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Without question, the Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s most inspiring nature attraction. Each year, the colossal reef attracts visitors from all over the world, who indulge in the vibrant underwater life and the picture-perfect coral islands that are strung along like a necklace gracing Queensland’s coast. The Barrier Reef is one large living organism that can be clearly admired from space with the naked eye. The coral islands that accompany the immense underwater structure reach north as far as Papua New Guinea. More than 3000 individual reefs and 700 coral atolls and islands compose the 350,000 square kilometres large Great Barrier Reef – an area almost the size of California. The uniquely beautiful setting has prompted some extravagantly idyllic hotels to grace the coral islands. Finest luxuries and comforts complement the natural splendour, for example, on Lizard Island, Bedarra Island and Hayman Island. The enticing coral reef on the doorstep, the island resorts run private diving schools or cooperate with independent diving centres. It is a pleasure for INTOSOL to make the arrangements for you. With everything in place, just don the equipment and discover the underwater beauty. Apart from one or multi-tank dive trips, courses for beginners and advanced divers as well as introductory courses are being offered.The beauty of the Great Barrier Reef is not limited to the underwater world – the setting above the waves is equally stunning. Green Island combines the best of two worlds: The stunning coral island is completely encircled by vibrant reefs. Fitzroy Island was once a mountain that sunk into the resplendent sea. However, 324 hectares of pristine rainforest still stand tall above the ocean. Especially the southern Barrier Reef sports countless of these romantic islands. Hamilton Island is another fine example. The unspoilt islet is not disgraced by polluting cars, trucks or industry, only electric carts whisk super-silently across the island. Dusk and dawn are the perfect time of a romantic beach stroll. More often than not kangaroos can be observed enjoying the immaculate white sand beaches at these hours. Hamilton Island is part of the famous Whitsunday Archipelago that is situated between the mainland and the outer Barrier Reef, which is approximately 35 to 50 kilometres farther out at sea. No less than 74 stunning tropical islands compose the Whitsundays – the most famous are the gracious Hayman Island and Whitsunday Island, which is the largest in the archipelago. Adorned by mangroves, coral reefs and rainforest, Whitsunday Island ranks among Australia’s most spectacular nature destinations. The highlight of the island is Whitehaven Beach: a natural but highly artistic arrangement of spotless white sandbanks that are interspersed with glittering water channels that shimmer in turquoise and blue – possibly Australia’s most beautiful beach! Just five kilometres off the coast and 200 km north of Townsville, Dunk Island is a tropical wonderland featuring lonely sand beaches, lush forests and countless bird species. It is also one of the best places to spot the gorgeous Ulysses Butterfly.Following the line of the reef further north, Lizard Island is the next island paradise. It was named after the many goannas that abound on the island. Lizard Island sits directly on the Barrier Reef – a hazardous location that caused the famous Capitan James Cook to run his ship onto land. Lizard Island is also the location for diving the famous Cod Hole – the massive Potato Cods abound in these waters but exotic coral fish are equally plentiful. Another popular dive site is the Clam Gardens, featuring 150 years old giant mussels. The “New World“ draws visitors with its countless attractions, picture-perfect beaches, luxurious resorts and unique nature both above and below the waves. Discover Australia - where the birds never stop singing, flowers blossom all year round and the whales come to give birth. The Great Barrier Reef is a striking playground for grown-ups: Swim with dolphins, unwind on white sand beaches and explore the pristine nature. The water is perfect for diving and snorkelling. Visibility of up to 60 metres is no exception – drop beyond the waves to discover a world of wonder, returning safely to the surface with many unforgettable impressions. More than 1000 fish and 400 coral species provide an awe-inspiring diversity. Dive the blue water and stroll down the incredibly beautiful Whitehaven Beach. It is a dream come true – a place to fall in love with that plants a hook in your soul and keeps you coming back. Between October and December, a special highlight may be experienced when the corals spawn and you enjoy the special opportunity to be diving in an underwater snowstorm. INTOSOL specialises on tailor-made holidays with exclusive service and lets your dreams come true in Australia…
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May until November


Cruises from Cairns to Airlie Beach,sometimes flights to other islands


World’s largest riff with colorful corals and fishes; views up to 60 meters


Snorcheling, diving, tours with glass bottom boats, sailing


Colorful underwater worlds, Whitsunday Islands

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