Heron Island Resort


Heron Island is a tiny, charming coral island located in the southern section of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. Beautiful Heron is the setting for the exclusive luxury resort of the same name, which offers 109 comfortable guest bungalows.


Heron Island was formed by a coral reef approximately 70 kilometres offshore. Consequently, it is natural paradise for diving and many consider it one of the Barrier Reef’s - if not the world’s - best diving sites.


Snorkel off the beach to the coral read more » framing and protecting the island all around. Moreover, Heron Island runs a dive station that offers tours and courses for both experienced divers and those new to the magic underwater world.


Despite a clear focus on water-based activities, Heron also offers a lot on land. Apart from the resort, the reef island furthermore houses a biological research station.


In fact, Heron Island is a bird sanctuary and a variety of rare species as well as aquatic animals and mammals can be easily observed. Combined island and reef guided tours point out interesting details on the intricate ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef.


When day fades into night, the gaze invariably moves upwards to the stirring beauty of the night sky. Miles and miles from any major settlement, with no artificial light or polluted air obstructing the view, the night panorama is overwhelmingly beautiful. For those interested, an astronomer can explain the night sky sights.


Heron Island is about the original splendour of Mother Nature: slip into the crystal-clear water and swim with sea turtles, whales or coral fish, doze in the shade on the blindingly white beach or just kick back to let your eyes rest on the turquoise ocean and lush tropical vegetation.


Unwind and relish the sensation of having arrived in paradise. A great bonus is the fact that Heron is too far away for day-trippers. Heron Island - a jewel of an island in the blue ocean, a diving site par excellence! Wonderful!


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The luxurious Heron Island Resort integrates harmonically into the lush tropical landscape. The 76 suites and 32 rooms as well as the Beach House all radiate an airy, light, private and stylish flair.


Straight-lined read more » elegance, polished wood and plenty of glass dominate the design. All of the guest units feature either a balcony or terrace. Especially recommendable are the Heron Beachside Suites, which offer a direct ocean access.


The Turtle Rooms are integrated into the tropical gardens and the Reef Suits command a wonderful ocean view with the waves curling above the reef below.


For an extra pinch of comforts, consider the Wistari Suites. The facilities include a modern air-conditioning system and a mini bar, as tools to balance the tropical temperatures, as well as a lounge, CD player and telephone.


However, the Heron Island Resort’s finest is the generously large Beach House. Nestling between soaring trees that provide natural privacy, the elegant unit has a direct access to the beach.


Welcoming you to your home away from home, find a tropical fruit basket and canapés waiting for you. In the afternoon, indulge in the courtesy sweet temptations like fresh ice-cream.


All of the Heron Island’s guest units feature a bathtub or shower, hairdryer, ceiling ventilator, fridge and coffee maker. With the pristine nature providing its subtle entertainment, no TVs are necessary and only the Point and Wistari Suites as well as the Beach House are equipped with telephones.


These modern commodities have been consciously omitted: A stay on Heron Island is about the often ignored simple pleasures of listening to the murmur of the waves, the rustle of the wind in the leafs and relishing the warmth of the sand beneath bare feet.


Stroll the beach and find a quiet spot with no one in sight, no buildings, no phone, no power line and relish the unspoilt surroundings. The Heron Island Resort – nature, diving and relaxation!


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White sand beaches, coral banks lining the shore and some of the world’s best diving sites – the Heron Island Resort! And then there is so much more: Heron is a bird sanctuary and ancient sea turtles read more » crawl out of the ocean’s infinity to lay their eggs on the beach.


The nesting season for the turtles runs from October through to March. Some of the ancient creatures have travelled as far as from Indonesia, returning to the same site where they once hatched.


Watching the hatchlings desperate struggle to gain the doubtful safety of the sea is an event just as spectacular as the egg-laying. The endearing creatures hatch approximately two months after laying, with a peak from mid January to March.


Later in the year, around September, another seasonal visitor can be observed in the waters around Heron Island: migrating whales, especially Humpbacks, arrive to give birth and mate.


Needless to say, that the underwater life is spectacular year round. Heron Island enjoys a brilliant reputation for its superb diving sites and no less than 20 are located at the house reef.


Divers lodged at the Heron Island Resort skip the long boat rides or multi-day cruise tours. You are on site. Some of the best dive spots are a mere 5 to 15 minutes from the beach.


You may easily fit two or three dives into a day and will not need to worry much about sea sickness. Sink into a stunningly beautiful world and enjoy not only colourful coral but also reef sharks, coral fish, manta rays, morays, turtles and many other species.


In the summer months the water temperature reaches a comfortable 26 degrees Celsius. The Heron Island Dive Centre has plenty of experience and offers safe dive trips as well as courses.


Despite the short distances to the dive sites, a speedboat cuts travelling times even more. Of course, you may also decide to just kick back and relax by the swimming pool, which has been wonderfully integrated into a lush, tropical garden.


Later, treat yourself to the restaurant’s delicious treats or sip a refreshing drink at the bar… Pristine nature and supreme relaxation – the good life on Heron Island!


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