Hansa Hotel


The stately Hansa Hotel proudly looks back on a long history. Opened as early as 1905, the Hansa Hotel sports a classic, timeless architecture, a typical example of the graceful architectural style Namibia retained from the colonial era.


The Hansa Hotel shares its German legacy, the name attests this fact, with countless other buildings in Swakomund. Situated close to the centre, the hotel is the perfect basis for exploring the sights of the city.


The Hansa Hotel’s superb cuisine has earned read more » itself a reputation that extents far beyond Namibia’s boundaries. Countless international and national awards and prizes underpin the Hansa’s claim to be Swakopmund’s finest hotel.


Extensive renovation and modernisation have put the finishing trim on the Hansa Hotel. Guests appreciate the carefully balanced concept including both luxurious elegance and individual service – all for an affordable price.


In the past, guests have figuratively described the Hansa Hotel as an oasis in the middle of the desert. But what is the secret to the hotel’s charming flair? One guest said the hotel had a soul.


Those who have experienced the Hansa Hotel confirm this. Having spent an exciting day exploring Walvis Bay or the desert, overflowing with new impressions, you gladly return to the fine comforts and graceful style of the Hansa Hotel.


Incidentally, the name Hansa goes back to a hugely successful trade union in Northern Germany in the late Medieval Age. Years later, when Germany’s colonial ventures were in full swing, the Hansa Hotel thus became the meeting point for enterprising German businessmen.


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The elegant Hansa Hotel’s classic architecture and select furniture bear a strong resemblance to the sophisticated European design style of the 19th century.


The stately house offers several categories read more » to accommodate its distinguished guests. Guests may lodge in either one of the five Family Suites, two Standard Suites, two Executive Suite or in one of the 49 rooms.


Both the suites and the rooms have been lovingly furnished and decorated. It goes without saying the every unit features an en suite bathroom and a television set for your entertainment.


Furthermore, the rooms are equipped with a telephone and safe as well as an electric kettle so you may prepare yourself a steaming mug of tea or coffee whenever your fancy strikes you.


The luxurious suites additionally feature a spacious and comfortable lounge. On cold days, the lounge is snugly warm thanks to an under floor heating system.


The Executive and the Family Suites principally feature the same amenities but are more generously proportioned, ensuring your maximum comfort.


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Swakopmund and its surroundings have a lot on tap and it is a pleasure for the friendly Hansa Hotel’s service team to advice you on excursions and book them for you. One highly recommendable trip is read more » a boat ride out to the dolphins at Walvis Bay.


Powerboats quickly take you out onto the open ocean, past banks of oysters and always accompanied by pelicans and cormorants, which have sussed out that the boats are a good source of flying fish.


Camera at the ready, tossing small fish to the birds, it is a magnificent sight to watch the air acrobats skilfully catch the fish at only a metre’s distance from the boat.


Nor only pelicans and cormorants are attracted by the fish. Mischievous seals go to great lengths to get their share: the fearless and endearing animals jump onboard and, well-mannered, clap their fins to express their thanks for the snack.


To go from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay, a rental vehicle or organised transfers are not the only options. Far more exciting is an adrenaline-pumping quad bike ride. Off the road, you will race up and down the red sand dunes, spraying sand as you go.


The dunes are wonderfully scenic and can be enjoyed in many ways. Climb to the top to be rewarded with an exhilarating sand board ride down the red slopes. Other activities include desert excursions, horse and camel riding.


The active adventurer will be lost for choice. The Atlantic Ocean allows for a stunning range of water sports like sailing, fishing, diving and snorkelling.


An activity for a quiet afternoon, the large museum accommodates an interesting exhibition on the town’s history. Furthermore, there are an aquarium, a reptile park and an old weaving mill.


Swakopmund’s centre is alive with countless small shops and restaurants. Savour the many different flavours. Last but not least, we wish you the best of luck with your souvenir hunting!


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