Elsa‘s Kopje


The Elsa’s Kopje Boutique Safari Lodge lies tucked away in the folds of the Mughwango Hill in the Meru National Park, at three hundred kilometres from Nairobi. A long and fascinating story hides behind the elaborate and unusual name.


The Elsa’s Kopje Lodge is situated in the exact location where George Adamson, the famous British naturalist, pitched his tent a long time ago. It was in 1956 when George Adamson and his wife discovered three orphaned lion cubs.


The Adamsons decided to raise read more » the helpless lions in their home. Just shortly before they had fully grown up, the two larger animals were sold to a zoo. However, the smallest of the three, the lioness Elsa, stay with the Adamson family.


At the age of two years, the Adamsons slowly started to release her back into the wild. Friederike Adamson documented Elsa’s life in all details and later published the bestseller “Born Free”. The lodge’s name Elsa’s Kopje translates into “Elsa’s hill”.


The lodge’s buildings have been perfectly integrated into their natural surroundings. They cling to and nestle into the granite rock they have been built on, blending in just wonderfully.


The main area includes a charming lounge and an open bar. However, the undisputed highlight is the wonderfully designed infinity pool that also enjoys direct access to the bar.


Elsa’s Kopje is famous for its exceptional cuisine. The owner’s north Italian roots have left their mark. The daily menu frequently includes fresh salads and pasta as well as exotic African specialities. And there is just nothing quite as wonderful as the warm bread fresh from the traditional stone oven, best enjoyed under the star-strewn sky by candlelight. « show less


The Elsa’s Kopje Lodge’s accommodation units have been designed in a fascinating Indian-African style that incorporates abundant stone and other natural building materials. The interiors have been read more » decked out in a rustic fashion radiating timeless elegance. Local craftsmen and carpenters have been involved at every step.


The guest units have been protected with mosquito nets on windows, doors and over the beds. And, of course, the extravagant buildings blend just perfectly with their surrounding landscape. At night, the lights are dimmed in an effort to reduce the impact on the wildlife.


The nine generous ensuite cottages, in addition to their individual design, command a spectacular view out over the Meru National Park’s fertile plains. Every cottage carries the name of one of the thirteen rivers that traverse the national park.


Obviously, no river is quite like the next. Subsequently, no cottage is identical to the others. The cottages are available as twin or double bed units. The interior includes a cosy bedroom, ensuite bathroom (some units have been fitted with outdoor tubs) and a private sundeck that is just perfect for a relaxing spell after having been out and about on exciting excursions.


The luxurious Honeymoon Suite clings tight to the stone of Mughwango Rock. The front, however, is wide open and commands a breathtaking view. Elegantly distributed out over three levels, the Honeymoon Suite includes a comfortable living area, bedroom, bathroom and a sundeck.


Last but not least, the superb Private House is celebrated for its fantastic view of Mount Kenya. At some distance from the main lodge, the Private House features a generous Master Bedroom, dressing room, separate twin-bed bedroom and a large dining and living room. The private garden sports a private swimming pool at its centre that promises quick relief on a hot day. Just perfect! « show less


The Elsa’s Kopje’s safaris in the Meru National Park are legendary – an unforgettable experience. All of the guides have been trained and certified by the Kena Professional Safari Guide Association. read more » Finally, the comfortable, open 4x4 Landcruisers have been fitted with camera supports to ensure perfect pictures.


The Meru National Park is one of the very few Kenyan national parks that permit exploring the wilderness on foot. Lace up your hiking boots and set off accompanied by an experienced guide and hot on the track of the wildlife.


As day fades to night, you may hop atop one of the sturdy safari vehicles to venture deep into the growing darkness for a twilight safari. Equipped with red-light search lights, you may possibly observe the bushbabies feeding or the big cats prowling for prey.


The Rhino Sanctuary is located close to the Esla’s Kopje Lodge. On vast 84 square kilometres, the endangered giants are bred and raised by caring rangers. The tiny live next to the big fellows: Shift your perspective to the minute and discover surprising diversity and beauty on a guided insect hike.


Those fitted with a strong pair of legs may climb Mughwango Hill. The reward is a stunning 360° view out over the Meru National Park’s sweeping savannah landscapes.


The Tana is Kenya’s longest river – and just one of the vital lifelines that criss-cross the national park. The river is a perfect destination for a daytrip with some fishing and a pick-nick lunch on the river banks. Back at the lodge, you may cool off with a splash in the pool or choose one of the spa’s superb treatments.


And then, of course, there are a few Elsa’s Kopje’s traditions that deserve extra mention. Your stay will certainly not be complete until you have enjoyed a bush breakfast by the Hippo Pool or sipped the trademark sundowner! Cheers! « show less