Violet Junk


In November 2009 it was first heard: Welcome aboard the Ha Long Violet Junk, your five-star luxury cruiser! The setting, of course, is the spectacular Vietnamese Ha Long Bay, declared a world natural heritage site by the UNESCO. Explore towering sandstone islands, mystic dripstone caves, hidden grottos and quaint fishing villages on a two or three day luxury cruise.


It is a magical experience: The azure blue water merrily splashes against the Violet Junk’s elegant hull, bow pointed towards read more » the thousands of sandstone peaks rising out of the ocean like a dragon’s pointed teeth.


The composition is perfect. Traditional elegance is coupled with contemporary creature comforts and then generously doused with stylish decorations and select pieces of art. The elegant dining room commands a marvellous ocean view. Moreover, a large spa staffed with experienced and dedicated professionals is at your disposition.


However, most important of all, the Violet Junk has only six sweeping luxury rooms complete with marble bathrooms. The Violet is exclusive. The Violet is committed to providing a unique experience with you at the focus!


The cuisine is delectable to the point that words fail to describe it. Freshest seafood is certainly at the heart of the chef’s magic. Indulge in Vietnamese cuisine at its best and settle down on the deck with a refreshing drink afterwards!



Set sails with the Violet Junk and experience the “Dragon Passage” on a sensational two-day cruise:


On the first day, the crew warmly welcomes you aboard and introduces you to the ship’s ample facilities. Gently, the Violet Junk slips away from the quay and sets course for Mat Quy Island, passing through a maze of soaring sandstone pinnacles en route. Having reached your destination, you continue underground into the depths of the Ong Cave system sporting age-old stalactites and stalagmites.


Cast off again and set sails for Cua Van, Ha Long’s oldest fishing village. Small boats shuttle you across to the village composed of floating house boats designed in the traditional style. A charming setting! Back aboard, the captain orders you to the pots: Unravel the secrets of the Vietnamese cuisine in an entertaining and lip-smacking cooking class!


As the sun slowly dips towards the horizon, it is time to make yourself comfortable. Sip a cocktail mixed to perfection and admire the scenery bathed in the dramatic light of the setting sun. Just before dinner, you may enjoy a presentation of Ha Long Bay that combines detailed information with inspiring visual impression.


Start the second day aboard the Violet Junk with an energy boost: A Tai Chi lesson is just the thing to get your full force flaring and to raise your appetite for breakfast! Afterwards, shuttle across to an immaculately white sand beach and take a refreshing dip in the bay. Pure bliss for body, mind and soul! Those with energies to spare may also climb a hill that boasts a magnificent view out over Ha Long Bay.


Later, the Violet Junk slowly turns back to port in Ha Long. Rest your eyes one last time on the magnificent scenery of Ha Long Bay before saying your goodbyes to the friendly crew.



Two days are not enough? Step it up to the wonderful three-day cruise “Jewels of Ha Long Bay” featuring the following itinerary:


The three-day cruise starts with the “Dragon Passage” programme and introduces you to all of the fascinating region’s splendour as detailed above. However, the extra day ensures a more complete experience of Ha Long Bay.


In the morning, you board a day boat that takes you deep into Lan Ha Bay. Back on firm ground, you may decide to cycle along the coast from Cat Ba to Viet Hay village. Take a breather in the beautiful village full of traditional houses and observe the locals going about their daily business. Back on the water, you set the course past awe-inspiring rock formations towards Ho Ba Ham.


Should the weather be unfavourably, an alternative programme ensures an equally enjoyable day. Explore the island wonderland in a kayak or just kick back and take a dip in the welcoming water of the bay. The setting is spectacular, no matter the weather. In the early afternoon, you will be arriving at the “Surprise Cave” open to visitors. Alternatively, take a kayak to the Luon cave tunnels.


Those that prefer a slow day and stay aboard will surely appreciate the spa’s superb range of treatments and massages. Then again, you may decide to spend a few hours in the kitchen studying the Vietnamese cuisine. Pick up a few new recipes to culinarily revive your Vietnam holiday back home.


After another relaxing night aboard the Violet Junk, start the day with Tai Chi lessons and a hearty breakfast. A tender boat shuttles you across to the wonderful beach with crystal-clear water. Those itching with energy may decide to take the climb to a lookout point commanding a striking view of Ha Long Bay.


Time to start saying goodbye. The Violet Junk pulls up its anchor and slowly turns back towards its home port in Ha Long. On a fine day, why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the deck to marvel at the wonderful scenery one last time!


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The Ha Long Violet Junk puts two cabin categories at your disposal – both ultimately luxurious and comfortable! Individual themes guided the design of the accommodation units. Every cabin is a highlight read more » and accommodates you in fine style with every creature comfort imaginable.


The mini bar stocks a selection of refreshing drinks and the LCD TV set provides entertainment at the touch of button. The state-of-the-art air-conditioning system is pure bliss on a hot day.


The glass-walled shower is a special feature: Open the hot water tap and lather up while dreamily gazing out at the tropical wonderland outside. The Violet Junk is a top of the list cruise ship that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.


The charming Violet Suites have been decorated in an Indochinese style boasting hand-painted walls and ceilings. The cabins (43 square metres each) have all been designed differently. The Dragon Suite and Phoenix Suite glow in fiery red colours, the Moon Suite and Cloud Suite are characterised by their austere elegance.


Fact is, no matter your choice, all cabins offer supreme comforts and exclusivity complete with a private balcony and stately bed with a view. A whirlpool on the top deck is another option to indulge in the magnificent surroundings.


The Violet Deluxe Cabin is generous 36 square metres large. Its distinguishing features are the extra large balcony and the superbly elegant interior design. Stretch out on a king-sized bed and relish the refined ambience of the Italian marble bathroom equipped with glass-walled panorama showers and a whirlpool.


The two Deluxe Cabins offer refined accommodation and an individual design. The Violet Junk’s guests may choose between the Mountain Deluxe Cabin and the Water Deluxe Cabin.


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The Violet Junk’s unhurried pace takes you from scenic highlight to sun-kissed beach. Dig your toes into the warm sand or take a refreshing dip in the ocean. Stroll down the gently curved bay or explore read more » one of the unique floating villages. Then, later, take a peek beneath the surface, exploring one of the mystic caves or tunnels.


At your request, almost everything is possible: Skip across to an uninhabited island in a kayak or explore along the main coastline. Every corner turned reveals more marvellous beauty.


The Violet Junk is legendary for its exquisite Vietnamese cuisine. Be a part of it! The ship’s chefs invite you into their realm to learn the secrets of Vietnamese cooking. And to add the finishing touch, complete you new culinary expertise with a wine tasting event!


Last but not least, the Violet’s spa leaves nothing to be desired: Enjoy pure bliss and professional treatments applied by experienced and caring hands while your eyes rest on the wonder all around!


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