Elephant Pepper Camp


Leave the grey skies of home behind and visit Africa’s wide open landscapes beneath blue skies. The Elephant Pepper Camp offers modern-day comforts in combination with the 1920s golden safari flair.


Located in the North of the Maasai Mara National Park, the Elephant Pepper Camp nestles beneath a grove of the so-called elephant pepper trees (warburgia ugandense) lending the camp its peculiar name.


It deserves special mention that the camp is actively engaged in protecting the Mara North read more » Conservancy and promoting sustainable tourism. The Elephant Camp operates only during the rainy season. It is a true camp that has no fixed buildings at all. Solar panels provide a little electricity. Water has to be used responsibly. The rent for the camp site is paid to the local landowner.


The majority of the Elephant Camp’s staff grew up in the villages around the camp. It is only consequent that the camp’s social commitment includes supporting the local school with the idea to improve rural education in an effort to invest into the children’s future.


You may visit the surrounding Maasai villages and meet the locals. Find out more about these proud and ancient people and their rich cultural heritage. There is something about coming face to face that changes perspectives on both sides.


At the heart of the Elephant Pepper Camp, the restaurant tent welcomes you with tantalising aromas, some of which can be identified as North Italian, others are doubtlessly African. Guests share a long table for mealtimes. The cosy lounge tent has been furnished with comfortable seating areas and invites you to settle down and enjoy a drink.


The camp’s main area, without fail, has been set up to command a fantastic view out over the Mara land’s wide open savannah. There is a special flair, particular to this part of Kenya: Beautiful and abundant with wildlife, you may look forward to exciting game drives, memorable nights around the campfire and a lot more. Incidentally: no fences have been set up around the camp and it is not unusual for the wildlife to stroll right through the heart of it. « show less


The comfortable Elephant Camp offers you nine generous safari tents that can accommodate a maximum of 22 guests at any one time. The small number of guests ensures absolute privacy at the heart of Kenya’s read more » vibrant nature.


The Elephant’s sturdy safari tents are made from strong canvas, adorned with precious timber and polished brass. The intriguing interior has been decked out with classic Indian travel furniture. The concept radiates a charming flair that transports you back to the golden era of safaris in the legendary 1920s.


Eight of the safari tents feature a large and tastefully furnished bedroom with cosy double beds promising sweet dreams to come. An elegant timber flooring, ochre-coloured pillows and blankets, gleaming brass and an ensuite bathroom with a traditional safari shower set the tone. And then, of course, every tent comes equipped with a private veranda that is just perfect for putting your feet up for a while.


Last but not least, there is the Honeymoon Tent commanding a spectacular view out over the Mara North Conservancy’s open plains. An extra large bedroom and an ensuite bathroom with double washbasins and the indispensable safari shower make the Honeymoon Suite the ideal choice for newly-weds.


And just to add more romantic flair, the Honeymoon Suite features a private campfire section in addition to the furnished veranda. Stare into the crackling flames and gaze up at Africa’s twinkling night sky holding hands and sipping wine. The perfect night! « show less


The Maasai Mara, doubtlessly, is one of Kenya’s most beautiful and species diverse regions. Just perfect for exciting activities out in the open! All of the Elephant Pepper’s guides have been certified read more » by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association at the Bronze and Silver level and repeatedly participate in continued trainings. A few of the guides look back on more than 20 years working for the Elephant Pepper Camp!


The Mara North Conservancy enjoys the status as a private concession, allowing for additional activities like the exciting nocturnal game drives and guided bush hikes deep into the Mara’s wilderness. And the Mara land has a lot to offer: In addition to the famous Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros), the region in home to antelopes, hyenas, cheetahs and several hundred bird species.


The especially refitted 4x4 Toyota Landcruisers are just perfect for game observation: The sturdy all-terrain vehicles are open on all sides and offer three rows of comfortable seats. Everything has been adapted to cater for avid photographers and you may even charge your camera equipment aboard the vehicle.


The adjacent Maasai Mara National Park becomes the stage for one of the world’s greatest nature miracles once a year in July: During the Great Migration, as many as two million wildebeests as well as thousands of zebras, antelopes and gazelles undertake the long and perilous journey from the dry Serengeti to the fertile Mara country. Spectacular!


And then, at the end of a long and exciting day out on safari, what could be more perfect than an open-air dinner at the heart of the African bush?


There are several attributes that are inseparably linked to the proud Maasai people: the precious bead-works, tall warrior carrying sleek spears and the traditional dress, the shining red Shukkas.


The Elephant Pepper Camp offers you the opportunity to meet you hosts the Maasai personally. Visit one of the surrounding villages and learn more about the ancient culture and way of life. Quite possibly, you may even participate in one of the ceremonies. « show less