Frans Indongo Lodge


What a trajectory: Formerly the child of a humble farmer family, charged with taking care of the cattle, to possibly one of Namibia’s most wealthy men. Dr. Frans Indongo is the proud owner of the luxurious Frans Indongo Lodge.


The lodge is located in Namibia’s north, at only 43 kilometres’ distance from Otjiwarongo. It sits majestically on a vast farming property, stunning 17,000 square kilometres large.


The design of the complex was inspired by the traditional arrangement of an Ovambo read more » village. In the old days, the Ovambo, the largest ethnic group in Namibia, used to live in round huts surrounded by palisades.


The tradition was picked up by the Frans Indongo Lodge. And indeed, apart from protection, the palisade fence radiates a sense of privacy and cosiness


The Indongo Lodge’s four rooms and eight bungalows have been furnished with great attention to detail and loving care. The carefully selected decorations are predominantly of Ovambo origins.


Natural materials, stone, wood and thatched roofs radiate both an unpretentious elegance and a connection to nature. Your privacy is well protected, once again, by palisades, which separate the rooms from the central facilities.


Of course, where activities are concerned, the focus lies on the exciting game drives introducing you to the region’s great wildlife diversity. Camera at the ready, take some close-ups of gemsboks, the plains zebra, kudus or even the White and Black Rhino.


Those who prefer exploring on foot enjoy everything at a slower pace and in greater detail. Perfectly maintained trails navigate the wilderness. Having climbed a small hill, you are rewarded with a magnificent panorama out over the plains as far as the Waterberg in the distance.


The Indongo Lodge is situated relatively close to both the Cheetah Conservation Fund and the Rare and Endangered Species Trust. The foundations are a great opportunity to observe the cheetah and the extremely rare Cape Vulture, while at the same time making an important contribution to ongoing conservation efforts.


Having been out and about living adventures, dust yourself off on the sundeck or by the inviting swimming pool, your eyes resting on the lush, green gardens, soaring trees and small creek. Frequently, various birds dot the scene with colour.


On a cold winter’s night, the cosy lounge is the perfect spot to unwind. A crackling fire radiates cosy warmth. Throw a glass of fine wine and a good book into the deal and time flies.


Later, indulge in the restaurant’s excellent cuisine. A speciality are the game delicacies served with crisp salad and vegetables. All meals are seasoned with herbs fresh from the lodge’s vegetable patch.


Settle down on the veranda with a refreshing sundowner in hand. Or climb the observation tower for another peek at the illuminated waterhole, where Nyalas or Roan Antelopes might be spotted taking a drink and a bath.


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The Frans Indongo Lodge offers superb accommodation at the heart of wilderness. The two double rooms, two family rooms and eight spacious bungalows all offer absolute privacy, having been partitioned off read more » by a typical Ovambo palisade fence.


The comfortable rooms have been painted in bright and welcoming colours and exude a straightforward elegance. The carefully selected furniture enhances the cosy flair.


Of course, all units feature an ensuite bathroom with a shower, bathtub and toilet. A well-stocked fridge provides snacks and refreshments, an electric kettle a steaming mug of tea or coffee whenever desired.


All of the refined units look out over the lush, green gardens with its gurgling stream. Keep a pair of binoculars ready. The gardens are frequented by a number of beautiful birds.


Needless to say that contemporary creature comforts are also provided: The facilities include a telephone, air-conditioning and a hairdryer.


For a refreshing dip after an exciting but dusty day, slip into the large swimming pool’s welcoming waters. Afterwards, dry off on the sundeck, your eyes resting on the distant horizons.


Later, indulge in the restaurant’s excellent cuisine. A speciality are the game delicacies served with crisp salad and vegetables. All meals are seasoned with herbs fresh from the lodge’s vegetable patch.


Having worked your teeth through some exotic meats, rinse your palate with a delicious cocktail on the large deck. Or retreat to the privacy of your bungalow for a petal-topped foam both or a movie.


Incidentally, the Frans Indongo Lodge may also become the perfect venue for your private celebrations or business events. Air-conditioned and generously equipped, the facilities accommodate up to 60 participants.


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The Frans Indono Lodge was founded on the property of a 17,000 hectares farm that was famous for its abundance of wildlife even before camera-packing guests arrived.


Hop atop an open safari vehicle read more » and have your camera ready to fire away at gemsboks, plains zebras, kudus and springboks. Surprise the Black or White Rhino taking a sunbath and hone in on grazing antelopes, impalas or Black Wildebeests.


Alternatively, leave the safety of the jeep behind and explore one of the three hiking trails. Climb to the top of a small mountain for a magnificent eyeful of the sweeping plains and distant Waterberg. En route, tagged plant species boost your botanical knowledge.


We highly recommend a trip to the nearby Cheetah Conservation Fund. Admire the sleek cats kicking up some dust while playfully delighting in some high-speed pursuits. The Endangered Species Trust runs a feeding site for the endangered Cape Vulture.


The Waterberg Plateau Park with its countless natural springs and rare bird species makes for another great day trip. And having experienced the charms of the wilderness, stop by the Herero Cultural Centre in Okakarara.


The small country town Otjiwarongo is located at a mere half an hour’s driving distance from the Frans Indongo Lodge. Peruse the shops for rare local minerals and gemstones or join a guided tour at the crocodile farm.


No matter which adventures entertained you throughout the day, it always feels good to return to the Frans Indongo Lodge. Settle down on the sundeck by the pool and let your eyes rest on the wide open landscape. Or, on a cold night, snuggle up next to the fireplace with a good book.


Take the time to indulge in a moment or two of sweet idleness, while the lodge’s cuisine is already busy preparing a delicious gourmet dinner with ingredients from the hotel’s own vegetable patch.


And later, climb the viewing platform overlooking the illuminated waterhole one last time before turning in. After all you are lodged in the heart of the wilderness and it is quite possible you might spot nyalas or grazing antelopes….


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