Faraway Bay Bush Camp


The exceptional Faraway Bay Bush Camp nestles amidst the pristine wilderness of North West Australia. It lies far off the beaten path on a secluded cliff overlooking the Kimberley Plateau.


At the Faraway Bay Bush Camp you are indeed at the heart of nature – a thrilling experience for adventurous travellers. There are no roads that lead to this far flung location. The only way in is a highly scenic flight from Kununarra.


Soar above a rugged landscape cut by majestic gorges and thundering read more » waterfalls. Only a handful of tiny villages, like Wyndham, pepper the vast Kimberleys. Then, the land becomes even more inaccessible before you start to loose height approaching the Faraway Camp.


The Faraway Bay Bush Camp is the perfect destination for all those who want to unplug from the stress and tension of modern life. Regain your balance far from crowded beaches and bustling city centres.


Follow in the footsteps of Crocodile Dundee and explore the wilderness at your leisure. Fill you lungs with the eucalyptus scented, unpolluted air, listen to the whisper of the sea or the gurgle of a stream and lie on your back, gazing at the brilliant night sky.


The Faraway Bay Bush Camp is run by the charming couple Robyn and Bruce Ellison, who arrived at this beautiful spot as early as 1986. Robyn and Bruce warmly welcome every guest to their wilderness hideaway.


However, quite a number of years passed before the couple could purchase a 28 hectares seaside property and founded the Faraway Bay Bush Camp in 1996. To this day, only six exclusive huts accommodate a maximum of twelve guests.


The low number of guests lodged at any one time ensures a private and friendly ambience despite the continuously increasing booking requests. Even though it offers no extravagant luxuries, the Faraway Bay Bush Camp has become a great success.


Much rather, it is the stunning setting and secluded location that attracts scores of discerning guests, many of which would usually resort to more sophisticated accommodation.


Experience the Faraway Bay Bush Camp, an extraordinary wilderness hideaway in the Kimberley region in North West Australia. Doubtlessly: This trip is more than a holiday – it is an adventure!


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A night out in the bush with just the sounds of the wilderness and the stars for company – a modern-day fantasy that moves many struggling with the hectic pace of everyday life. Take a step back, unplug read more » and reconcile yourself with the essentials of life.


Return to nature, no phone, no traffic, no internet. The Faraway Bay Bush Camp in North West Australia is waiting for you. Six simple, corrugated tin bungalows accommodate a maximum of twelve guests.


INTOSOL traditionally focuses its activities on unbridled luxury travel and we debated whether to offer the Faraway Camp. In the end, there was only one possible outcome: The stunningly beautiful surroundings and the secluded location are so exceptional that we had to include the Faraway into our portfolio.


Each of the huts boasts a private terrace commanding a breathtaking view of the bay. Showers, toilets and a washing machine are accommodated in a central amenities building. However, only recently, three of the units have been equipped with a private toilet and washbasin.


It does come as a bit of a surprise but the Faraway’s restaurant is excellent! Indulge in the creative cuisine, the seafood specialities and accompany the delicious treats with finest Australian wine.


On a hot day, take a dip in the beautifully designed swimming pool, which has been skilfully integrated into the cliff’s natural stone.


The owners Robyn and Bruce Ellison have created a charming home away from home in the wilderness. And it is their personal service and warm-hearted hospitality that makes all the difference.


The days at the Faraway Bay Bush Camp fly by: Explore the beach or the bush on leisurely strolls or long hikes. Please note that is highly recommendable to go accompanied by a guide… should you get lost, you are very unlikely to find a road or public phone.


Alternatively, just kick back and unwind at the camp. It is just wonderful to spend a few hours in sweet idleness. Lean back on your sunlounger, sip a cool drink and let your eyes rest on the endless blue ocean beyond the cliffs.


The sun sinking low on the horizon and pouring its fire into the Indian Ocean, crack open a bottle of fine wine and enjoy the magic moment with your loved one by your side. Not only stressed managers enjoy these moments of meditative natural splendour!


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Uniquely special: Two comfortable chairs look out over the infinite azure water – an arrangement and a backdrop that might have been copied from the Vogue magazine. The simple but cosy huts are generously read more » spread out amidst the vegetation topping a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean.


Those who arrive at the Faraway Bay Bush Camp have travelled to the heart of nature. Faraway is all about the splendour of the wilderness, privacy, seclusion and serene tranquillity.


The Kimberley Plateau bay forms an incredible backdrop: Bizarre rock formations tower over a hidden bay, lush vegetation hides thundering waterfalls and the tropical climate ensures an abundance of wildlife and countless hours of sunshine.


The bush camp is located approximately 300 kilometres north of Kununarra. No roads lead to the camp but flights from Broome, Wyndham or Darwin can be arranged. Travelling to Faraway is an adventure in its own right.


It goes without saying that all the activities at the camp are nature based: Join one of the spectacular boat cruises to the King George Waterfalls! Or maybe you prefer to refresh yourself with a shower beneath a different waterfall closer to the camp?


Stroll along the ocean and explore along the paths leading deep into the hinterland. Maybe you can spot a Black-necked stork or White-bellied Sea Eagle. Crocodiles, Barracudas, Manta Rays, dolphins, Reef and Hammerhead Sharks populate the water and, very occasionally, a rare Dugong lifts its head out of the water.


On land, you may encounter Dingos, snakes, wallabies and many other species. A waterfall gushes over a crumbling ledge nearby, the wind rustles the leaves on an Acacia tree… there is no one in sight, not a building, a road or power line – just nature!


At the Faraway Bay Bush Camp, the nights are for a reenergising sleep and the days for hiking, swimming or relaxing. Loose yourself amidst the pristine wilderness and fine supreme relaxation!


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