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A question that would be just perfect for a quiz show: Which city is the so-called Italian Athens and cultural capital of the world?


The correct reply, of course, is Florence: majestic city on the Arno River and Tuscan capital that is world-famous for its arts, culture and age-old traditions. It is a city that lives and breathes history.


Contrasting most magnificently with the venerated splendour of Florence, the Gallery Art Hotel boasts modern chic and state-of-the-art comforts underpinned read more » by a carefully understated elegance.


The location could not be more perfect: The Gallery Art Hotel is located a stone’s throw from the famous Ponte Vecchio. A member of the exquisite hotel collection Lungarno, the Art Hotel is the crowning jewel in the Ferragamo family empire.


The name Ferragamo is associated with designer clothing, elegant footwear and precious fragrances. It was back in the nineties, that the Gallery Art Hotel completed the portfolio of extravagant products for the discerning consumer.


Those that have experienced the Ferragamo product line will expect a sophisticated personal note coupled with irresistible charm – and they will see their expectations exceeded!


Incidentally, Gallery Art is to be taken literally: Contemporary art ranging from experimental photography and sculptures to paintings is exhibited throughout the entire house. The Art Hotel’s concept is quite simply to make you feel at home amidst art.


Additional modern arts events and exhibitions are staged at regular intervals. The Gallery Art Hotel changes, evolves and revolutionises its interior, visitors and art itself. The contemporary orientation does not disagree with but rather complements Florence’s ancient beauty.


Quite naturally, the funky style also extents itself to the innovative cuisine: The fusion bar Shozan adds one part classic Mediterranean flavour and one part Asian spiciness to the pot. Stir and let simmer for a magnificent union of East and West.


The Fusion Bar Shozan has become quite popular not only with the hotel guests but with an international clientele that includes celebrities just like locals. Take your palate on a culinary journey across the globe – all in Florence!


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Tough choices at the Gallery Art Hotel in Florence: The discerning guest may choose between sixty standard guest rooms, two duplex suites, two penthouse suites and the junior suite. Of course, all of the read more » 65 accommodation units boast finest comforts and select pieces of art.


For example, monochrome images of famous city monuments are a popular theme. Both the room’s facilities and interior style are designed to make you feel supremely comfortable.


And the design is a roaring success: Dark furniture adds warmth to straight lines, finest materials and cheerful colours. Sink into the large, welcoming bed after a long day spent exploring Florence and Tuscany.


Stretch out, unfold and revisit the day’s events and sights in your mind. Or help yourself to a refreshing drink from your private bar and make plans for the next day. The bathrooms radiate contemporary chic and boast precious Lungarno toiletries as well as a soft Kimono to slip into after a long, steaming shower.


The air-conditioning keeps both rooms and minds cool on a hot day and the safe protects your valuables. The room service is only a phone call away, the television provides entertainment whenever desired and the laundry service takes perfect care of even the stateliest garment.


Welcome to the Gallery Art Hotel in Florence! Make yourself at home amidst art and spend memorable days in Florence!


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Tuscany, without doubt, is one of Italy’s most popular holiday regions. Of course, this is for a reason: Tuscany perfectly unites history with culture and Mediterranean lust for life with culinary delights!


And read more » then, there is Florence, Tuscany’s capital that is inseparably linked to the name Medici. The Medici family, apart from acquiring enormous influence and wealth, greatly supported and promoted art. Dante’s “Devine Comedy” and Boccaccios “Decameron” were created with their support.


Leonardo da Vinci helped paint “The Baptism of Christ” and, yet another great Florence name, Michelangelo sculpted the famous “David”, possibly the world’s most perfect statue. Florence has always attracted great artist and the artists have left their incomparable mark on the city.


A host of museums awaits your visit. First and foremost, of course, there are the celebrated Uffizien! However, there are many others that are not quite as famous but still stand out for their great collections!


Having saturated yourself with art, slow down in the late afternoon and hang back as the day trippers, travel groups and even the commuters stream out of Florence. It is a great opportunity to visit Florence’s many fascinating boutiques and stores.


Take a leisurely stroll through streets that have suddenly become rather quiet and treat yourself to an aperitif before settling down to a delicious dinner.


The Gallery Art Hotel is perfectly located and you have all of the major attractions and the most exclusive boutiques within easy reach. Having enjoyed a hearty breakfast, just start walking aimlessly around the city, discovering hidden works of art at every other corner.


Or just settle down in the library. Pull a good read from one of the shelves and indulge in the simple pleasure of enjoying a book with no pressing appointments or interruptions!


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