Hotel Heinitzburg


The Hotel Heinitzburg’s German heritage is undeniable. Even the exclusive house’s name is testimony to the German colonial past.


The Earl of Schwerin commissioned the construction in honour of his fiancée Margarethe von Heinitz in 1914. Today, the managing family Raith has converted the time-honoured residence into a modern five-star hotel radiating 19th century European charm.


The elegant furnishing has been carefully designed and displays a great sense for tasteful individuality. The read more » Heinitzburg Hotel is a member of the exclusive Relais & Chateaux chain and famous for its excellent cuisine which many regard to be the best in Namibia.


The superb restaurant is called Leo’s. It is divided into two separate parts: the elegant dining area commanding a spectacular view of the city and the wine cellar’s treasure chamber where four tables have been placed.


The Leo’s menu is breathtaking, the variety of sophisticated delicacies simply stunning. Everything, the composition, the artful preparation and appealing presentation deserves the genuine respect of every true gourmet. It quickly becomes obvious that not only every member of the Raith family but also every member of the service team is truly dedicated to providing culinary sensations and flawless service.


At the Leo’s, no matter into which direction you, the view is stunning. To the one side lie the blinking lights of the city far below, to the other you look upon the Khomas high plains and, at the right time of day, an awe-inspiring sunset.


At only five minutes’ distance from the centre, the Heinitzburg occupies a lordly position high above Windhoek. It is quite obvious why the Earl of Schwerin choose this location to impress his fiancée Margarethe.


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The Heinitzburg Hotel’s sixteen lavishly decorated rooms all feature a different layout and are arranged on two levels around a picturesque courtyard.


The fine facilities include a private bathroom, read more » TV, radio, air-conditioning and heating system, telephone, safe and mini bar. The successful concept combines the flair of the romantic 19th century residence with modern five-star amenities.


Great attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the comfortable room’s design. Italian ceramic tiles, handmade furniture and spacious bedrooms adorned with a romantic four-poster bed create a cosy ambience.


The four-poster bed makes you feel like a prince or princess. Apart from fine style, the bed features a most comfortable mattress and is about 30 centimetres higher than usual. Pretty bay windows command a stunning view of Windhoek below.


A special service for the early risers, at the Heinitzburg breakfast can be delivered to your room. Indulge in the sumptuous breakfast while the day’s first light slants in through the windows. What a beautiful way to start the day!


Everything has been thought of, always with the guest’s comfort in mind. The decoration harmonises with the furniture and the spacious rooms have been decked out in pleasing ochre hues and adorned with antique paintings.


A gracious atmosphere has been created, enhanced by the perfect service and friendly staff who perceive your wishes even before you can voice them. For these reasons and the exquisite and celebrated cuisine, the Heinitzburg is considered to be Windhoek’s finest hotel … and rightly so!


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The Heinitzburg features a beautiful terrace set in lush gardens that is perfectly suited for enjoying a refreshing sundowner or cocktail mixed to perfection – all with a stunning view of the city of read more » Winhoek below.


The first class cuisine’s delicacies and the wine cellar’s treasures are more than enough reasons to lodge at the Heinitzburg. An experienced sommelier offers his advice on how to choose form the extensive wine menu which is as thick as a book.


Stocking more than 5000 different wines, most of them from South Africa, the Heinitzburg has collected Africa’s leading wine selection. With so much choice, you quickly slip into the habit of sampling the exquisite treats no only in combination with a meal but even then on now, for example on the terrace enjoying the sun.


Located in the Heinitzburg’s most picturesque part, the Knight’s Room still accommodates historic artefacts and pieces of art. Those interested in history will also enjoy walking down the ancestor gallery deep in the castle’s bowels.


The Heinitzburg and the family Raith are proud of a long tradition of accommodating celebrities, politicians and sportsmen. The German celebrities who lodged at the castle include the former minister for foreign affairs Hans Dietrich Genscher and the Bavarian prime minister Franz-Josef Strauss.


Enhancing any stay with a sense of graceful beauty, the breathtaking view of Windhoek is a stirring and highly special experience. A large, beautifully-set swimming pool provides welcome relief from the heat on a summer day.


Massages applied by caring hands can be booked at the reception. Those who would like to spend their holidays actively may visit the superb golf course or the horse stables located some five kilometres away.


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