Impalila Island Lodge


Four countries, two rivers and a most exceptional lodge – in short: Welcome to the gracious Impalila Island Lodge in Namibia!


Set most idyllically at the juncture of the Chobe and the Zambezi River, the Impalila Island Lodge is the right choice for all those who seek a remote hideaway offering peace and quiet amidst Africa’s pulsating nature. Incidentally, the lodge is a member of the elite hotel chain Islands in Africa.


If you choose to fly in, the flight will afford you with a fantastic read more » view of the landscape composed of mosaic-like patches of waterways, bushland and trails. Those who arrive by boat will navigate the lush riverscape before arriving at the lodge’s long jetty framed by gently swaying palm trees.


A warm colour scheme and typical African arts and crafts decoration lend the main building its cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The fine lodge accommodates a maximum of only 16 guests. Greatest importance is placed on personal service and sincere hospitality. Make yourself at home and indulge with all five senses!


The cuisine is well known for its delicious creations. Best accompanied by a lip-smacking South African wine, the meals will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.


It goes without saying that the Impalila Island Lodge features an elegant dining room. On a fine day, however, the meals are generally served open-air. How about a sumptuous breakfast in the shade of the soaring trees?


A special highlight for couples in love: You may enjoy a picnic for two in peaceful solitude on one of the small islands. Alternatively, enjoy a moonlight dinner on the river’s sandbanks or request to have a candle light dinner set up on your cottage’s porch.


Another culinary delight are the exquisite champagne brunch events. Just about everything is possible at the Impalila Island Lodge and the service team goes to great lengths to fulfil even the most exotic requests.


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The Impalila Island Lodge’s eight luxurious cottages are all hidden in the lush forest surrounding the lodge. Set on a slight elevation, the units command a magnificent view of the river below.


Settle read more » down on your private porch and admire the breathtaking panorama. The interior of the cottages has been designed in a typical African style. Colours, decoration and textures bring back the flair of the colonial era.


The cottages accommodate a large shower bathroom and a comfortable bedroom equipped with a large double bed protected a flowing mosquito net. Sink into the bed’s soft cushions and dream about Africa. Taking the edge out of the summer’s heat, a ceiling ventilator sends a refreshing breeze rippling through your room.


Blending perfectly with the natural surroundings, the Impalila Island Lodge’s architecture has been designed to cause only a minimum impact on the evironment. In fact, it even incorporates two Boabab Trees, which lend the complex a natural appearance and demonstrate the close ties with nature.


The centre of the complex is the open lounge. The lounge area includes not only the restaurant but also the inviting swimming pool. Recline in the comfy lounge chairs and read a good book or simply doze off without having to worry about appointments.


The bar stocks a large variety of refreshing drinks and is a popular meeting place for guests exchanging safari experiences. At the small library, you are sure to find an interesting novel or educative nature guide to keep you happily entertained for a few hours.


Your stay at the Impalila Island Lodge is surely going to be a huge success. Indulge in the easygoing atmosphere. The service team is always at your side when your require assistance or have a special request and their high spirit is certainly contagious.


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Located in the immediate vicinity of each other, the Impalila Island Lodge and the Ntwala Island Lodge offer very similar activities. The motto: Full range of options, no obligations. The leisure activities read more » are organised in such a fashion that you may decide whether you spend a day filled with activity or rather in happy idleness, indulging in the pristine surroundings.


The activities are focused on experiencing and understanding the intricate ecosystem. Surrounded by water, the wet element plays a large role at the Impalila Island Lodge. Board a safari boat and cruise the lush waterways. The boat permits a closer distance to the animals than is common on land.


Nevertheless, classic game drives are part of the range of tours the lodge features. Explore Namibia’s exotic wildlife. A specialised bird watching tour focuses on the region’s prolific birdlife.


An exciting option are the cruises down the majestic Zambezi River’s fierce rapids. Included in the itinerary are guided walk on the river’s islands.


In fact, lonely river islands are so plentiful in this region that you might want to indulge in the deserted island feeling. Request to have a picnic for two arranged on the island of your choice. It is a pleasure for the service team to meet such requests. Just be sure to agree on a pick up time.


The endless waterways are also a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Venture out onto the river in a canoe and cast a line. Good news, if you style of fishing includes the thrill of fighting for a catch. The Chobe and the Zambezi River enjoy an excellent reputation.


Your stay at the Impalila Island Lodge should definitely include a day trip to the world-famous Victoria Falls. Witness the thundering might of the falls as they take a tumble over the edge, the spray rising for hundreds of feet.


Highly recommendable are the scenic flights over the Victoria Falls. Only a bird’s perspective can reveal the sheer power involved. A memorable experience! Almost as memorable as your stay at the exceptional Impalila Island Lodge.


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