Huab Lodge


At the heart of a nature sanctuary in the northwest of Namibia, the picturesque Huab Lodge integrates most harmonically into the enticing landscape. The typical African thatched roofs blend with the vegetation growing on the banks of the winding Huab River.


The large, semi-open main building accommodates the dining area as well as a collection of illustrated books and references focusing on the highly diverse fauna and flora beautiful Namibia sports.


A strikingly romantic setting: At night, read more » the distinguished guests gather around a long, candle-lit table to sip fine wine and exchange safari experiences. The inventive, delightfully exotic African cuisine is enhanced by this wildly romantic ambience and warm hospitality.


Eight spaciously designed bungalows feature maximum comforts. To name just one of the fine services: Coffee, tea and cold water are available on your room at all times.


A beautifully-set thermal spring naturally rises to the surface and caters for soothing relaxation. Having enjoyed a hot bath in the thermal spring, cool down with a splash in the adjacent plunge pool.


Professional masseurs offer their tension releasing treatments, on your request, even in the comfort of your room. Maybe you would like to experience the soothing effects of an aroma therapy or a reflexology massage?


Fresh fruit, vegetables and the superb drinking water rising from the depths of the nature reserve add the corresponding nourishment to the wellness concept. Your hosts, Suzi and Jan van de Reep warmly welcome and affectionately care for each and every guest.


They have made it their mission to ensure that every guest can unwind at the Huab Lodge, forgetting the stress and tension of everyday life. The beautiful landscape is an integral factor. Discover the wilderness, the culture and the beauty of Namibia and the Damaraland.


Namibia and the Huab Lodge, a match made in heaven!


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The Huab Lodge’s eight bungalow’s most outstanding characteristic is the generously spacious design. One of the bungalows has been designed to cater for guests with special needs. To ensure undisturbed read more » sleep and living, every bed is equipped with a mosquito net and the doors and windows feature additional mosquito protection.


Solar panels provide ecologically-friendly electricity, a rare commodity in this remote region. Additionally, a torch has been placed in each bungalow to cover power shortages. Extra towels have been laid out for the thermal spring and the swimming pool.


Place your dusty adventurer’s clothes in the basket before enjoying breakfast and they will be returned to you washed and pressed as night falls. A thorough service which is as quick as it is friendly.


With the curtains left open, the cottage’s interior layout allows for spectacular star gazing from the comfort of your bed before you gently drift off to sleep. The sunrises are just as stunning, the early morning light painting the nearby mountains in vivid shades.


Allow the pristine surrounding’s magic to charm you. The effect is enhanced by the sounds of the wildlife: the chirp of the crickets, the exotic birds’ song and jackals howling at the moon in the distance – acoustic African beauty par excellence.


The eight stone bungalows accommodate a maximum of only 16 guests. All meals are enjoyed in the company of your friendly hosts at a long table. It is simply wonderful how quickly you will get to know the other guests and your hosts, enjoying the company and the interesting talk.


Each unit features a large, private patio. The finely-appointed bathrooms are equipped with a toilet, two washbasins, a large mirror and a shower. An attentive room service cares perfectly for you.


The inviting swimming pool complete with a pretty little island in the middle is one of the small complex’s highlights. Savour the warm air, the picturesque landscape, sip a cool drink and splash around in the pool … after all you are on holiday.


The Huab Lodge in Namibia set amidst pristine nature - an experience you will forever fondly remember!


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Having enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast at the Huab Lodge, join one of the exciting game drives to explore the inspiring nature of the 80 square kilometres large private nature sanctuary. Informative commentaries read more » point out all the relevant facts and figures on the ecosystem and wildlife.


As an alternative, rise and shine early for a hike up the mountains to admire the awe-inspiring sunrise – a spectacular display of natural beauty and golden red hues painting the landscape. Simply breathtaking!


Along the way, the professional guides will point out the tracks the wildlife left at night, like the lone trail of a hyena, the territorial marks of a duiker, faeces of the Morpane worm or the funnel of an Antlion. Each of these marks carries significance and in little time you will pick up on how to read the “bush news”.


Indulge in the relaxing ambience back at the Huab Lodge. Your comfort is the primary concern here. Savour the setting amidst the unspoilt nature, enjoy the cuisine’s exotic African creations and relax, doze, laze and chill to your heart’s content.


The inspiring nature can be most harmonically combined with Shiatsu lore. Shiatsu is a curative massage technique invented centuries ago in Japan. At its focus are stretching movements along the energy channels and acupressure. Give it a shot! The results are astounding, you will feel completely revitalised.


Of course, the thermal spring is also an appealing feature for those who seek relaxation and wellbeing. Healing properties are attributed to the spring because of its high level of minerals and zero sulphur. The temperature ranges between comfortable 37 and 39 degrees Celsius.


Everything is in place for a perfect holiday at the Huab Lodge in Namibia. What are you waiting for?


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