Grootbos Nature Reserve

Grootbos Nature Reserve


Let yourself be captivated by a magical place on earth: the award-winning Grootbos Private Nature Reserve combines natural beauty and an inspiring ambience to satisfy the most discerning taste.


Grootbos represents a truly unique nature experience unrivalled by any other reserve of South Africa. More than 10 square kilometres of ecologically sound and rare Fynbos scenic landscape provide an enchanting backdrop for nature enthusiasts who seek to discover the secrets of the Garden Route’s ecosystem.


Choose read more » between a comfortable open 4x4 drive or a more intimate hike, each accompanied by a knowledgeable guide unravelling the intricate connections between the Fynbos vegetation and its wildlife for you.


Set majestically above Walker Bay, the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve provides excellent opportunities to spot the rare Southern Right Whale from the comfort of the hotel’s terrace.


The beach, coast, ocean and many islands dotting the bay teem with marine wildlife. Penguins, thousands of seals, countless seabirds and even the Great White Shark may be observed on a spectacular boat excursion. It is an opportunity not to be missed.


Meet the terror of the seven seas, the Great White Shark, face to face! A cage dive will see you lowered into its element: A spine-tingling diving experience, we promise you won’t forget. The Grootbos and the nearby Gaansbai enjoy a special reputation of being the country’s top destination for shark cage dives.


The less adventurous preferring to keep their feet dry and on firm ground may all the same enjoy the chance of encountering the terrific Great White on Dyer Island. With some luck, the guides may succeed in attracting sharks, which will rise out of the waves to sport their terrifying set of teeth – an imposing display of primeval armoury.


Two exceedingly luxurious accommodation options make the choice hard: the colonial and quaint Garden Lodge and the modern Forest Lodge are each equally top-notch hotels.


The Garden Lodge is situated directly above a picturesque pond and commands a breathtaking view of Walker Bay below. The Lodge’s highlight is the first-class restaurant, its central fireplace creating a cosy atmosphere to while away the calm evening hours over a sumptuous meal.


The hotel’s lounge is the central meeting point featuring not only the exquisite restaurant but also the reception and a souvenir store. Enjoy serene days in all comfort at the pool side or on the terrace.


At the exclusive Garden Lodge you will be housed in luxury holiday cottages built with natural stones and native timber. Each cottage features a private viewing deck with a magnificent panorama of Walker Bay and the surrounding, beautiful nature.


Having just been completed, the modern style Forest Lodge fascinates through its remarkable design combining natural stone, native timber and glass elements. Admire the glittering Walker Bay and the stunning scenery through the large panorama windows.


A masterpiece of contemporary design, the Forest Lodge radiates a refined but cosy atmosphere. The skilful implemented fine style is consequently continued in each of the suites, which can be counted among the finest on the Garden Route.


Combine both lodges if you can not arrive at a decision! Ask us and we will tailor your stay at the Grootbos Private Reserve to your exclusive taste. A last tip: Have the transfer to Grootbos arranged by helicopter – travel in style and comfort while enjoying the magnificent coastline from the air!


The entire INTOSOL team has fallen in love with Grootbos and we are quite unanimous in our opinion ranking Grootbos among the most remarkable destinations in South Africa paired with social and ecological responsibility.


In addition, Walker Bay adds the final touch of ambience with beautiful views and whales included. It is not without reason that our guests frequently name Grootbos as the highlight of their South Africa journey.


Call us and allow us to share our experience with you! We have been to Grootbos many times and can give you a firsthand report! It will be a pleasure!


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Choose between two luxurious accommodation options at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve: The colonial Garden Lodge or the modern-day Forest-Lodge. Equally elite, the two lodges each excel at their special read more » style.


Spacious cottages crafted from natural stone and timber are cleverly integrated into the pristine environment at the Garden Lodge. Each cottage features a living room as well as a separate bed- and bathroom.


Enjoy the awe-inspiring view from your private and spacious wooden viewing platform. Needless to say that details like heatable towel racks, a hair-dryer, coffee machine, minibar and a daily fresh fruit basket complete the facilities to ensure you a most comfortable stay.


Huddle up to the fire on one of those cold South African winter nights and unwind enjoying the tranquil atmosphere and the dancing flames.


After a good nights sleep, early-birds are rewarded with a glorious sunrise over the Cape of Good Hope from their private terrace facing the ocean.


Contrasting clearly with the Garden Lodge, the Forest Lodge cherishes a


contemporary design. Carefully selected, bright colours, natural materials and large glass windows bestow an airy and gracious ambience upon the chalets.


The fireplace may be considered an artwork incorporating fire but nevertheless radiates comforting warmth and light, creating a cosy atmosphere at night.


Couples in love should consider booking the honeymoon suite which is perfectly situated not only to provide maximum privacy but also romantic views even from the private pool and its sundeck.


At your request we can also arrange a combination of both lodges for you. We are at your service! « show less


Take care not to miss the main attraction at Grootbos not to be experienced anywhere else: join a guided tour exploring the intricate Fynbos ecosystem. Your knowledgeable guide will disclose the secret read more » relations of the native flora and fauna to you.


The coastal region around Walker Bay offers a large range of exciting activities. From July through to November migrating Southern Right Whales frequent the area. Watch the 40-ton giants breach the surface not even 30 metres off the shore. The whales leave their usual habitats in the Antarctic seas to profit from the warm and protected waters of the bay to mate and give birth. Guided boat excursion well let you admire the gentle animals at a close distance.


Most boats will extent their tour to Dyer Island where you will encounter more than 60 thousand seals darting through the clear water. They have good reason to move quickly for the colony of seals attracts the Great White Shark in large numbers.


Perhaps your guide will succeed in tricking a shark to rise out of the water and permit you to look down at its rows upon rows of deadly teeth – an awe-inspiring experience that will surely be much more realistic in real life than in the cinemas.


The brave can face the Great White in its own wet element on a cage dive. Once underwater the steel bars will seem frightfully feeble in comparison to the gigantic carnivore fish rushing out of the misty blue darkness at you. We can guarantee you that even the most hard-boiled men will not escape the instinctive adrenaline rush.


A lesser threat to your well-being are the abundant species of birds that inhabit the area. Especially penguins, cormorants and other species of seabird can be easily spotted. Grootbos enjoys the reputation of being a top-notch destination for birding in South Africa.


Name your desire and let wishes come true. Horse riding, mountain biking, hikes and casual strolls, 4x4 or boat excursions are just a few of the options the area has in store for you. Seemingly endless, white sand beaches invite you to take a dip or a romantic sunset stroll. Care for nothing but your pleasure and let us take care of everything else « show less