Filitheyo is the only island in the pristine Southern Nilandhe Atoll accessible to visitors. This small tropical paradise, one kilometre long and 350 metres wide, is only a 40-minute flight away from Male.


Admired from the air, the island is almost perfectly triangular. The centre of Filitheyo is covered in lush vegetation, the outer boundary is the inspiring coral reef.


Nodding palm trees casting shade onto the picturesque beach, Filitheyo represents the typical concept of a tropical island.


Opening read more » the island up to tourism, greatest importance was placed on conserving the pristine island’s nature. The native vegetation composed of palm trees, mangroves, Ruber Fig and Scaebola Trees still thrives on the island.


Teeming with fish of all species, the extremely colourful coral reef is situated a mere ten to 150 metres from the beach, depending on the part of the island.


Above all, Filitheyo is still an authentic experience. Many quiet bays and stretches of lonely beaches offer guests the chance to indulge in the island’s beauty. However, a full circuit walk of the island is not possible.


The Filitheyo Island Resort’s two excellent restaurants treat the guests to a wide range of delicacies. A coffee shop serves a number of snacks and hot drinks.


The resort’s two bars are especially popular at sunset. Featuring a magnificent view, the setting is just right to relax with a sundowner in hand.


An alternative to the ocean, the freshwater swimming pool is beautifully set and features not only a large sundeck equipped with comfortable deckchairs but also a pool bar serving a wide variety of refreshments.


Towel for use at the poolside and for the ocean are available on request. A small boutique, jewellery, a library and a laundry service complete the range of the Filitheyo’s facilities.


At night, traditional dancing shows, live music and occasional disco nights provide entertainment for those who appreciate a little nightlife.


A recommendation from the INTOSOL travel consultant team: Consider booking a standard Beach Bungalow near the beach bar. Here, the lagoon is wider and it is easier to cross the reef for snorkelling.


An alternative are the highly luxurious Water Bungalows featuring a superior range of facilities. No matter which category you ultimately decide upon, it is pleasure for the INTOSOL team to assist you with your booking.


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The Filitheyo Resort is spread out over large parts of the island. A network of small trails navigates the island’s lush interior and leads to the 125 rooms, which have all been harmoniously integrated read more » into the pristine surroundings.


Not only are the bungalows most generously designed, the units are spaced widely apart so that the distinguished guests enjoy exceptional privacy and quietness.


Each unit has been equipped with elegant teak furniture and commands a spectacular view of the landscape where the lush vegetation permits.


When viewed from afar, the island appears deserted. The Filitheyo’s bungalows have been most ingeniously integrated into the environment. The Robinsoe Crusoe feeling is almost perfect.


Tastefully furnished, the rooms feature air-conditioning, a private terrace, telephone and a ceiling ventilator. A TV set and sound system provide entertainment while a mini bar provides refreshment. Your valuables can be kept in the room’s safe.


The open bathrooms are a highlight and are almost the same size as the luxurious bathrooms. Freshwater being a scarce supply, the hot and cold water is seawater with the salt having been filtered out. Select wood and natural stone add the finishing to the bathrooms.


Those you appreciate fine luxury may want to consider one of the 16 Water Villas. Located on the island’s south side near the beach bar and the pool, the comfortable units have been set on platforms in the middle of the lagoon.


Plenty of space to spread out! Approximately 58 square metres include a private sundeck, a whirlpool, an elegant bathroom and a staircase leading down to the lagoon’s crystal-clear water.


The INTOSOL team recommends you to book either the standard or the water units. The Deluxe Suites feature a broader stretch of private beach, but the surcharge is substantial. For just a little more, you can book a Water Villa which is worth every extra dollar.


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Thanks to its remote location, Filitheyo Island is extremely popular among diving enthusiasts. Dive sites are unspoilt and feature a colourful variety of coral and large fish.


Many divers have explored read more » the local reef and come back amazed. The renowned dive station is run by Werner Lau. Guided diving excursions and courses can be arranged.


Our service team has visited the island and can offer you advice and help you make arrangements. All your diving activities can be made before your departure so you do not waste time and efforts once in paradise.


Above the colourful underwater world, the superb Mandara Spa offers its sophisticated services. Treat yourself to a relaxing treatment or a professional massage applied by caring hands.


It goes without saying that the sports the Filitheyo Resort offers are centred on the element water. Apart from diving, windsurfing and catamaran sailing introduce you to the infinite blue of the Indian Ocean.


Another option is to take one of the canoes to the lagoon or to don mask and snorkel and explore the reef’s beauty at your leisure.


Those who enjoy keeping their wit as sharp as a parrotfish’s beak may enjoy engrossing themselves in a game of chess with the other guests.


Landlubbers may resort to the Filitheyo’s other sports options. Volleyball courts, table tennis and pool billiard present excellent opportunities to keep in shape while having fun.


On tap for fishing enthusiasts are not only standard fishing excursion but also the highly exciting deep sea fishing trips. The brilliant blue sky and the glittering ocean are the perfect setting for pulling a catch out of the water’s depths.


Not everyone is a fishing fan. Romantic souls can nevertheless head out to sea. Both sunrise and sunset cruises are being offered. Last but not least, the Filitheyo Resort’s range of activities would not be complete without excursions to the neighbouring islands.


Relax and indulge – the Filitheyo Resort has thought of every detail to guarantee you a wonderful holiday on the Maldives Islands.


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