Halali Bush Camp


The Etosha National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in all of Africa, scratching at the 23,000 square kilometres mark. It offers a variety of stunning landscapes that include savannah and bushland as well as an amazing species diversity.


The Halali Camp is the perfect basis to explore the natural wonders all around. Halali is located halfway between Okaukuejo and Namutoni at the foot of a hill in the shade of soaring Mopane trees.


The Halali Camp is part of the celebrated Namibia read more » Wildlife Resort chain, which offers no less than four luxurious lodges and camps in the Etosha National Park.


The Halali Camp was completely renovated as recently as 2007. A number of upgrades and additions have made the luxurious camp even more comfortable and created even better wildlife observation conditions.


At night, the adjacent Halali waterhole is skilfully floodlit. From a slightly elevated position above the waterhole you enjoy an inspiring insight into the wildlife’s nocturnal activities. An unforgettable experience!


Other facilities at the Halali Camp include a restaurant, a bar, kiosk, shop as well as a beautifully designed pool perfect for a refreshing splash after a long and dusty day spent out and about on safari.


Trained guides introduce you to the Etosha National Park’s inspiring natural diversity. The safaris leave early in the morning and late in the afternoon and with just a little luck on your side you may observe elephants, lions, giraffes and many other species.


What is more, for the first time in the 100-year history of the Etosha Park, exciting night safaris are being offered. Armed with a powerful spotlight, venture out into the dark night to observe the wildlife’s nocturnal habits.


Later, return to the comfortable Halali Camp, your home away from home, filled to the brim with new impressions! The Halali Camp in the Etosha National Park – perfect especially for families and small groups!


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Extensively renovated as recently as 2007, the Halali Camp offers superb accommodation in the Etosha National Park. Halali belongs to the Namibia Wildlife Resort Group, which runs three other camps in read more » the Etosha Park.


The Halali’s 2007 renovations were designed to provide facilities that exceed the expectation of even the most seasoned traveller and, moreover, to accommodate families in all comfort. Come and see the Halali Camp and the Etosha Park with your own eyes!


Halali offers four accommodation categories: Two Family Chalets easily sleep up to four guests or more. Likewise, ten Bush Chalets offer two rooms with four beds, while ten more units offer only two beds but a Braai barbecue. Comfortable accommodation may also be enjoyed at the 39 double rooms.


The interior design boasts a warm, natural colour scheme, dark timber furniture and select pieces of African art that create a link to the wildly romantic surroundings.


The Halali Camp’s general facilities include a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, kiosk and a small shop. However, above all else, it is the stunning setting that turns a stay at the Halali Camp into a memorable experience.


Relish the rugged splendour of the panorama, the abundant wildlife at the waterhole and cuddle up with your loved one to gaze at the stirringly beautiful sunsets … memories that stick with you for the rest of your life!


The Halali Camp in the Etosha National Park – an authentic Africa experience and refined accommodation all at once!


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Let’s test your Oshivambo, the most commonly spoken language in Namibia: … Well, as you might have guessed, Etosha means as much as great, white, open place.


Vast 22,275 square kilometres large, read more » the Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia is the country’s most important nature reserve.


The Halali Camp is located between Okaukuejo in the South and Namutoni in the East, directly above the Halali Waterhole. The camp is the perfect base to explore the exotic African nature and to observe the African wildlife from up close.


The waterhole is the best place to start your wildlife observations. A slightly elevated viewing deck sports a magnificent view out over this vital water source, which is conveniently floodlit at night.


The Etosha National Park looks back on a 100-year history. And for the first time in all these years, exciting night safaris are being offered. Enjoy an inspiring insight into the wildlife’s nocturnal behaviour.


Of course, classic daytime game drives are also being offered, usually to the Waterberg Plateau. The tours generally leave in the early morning and late afternoon and, in contrast to the night tours, the daylight allows you to take crystal-clear pictures.


The Etosha National Park is world-famous for its astonishing species diversity. And your trained guide is amazingly skilled at spotting lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebras and giraffes in their natural habitat.


Moreover, you may also explore the vast Halali Camp’s property on foot. Look forward to touching experiences and moments of supreme beauty – the Halali Camp in the Etosha National Park.


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