Hemingways Ol Seki


Designed in the picturesque Colonial style of the glorious 1920s, the Hemingway’s Ol Seki Camp offers luxurious facilities for a relaxing safari stay in the exciting landscape of the pristine Mara Conservancy.


The Mara Naboisho Conservancy is characterised by wide open plains and endless savannah scenery. The Hemingway’s Ol Seki Camp, however, is located atop a small rise that commands a spectacular view out over the surrounding wilderness.


The total lack of fences, within or around the read more » camp, allows the wildlife to pass through unhindered. Moreover, only safari vehicles belonging to one of the select camps within the private concession may conduct their game drives here - a highly exclusive arrangement!


It deserves extra mention that the majority of the camp’s dedicated staff grew up in the area. They love and know the Maasai Mara like the backs of their hands. Incidentally, being a small camp with very few guests, the Ol Seki Camp offers personalised and flexible service with you wishes and expectations at the heart of everything. You make your own schedules!


Old-fashioned lanterns and candles bathe the camp in a soft, flickering light and the only sounds to disturb the wilderness’ silence are the occasional calls of nocturnal birds or the distant growl of a hunting predator.


The camp’s heart contains the library that is well stocked with both local literature and international classics, inviting you to indulge in the simple pleasure of settling down with a good book in hand, a glass of fine wine on the side.


Of course, you culinary wellbeing has also been taken perfect care of: The Ol Seki’s elegant restaurant serves exquisite buffets or three course meals seasoned with a view of the wild surroundings. Afterwards, make yourself comfortable at the cosy bar for a stiff digestive.


No camp in Africa would ever be complete without the iconic campfire. Follow the trail of lanterns starting at the library to the timber deck set by a rocky outcrop. Flickering fire, twinkling stars and a view of the nearby waterhole – just perfect! « show less


The Hemingway’s Ol Seki Mara Camp accommodates no more than twenty guests at any one time. The setting is equally exclusive: The eight separate Tented Rooms and Suites are generously spaced apart on read more » the vast property and offer absolute privacy.


Furnished in a tasteful safari style, decked out in a vanilla and taupe hues, the luxury tents are both comfortable and cosy. The elegant units nestle into the flanks of a rocky hillside and may be opened on three sides, thus commanding a breathtaking 270° view of their wild surroundings. In addition to the six “Nina” tents with their characteristic domed roofs, the Ol Seki Mara Camp features two extravagant suites: the Simba and Chui Suite.


The Nina Tents are the ideal choice for couples. Right beneath the domed ceiling, a comfortable double bed draped in crisp linen promises sweet dreams to come. Early in the morning, just throw open the tent flaps on three sides and enjoy a spectacular sunrise without even having to leave the cosy comfort of your bed.


Out towards the tents’ rear, an ensuite bathroom equipped with an exciting rain-shower and an additional dressing room ensure modern-day amenities and plenty of space to spread out. However, most certainly, your favourite spot will be the private timber deck out front: just perfect for a romantic dinner, wildlife observation or just to soak up the sun.


The Simba Suite has been designed in a charming penthouse style and features its private driveway. Two vast bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom, the kitchen, dining room and lounge area provide ample space for the entire family or a group of friends. The fridge and mini bar are always well stocked. Additional services are available on request.


For example, on your request, it will be a pleasure for the camp to provide a personal butler, who prepares and provides drinks and snacks around the clock. Of course, you may also choose quiet privacy over around-the-clock-attention. Stretch out on the large sofa outside on the timber deck or observes distant stars through the telescope at night.


The Chui Suite offers supreme privacy. Both bedrooms have been furnished with comfortable double beds and ensuite bathrooms. The central living room separates the two bedrooms. A kitchen, lounge and dining area complete the facilities.


A set of boardwalks connects the two bedrooms and leads to the main area. The Chui Suite is quiet: despite a merry night taking place at the hotel bar, you can be sure to be left undisturbed. It is the perfect choice for those in search of peace and privacy. « show less


Experience a first-class safari holidays at the Hemingway’s Ol Seki Mara Camp. The service is outstanding, the facilities luxurious and the activities – without exception – memorably exciting.


Broaden read more » your horizons with a bird’s perspective on a hot-air balloon flight and observe the Maasai Mara bathed in golden sunlight stretch out below you. On a different day, set off with your hiking boots firmly laced up towards the Ndorobo Caves, perfect also for observing the sunset.


The Naibosho Conservancy is famous for its superb birding and the nearby Victoria Lake for its world-class fishing. Being a private concession, the Naibosho Conservancy also permits nocturnal game drives in addition to the daytime drives and guided bush hikes. And certainly, the night unveils a new face of the region’s wildlife diversity: More than the famous Big Five, countless different eyes reflect the experienced guide’s light.


And then, of course, the Maasai Mara National Park becomes the stage for the Great Migration that sets in with the beginning of the dry season in Tanzania. Seeking fertile grazing grounds, more than two million wildebeests, zebras and antelopes travel up north from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara’s grasslands more than 1600 kilometres away.


More than a home for a fascinating wildlife diversity, the Maasai Mara lies at the heart of the proud Maasai culture. While centuries of contact with Western civilisation have left their mark, the culture is still alive and celebrated.


We highly recommend you visit one of the local villages to learn more about these ancient people and watch them going about their daily business. They are highly welcoming and you may well strike up a fascinating conversation or be allowed to participate in one of the traditional rituals. It deserves extra mention that the Ol Seki Mara Camp actively participates in several aid projects for Kenya’s population and welcomes both interest and support.


The Ol Seki Mara Camp’s cuisine is celebrated for its creativity: Every day brings new surprises like a breakfast out in the bush, savannah picnics or African night sky dinners served on an ancient tree trunk. Bon appetite! « show less