Hurakia Lodge

Hurakia Lodge


The Hurakia Lodge is exceptional, extravagant, outstanding! The most notable feature is the elegant, open-architecture design and the remote setting on a lonely island. Experience absolute privacy and contemporary style par excellence at only ten minutes helicopter flight distance or 35 minutes boat ride from Auckland.


The intriguing construction accommodates no more than five bedrooms, making the Hurakia Lodge an excellent choice for a holiday with the family or friends. And, of course, the read more » romantic setting atop a cliff commands spectacular views.


The eight hectares island has no connection to the mainland and even produces its own energy. Solar panels combined with state-of-the-art eco-friendly architecture and a recycling plant provide almost complete independence.


Moreover, despite the island setting, you may look forward to a diverse and entertaining activity programme. Soak in the inviting swimming pool or pamper yourself a little at the first-class spa. Those longing for physical exercise may mountain bike, hike or do water sports.


Working his magic in the cuisine, the dedicated chef places greatest importance on working with only the finest, local ingredients. Fish and seafood specialities as well as seasonal delicacies are prepared creatively, but always to perfection, by John Flack.


Extravagant architecture, gourmet cuisine and exciting activities are complemented and surpassed only by the exclusive accommodation units. No more than ten guests are accommodated at the Hurakia Lodge -Robinsoe Crusoe style on a lonely island- at any one time.


The five bedrooms all boast a magnificent 180° degrees view of the ocean through vast panorama walls that create the sensation of being out in the open. The contemporary furniture has been hand-picked and radiates refined luxury. Welcome to luxury living on Hurakia Island!


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The extravagant Hurakia Lodge is completely surrounded by the ocean's glittering water. The magic of the setting is indescribably beautiful and the modern design and intriguing architecture further enhance read more » the graceful flair.


Settle in and make yourself at home. The open architecture melts the boundaries between being inside and outside. Offering only five exquisitely appointed bedrooms, the Hurakia Lodge is an excellent choice for a holiday with the extended family or friends.


Relish the secluded island setting, the absolute privacy and ample facilities. A Master Suite is complemented by four bedrooms, each with a private ensuite. The furniture and decorations have been hand-picked for their sophisticated elegance and superb comfort.


Finest textiles, select pieces of art , quality materials all around and a bright colour scheme underpin the refined ambience. However, the most striking features are doubtlessly the glass panorama walls commanding a magnificent view of the surroundings.


The Hurakia Lodge's elevated position boosts the striking vistas to full 360 degrees. Despite the appealing interior design, the eyes are invariably drawn outwards. The bedrooms are closed in just a little more, but still offer a 180 ° view.


Plenty of comfortable lounges, lavishly equipped with armchairs and sofas, invite you to settle down in all style. Cuddle up with your loved one by your side, maybe a glass of wine, and let your eyes drift to the horizons.


Of course, an elaborate system of blinds, curtains and intelligent walls provide shade and privacy whenever desired. Fascination Hurakia Lodge: Not far from Auckland but completely remote, stunning views and outstanding creature comforts – welcome!


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The Hurakia Lodge's remote setting by no means condemns you to involuntary idleness. Plenty of exciting activity options allow you to be out and about, exploring the region.


Certainly, you may also read more » decide to kick back and spend a few hours blissfully daydreaming by the swimming pool. You may also choose among the long list of professional spa treatments or visit the infra-red light sauna.


Books, CDs, DVDs and board games provide hours of fun even on a rainy day. But, of course, at some stage you need to explore the pristine surroundings. Tie up your hiking boots, hop on a mountain bike or take a kayak out to sea.


Another popular activity is fishing. Pack some patience, time and good bait and walk over to the local reef, which abounds with fish. Alternatively, take the angling to the next level and try deep-sea fishing or heli-fishing.


The ocean and island wonderland has plenty of other attractions to offer should fishing not rank among your favourite pastimes. A speedboat may take you whale and dolphin watching. Or set the sails on a sleek yacht and point the bow towards open water.


The mainland is not far from the Hurakia Lodge's lonely location and offers another set of activities. Improve your handicap on the local greens or discover the region's exquisite culinary specialities and quality wines.


Wine tasting tours are easily arranged. However, it is also an option to organise wine tastings in all comfort back at the Hurakia Lodge. Maybe you would like to combine such an event with the gourmet cuisine that master chef John Flack creates for you.


John Flack has earned quite a reputation for his fresh seafood specialities, which are complemented with seasonally available local delicacies. Savour the fine aromas, exquisite flavours and spectacular vistas at the serenely peaceful Hurakia Lodge!


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