Greenhill Lodge


A boutique hotel with allure and personality - a luxury accommodation with extravagance and sophistication: the Greenhill Lodge is something quite special, set magnificently in the scenic landscape of the Hawke’s Bay Wine Country!


A former farm house, the Greenhill Lodge was transformed into today’s luxury hotel by the two dedicated owners Neil Barber and Craig Hay. While the creature comforts have been boosted to that of a modern luxury hotel, Greenhill maintains its country flair and offers read more » absolute privacy in a pristine setting.


Look forward to an exclusive ambience and setting that is just perfect to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Lean back and soak up the serene flair or indulge in the many activities the Greenhill Lodge offers.


Stroll the lodge’s extensive gardens at your leisure, eyes resting on the beautiful panoramas or ride a mountain bike to one of the countless vineyards in the vicinity. Later, do a few easy laps in the pool or allow caring hands to spoil you with a professional massage at the spa.


Needless to say that the creative cuisine is on a par with the accommodation where excellence is concerned. The chefs serve both local and international delicacies prepared with only the finest local ingredients and complemented by one of the region’s superb wines.


And having dined and wined to your stomach’s full content, retreat to your magnificent accommodation that is characterised by countless thoughtful little details. The Greenhill Lodge’s discerning guests may choose between three different accommodation categories.


Three suites and three villas have been designed and furnished with every amenity imaginable. Incidentally, the well protected privacy, gorgeous setting and fine comforts make the Greenhill Lodge an excellent choice for honeymooners.


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The luxurious Greenhill Lodge is an oasis of peace and quiet. The serene and relaxing ambience is felt at once, an effect that is partly due to the generously spacious design of the lodge.


No more than read more » twelve guests are accommodated at the Greenhill Lodge at any one. The six rooms and suite are located both in the main building and surrounding outhouses.


The Hudson Room has enjoyed the great honour of having accommodated none other than Queen Elizabeth. It is a graceful unit that boasts cast-iron ceiling decorations and French doors that open onto the veranda with a wonderful view of the gardens.


The Lyons Room has been named after the wife of the Greenhill’s first owner. Look forward to fine comforts and a view of the courtyard as well as the vegetable patches.


However, the largest of the rooms is the Sollitt Room, named in honour of the Greenhill Lodge’s architect. Again, French doors command a stunning view of the lodge’s lush surroundings.


The Verandah Suite is accessible only via a separate veranda and is set at a little distance from the main building, next to the pool. The luxurious unit offers both a bedroom and living room with comfortable furniture.


The McLean Suite’s most noticeable feature is the stunning view from the bedroom’s panorama windows that overlook the gardens and a veranda. And at night, the romantic fireplace radiates cosy warmth and flickering light.


The Villa Suite is the Greenhill Lodge’s largest and most extravagant unit, having earned it the affectionate nickname Little Greenhill. Two bedrooms, a bathtub located on the private sundeck, a fireplace and dining room are just some of the Villa Suite’s exceptional amenities.


However, no matter which unit you ultimately choose, all of the rooms and suites sport elegant furniture and modern technology. Wireless internet is available in the Greenhill Lodge’s main building.


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It is the Greenhill Lodge’s declared intention to spoil you a little for the duration of your stay. All activities are designed to be enjoyed at your complete leisure. The options are endless – both read more » on the lodge’s premises and in the wider region.


Tune up your pool billiard skills or climb the Greenhill’s small lookout tower for a first overview of the scenic surroundings through the lodge’s scope. Hawke’s Bay is beautiful both during the day and at night, when the seaside town’s lights reflect back off the water.


Start the day with a few easy laps in the pool or just settle down to enjoy the early morning sun gently caressing your skin. Alternatively, treat yourself to a professional treatment at the spa or get into shape at the gym.


Having restored your energies, take a mountain bike to set off exploring. Possibly, to visit one of the many celebrated vineyards that abound in the Hawke’s Bay Wine Country.


Guided tours introduce you to the art of producing world-class wine. In many cases, the owners themselves welcome you to their traditional wineries with doors wide open. And, of course, you are invited to sample the fine local produce.


The region’s wine is doubtlessly its most famous crop. However, the Greenhill Lodge invites you to indulge in many other of the local delicacies. The “Behind The Label” and the “Pasture to Plate” culinary tours include not only the superb wines but also other local specialities – a memorable gastronomic experience!


And at some point, we highly recommend paying a visit to centre of Hawke’s Bay. The art deco style of the graceful town and its vibrant markets are well worth a visit. Moreover, the region is excellent for golfing or fly-fishing.


And returning to the Greenhill Lodge after a long but exciting day, the lodge’s creative chefs will prepare you a delicious dinner, which you may enjoy either at the elegant dining room or request to have delivered to your room or suite. Enjoy!


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