Erongo Wilderness Lodge


„Wild thing, you make my heart sing...“ Those who come to Namibia in search of unspoilt wilderness will sooner or later arrive on the doorstep of the Erongo Wilderness Lodge. The comfortable lodge is set in a pristine nature reserve at the heart of the Erongo Mountains.


Welcome to your sophisticated holiday adventure! Displaying great architectural finesse, the exquisite Erongo Lodge blends with the massive granite boulders that characterise the Erongo Mountain.


Set atop a slight elevation, read more » the snug main building features a magnificent view of the arresting landscape, no matter whether you are warming up next to the crackling fire in the lounge or feasting on sumptuous treats in the elegant dining room.


In the early evenings, the guests like to gather at the bar for a casual chat or to exchange safari experiences. Well-stocked, the bar serves almost every drink imaginable and mixes delicious cocktails to accompany the stirring sunsets, best enjoyed from the spacious terrace.


Kick back and unwind, enjoying your sundowner drink and reflect upon the privilege to enjoy Namibia’s beauty in such an inspiring setting and private, elegant ambience. Carefully avoiding any mass tourism, the Erongo Wilderness Lodge is pure bliss for the soul.


Just below the dining room, a waterhole, which incidentally is discretely lit at night, attracts wildlife, especially birds of all species that quench their thirst after a long day in the desert.


Situated only two hours northwest of Windhoek, the most harmonic blend of majestic desert, ragged mountains, lush savannah and sophisticated luxury ensure your stay at the Erongo Wilderness Lodge will be a memorable holiday experience!


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At the Erongo Wilderness Lodge, the star-filled Namibian night sky is almost within reach. Settling down in one of the ten luxurious tent chalets you are another step closer to heaven on earth.


In harmony read more » with nature without having to sacrifice a certain level of fine comforts and luxury – this is the credo the Erongo Wilderness Lodge’s team is committed to with both heart and soul.


Elegant lamps cast soft light which washes over the tent’s breathing canvas infusing the interior with fresh air … the perfect setting to unwind and relax at any time of the day.


Set atop a wooden platform, the chalets feature a breathtaking view of the inspiring surroundings. Boardwalks comfortably connect the platforms with each other and the main building. However, each unit is detached enough to ensure maximum privacy.


Allowing only the wind to be your guest, mosquito nets protect your tent. The interior is snugly decked-out with warm colours and select timber. The en suite bathrooms have been integrated most ingeniously into the natural rock and in between the trees, the pristine nature being the dominant style element.


Help yourself to a snack or a drink from the mini bar and step outside onto your scenic terrace to indulge in the serene splendour of the unspoilt environment. Settle down and leave all the stress and tension of everyday life far behind.


Is there anything better than to take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear swimming pool after having spent a dusty day in the desert? Having refreshed yourself, sit down on the terrace to read a good book or simply loose yourself in happy reverie, your eyes resting on the distant horizon.


At the end of an adventurous but soul-caressing day, sink into the colourful sheets on the large, comfortable bed. Snuggle up and gently doze off in sweet anticipation of another day at the Erongo Wilderness Lodge.


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How would you like to become friends with Jack? You might want to ask who is Jack? Jack is the Erongo Wilderness Lodge’s endearing mascot: a pet guinea fowl which frequently escorts guests back to their read more » tent chalet and asks for nothing but a crumb of bread in return.


Nobody has ever objected to Jack’s discrete escort services. The wildly romantic Erongo Lodge is a fantastic place to explore the diverse wildlife and scenic landscape Namibia features.


Quite frequently, the wild animals may be observed from the comfort of your chalet’s terrace. However, to really appreciate the full scope of the inspiring fauna and flora, it is recommended you join a guided hike or game drive.


Certainly a highlight, the early morning Mountain Top Walk rewards you with a spectacular view and the sentiment of having earned a sumptuous brunch upon your return to the lodge.


The Erongo Wilderness Lodge is set amidst the natural splendour of the Erongo Mountains Nature Reserve. The pristine reserve is more than 2000 square kilometres large and home to an incredible variety of species.


Retiles, birds and mammals share this intriguing ecosystem which strikes a balance between harsh deserts and lush oases. With a bit of good fortune, you might be able to track an endangered Black Rhino. Sleek leopards or cheeky baboons might also cross your path.


Hawks and eagles soar high above the land, keeping a keen eye peeled for possible prey. Discover the first historic proofs of mankind and join one of the guided hikes or 4x4 excursions to the celebrated and incredibly well-preserved rock carvings.


The exotic wildlife is not the only nature attraction. Well-trained and enthusiastic guides will point out the many exceptional trees and plants and explain their various properties – for example on the sundowner walk… the name says it all.


Your stay at the comfortable Erongo Wilderness Lodge will be an unforgettable experience. Find some small treasure to take home with you so the fond memories will always be tangible!


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