumption and contamination.


The Thalasso Spa is equally noteworthy. Having opened its doors in September 2006, it also utilises the new technology. Water from more than 1000 metres' depth, which is especially rich in minerals, is pumped to the surface for the professional treatments.


Step into the exceptional InterConti Thalasso Spa and experience supreme relaxation that is stimulated by both the island's peaceful flair and pristine nature as well as the tried and tested therapies applied by studied professionals.


Incidentally, the InterConti Thalasso Spa is the first resort in the South Seas that offers Overwater Bungalows stunning one hundred square metres large! Spread out in all comfort, unwind on your private terrace and relish the fine facilities!


Some of the InterConti Thalasso Spa Bora Bora's additional facilities include a private beach, a large swimming pool, conference rooms, tennis courts and even a charming chapel, which is just perfect for a wedding in paradise.


Needless to say that your culinary well-being enjoys top priority at the InterConti. No less than two gourmet restaurants and bars spoil you with French and international cuisine spiced up by Polynesian specialities and fresh seafood.


Of course, the fine restaurants and bars all command a breathtaking view of the lagoon. An ice-cold beer or a cocktail mixed to perfection, your loved one by your side, a lounge chair … and everything is in place to salute the setting sun before it commences to circle the distant side of the globe!


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The InterContinental Thalasso Spa offers a total of eighty luxurious Overwater Bungalows that have been constructed on raised platform out in the lagoon. Every unit commands a sensational view of the ocean read more » and the distant horizons.


The bungalows all grant direct access to the lagoon's welcoming waters. Just step out onto the terrace and slip into the bright blue splendour below. The facilities are extremely generous.


Every unit has been equipped with a private terrace, outdoor shower, ensuite with double washbasins and a separate shower. A hair-dryer, salt-water air-conditioning system, mini bar, tea and coffee maker, safe, TV, CD and DVD-player, fold-out couch, king-size bed, telephone, internet, walk-in wardrobe and quality toiletries are available.


Additionally, the InterConti Thalasso Spa Bora Bora offers first-class general facilities like a 24-hour room service, laundry service and postal service. On your request, a child bed can be installed in your bungalow.


The breakfast service is unique: A day in advance, you may order the special delivery service. Be sure to keep your camera ready when the richly decorated canoe drops off the tantalising treats on your private terrace.


The bungalows are divided into three different villa categories that all sport vast one hundred square metres including a private terrace. The decoration and design is typically Polynesian.


The twenty one Emerald Villas all command a stunning view of Motu Piti Aau, its brilliantly white sand beach and the sparkling lagoon. The Emerald Villas are located close to the resort's main buildings.


The 24 Sapphire Villa's are located between the Emerald and the Diamond units and look out onto the lagoon and Bora Bora. Last but not least, the Diamond Villas command a sensational vista of the Otemanu Mountain.


The Diamond Bungalows are the farthest from the main buildings, strung out far into the lagoon. They are the first choice for those that appreciate a supremely quiet and private setting!


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The InterContinental Thalasso Spa Bora Bora offers countless leisure time options. However, possibly the most remarkable is the extraordinary Thalasso Spa. Discover supreme relaxation and professional read more » treatments in a stunningly beautiful setting.


Afterwards, cool off with a splash in the InterConti's inviting swimming pool, which is spectacularly set next to the beach and the bar. If you take a closer look, the nearby Otemanu Mountain is reflected in the glittering water.


Those that want to stay in shape may also visit the fully equipped gym or break a sweat in the Hamman. Later, take a canoe, kayak or paddle boat out onto the crystal-clear water of the lagoon.


Back on land, you may also play tennis, bowls or join a beach volleyball team. A mask and snorkel, available at the reception, allow you to take a peep below the waves and explore the vibrant underwater world.


There is plenty to do at the InterConti. An astronomy course lays the stars at your feet and a Pareo-tying course explains some of the many ways to tie the traditional dress, a type of sarong. You may also learn to weave palm leafs or try your hand at some of the local board games.


For a little charge, the InterConti Bora Bora also arranges scuba diving, shark watching, helicopter flights, catamaran sailing, deep-sea fishing, parasailing, horseback-riding, a Lagoonarium tour as well as bicycle, car and quad-bike hire. Just ask the Activity Desk for help!


Stop by the hotel's Rêve Boutique to pick up some last minute necessities, fashion, souvenirs, stamps, cigars, newspapers or presents. Enjoy all the conveniences of a large luxury hotel!


Those in love listen up: The InterConti Bora Bora has a small chapel that can stage delightfully romantic Polynesian wedding ceremonies – certainly an unforgettable way to seal the bond for life.


Of course, there are also plenty of other lovebird activities you may surprise your partner with: How about a romantic picnic on a lonely Motu Island? Or point the bow of a sailing yachts towards the setting sun... with nothing but the waves and the wind and warm air for company!



Thalasso-Spa – Unique in Polynesia


The Thalasso Spa was inaugurated as recently as September, 1st 2006. The strikingly beautiful facilities comprise three elegant Overwater Villas, where professional massages, therapies and beauty treatments are applied by caring hands.


The InterConti's Thalasso Spa on Bora Bora is the first of its kind to apply the innovative deep-sea water therapy. The Thalasso and Balneo Centre was designed and developed by none other than Dr. Treguer, who has also built the celebrated Thermal Bath in Monaco.


The Bora Bora Thalasso Spa is operated by the Algotherm Company. The corporate history dates back to 1962, when the company was founded in Brittany, France. Located on the Atlantic adjacent to vast algae fields, Brittany is one of the few location world-wide where the precious ocean algae are harvested.


The Thalasso Spa's most innovative treatment, however, applies water that is pumped from a depth of 1000 metres. Uniquely rich in minerals, the deep-sea water is known and celebrated for its healing properties.


Before it is carefully applied to the skin to mineralise the body, the deep-sea water is heated to a temperature between 32° and 35° Celsius. Among others, the deep-sea water is applied in beauty treatments, relaxation sessions, vitalisation and anti-aging therapies.


The InterConti Thalasso Spa's facilities furthermore include a Hamman, fully-equipped gym and aerobic room, meditation gardens as well as a massage room complete with a glass bottom floor. Allow caring hands to spoil you with a professional massage while watching the fish dart about below!


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