Huka Lodge


Those in search of a secluded hideaway offering absolute privacy in a pristine nature paradise without having to sacrifice the sophistication and refined comforts of a world-class accommodation have found their destination: The outstanding Huka Lodge in New Zealand!


Only seventy years ago, the ultimately luxurious Huka Lodge was still a forlorn fishing lodge. However, today it has advanced to become one of the country’s finest hotels and is listed as a Leading Hotel of the World.


Located read more » three hundred metres upstream from the Huka waterfalls, the Huka Lodge is most picturesquely set on the banks of the Waikato River. Loyal to its traditions, the Huka reflects all the rustic charm and glitter of the colonial days.


Old, dark timber is magnificently combined with bright seating areas lit by stately chandeliers hanging from high ceilings. Carefully designed details create an ambience that is as cosy as it is marvellous – all in the middle of nowhere.


The Huka Lodge is the perfect destination to unplug for a while and recharge the batteries. Breathe the clean air and let your eyes rest on the beautiful surroundings. And at night, having spent a long and wonderful day out and about, gather round the crackling fire in the main lodge.


It is just the right spot to replay the day’s adventures in your mind just before settling down to an exquisite dinner prepared with only the finest local ingredients. Incidentally, you may also dine in the Huka Lodge’s well-stocked wine cellar, of course, popping a few corks of the bottled local treasures.


Then again, you may also request a romantic candlelight dinner for two beneath the southern hemisphere’s twinkling night sky. Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to a truly outstanding lodge, one of New Zealand’s finest: the exceptional, luxurious, magnificent Huka Lodge!


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After a restful night you slowly open your eyes to lay them on a stunningly beautiful panorama. You stay in bed a little longer, just to enjoy the views. Welcome to the Huka Lodge in New Zealand!


But read more » then, of course, the luxurious Huka Lodge and its gorgeous surroundings have so much to offer that is would indeed be quite a shame to stay in bed for too long.


With no more than sixteen rooms and four suits, the Huka Lodge offers plenty of space to spread out and make yourself comfortable. Bright rooms flooded with light allow you to breathe freely, savouring the airy ambience.


A separate dressing room provides sumptuous space for your laundry and the bathroom is a delight that words fail to do justice. Privacy is a top priority and the refined units are generously set apart and carefully hidden behind lush vegetation.


The only noise that might possibly wake you up in the morning is the birds’ song or the incessant murmur of the river passing by only metres from your accommodation.


Certainly, the Huka Lodge’s finest and most secluded unit is the extravagant Owner’s Cottage. Set at a distance, you nevertheless enjoy access to all of the Huka Lodge’s facilities whenever desired.


The Owner’s Cottage boasts four tastefully designed suites that become your home away from home for the next few days. Make yourself comfortable in the large living room and enjoy the convenience of an elegant dining room and fully equipped kitchen.


At the Owner’s Cottage, you are quite self-sufficient, of course, only if you wish to be so. You are most warmly welcome to visit the Huka Lodge’s excellent restaurant. And what is more, on your request, a private chef creates culinary magic on demand.


The Owner’s Cottage is the first choice for the independent and individualists and has housed many prominent figures in the past. Among the Huka Lodge’s guest list are Queen Beatrix of Holland and Queen Elizabeth the Second.


Others that have enjoyed and approved the Huka Lodge’s exquisite comforts and refined style are Michael Douglas, Barbara Streisand and Diana Ross. The Huka Lodge – one of the best hotels in New Zealand!


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Set amidst stunningly beautiful nature, it is not surprising that the extraordinary Huka Lodge offers a wide variety of leisure time activities. Explore the gorgeous surroundings in any of the many ways read more » offered.


Saunter down the park’s well kept trails or soak in one of the hot pools. A short walk takes you down to the impressive waterfalls that lend the lodge its name: the Huka Waterfalls.


To extend your range and to add adventure to the nature experience, set off exploring on horseback or with a mountain bike, of course, only after having enjoyed a hearty breakfast.


Nearby Lake Taupo, located right in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island, offers yet another set of activity options. Set sails and smartly clip the waves aboard a sailing boat.


Lake Taupo is fed by innumerable rivers and streams that come down from the surrounding mountains and fill the lake with amazingly clean, clear water. Pull into a secluded bay, cast out hook, line and sinker or try your hand at the art of fly-fishing.


However, Lake Taupo also offers adrenaline-packing action: Harness the power of a big engine on the tail of a speedboat with a pair of water-skis. Or add another notch to the top speed, racing toward Waikato River on a jet boat.


The taste of adrenaline may also be enjoyed in the skies. Plummet towards a miniature world securely strapped to a tandem parachute or take the dive off a bungee-jumping bridge.


For a more conventional pastime, accept the challenge to a tennis match or send a ball flying high above the beautifully designed greens at the nearby golf course. The Huka Lodge – superb accommodation and plenty of activity options that let time fly!


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