El Questro Wilderness

El Questro Wilderness


Without any doubt, the Kimberley region in Australia is one of the most stunningly beautiful and wildly exciting destinations that the fifth continent has to offer. Explore more than a 4000 square kilometres of intact wilderness and a working cattle station with no less than five thousand animals at the El Questro Wilderness Park.


Rugged mountains and vast plains create the magical backdrop. Given the natural splendour all around, the idea of creating a remote Australian holiday destination was read more » born in the early 90s.


Those who have once enjoyed a first glimpse of this far flung region tend to come back: Mother Nature has outdone herself in creating a jaw-slackening, gorgeous landscape. And no less than four river systems create a lush habitat for abundant wildlife.


Bubbling springs burst out of the ground and form gurgling streams that flow into intricate saltwater deltas, cutting through crumbling sandstone formation en route - and not a soul, road or electricity line in sight. Spectacular!


Visitors exploring the Kimberleys may choose to lodge at the Emma Gorge Resort or the Station Township, which offers Family Bungalows and an adjacent campground.


The Emma Gorge Resort is composed of a number of buildings and facilities tucked away behind lush palm trees. The accommodation units, the restaurant, bar, reception and, of course, the gorge, are connected by a series of twisting gravel paths.


A large, turquoise waterhole is just perfect for a refreshing dip. Enjoy a massage kindly provided by one of the smaller waterfalls. Later, unwind in the shade of the soaring trees or stroll back to your comfortable lodge.


Your culinary needs are also taken care of: Indulge in fresh tropical fruit for breakfast and delicious fish or barbecued meat for lunch and dinner. The delightful treats are seasoned with the romantic ambience of the open-air veranda. Wonderful!


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Comfortable and stylish and yet located amidst the pristine nature – experience the graceful ambience of the sixty Tented Cabins of the Emma Gorge Resort!


High ceilings create an airy flair and flood read more » the interior with the sounds and fragrance of the tropical surroundings. It is just the right setting: After a long day spent exploring, snuggle up beneath the crisp linen of the large beds and wait for sweet dreams to come.


On a hot day, a ceiling ventilator provides a refreshing breeze. The resort’s friendly bar is a popular meeting place. Enjoy a chat with the other guests or make plans for the next days. A small shop stocks a number of essentials from toothpaste to insect repellent.


In short, the Emma Gorge Resort is a place to fall in love with. On a clear night, the roof is pulled away from the restaurant to make way for the glory of a brilliant night sky. Blinking stars above and flickering candlelight below, the setting is breathtakingly romantic!


The Station Township’s twelve bungalows offer perfect accommodation for the entire family. Air-conditioning takes the edge out of the summer’s heat. Ask for the bungalows sporting a balcony with a view of the Pentecost River.


Moreover, you may also decide to camp on the banks of the river. And just to throw yet another perk into the deal: The stunningly turquoise Emma Gorge waterhole is just a few minutes’ walking distance away!


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The El Questro Wilderness Park does not only boast pristine nature but also a wide variety of activities. There is so much to do, so much to see that time flies. Incidentally, the same range of activities read more » may be enjoyed if lodged at the El Questro Homestead.


Climb atop your trusty steed and explore the magical surroundings on horseback. Alternatively, soar high and enjoy the view on a pulse-quickening scenic helicopter flight.


It is an inspiring experience to admire the plains, canyons, peaks and waterfalls stretching from horizon to horizon. Of course, you may also ask for an experienced guide to introduce you to nature’s wonders like the local flora and fauna.


Enthusiastic photographers should always keep their camera at hand. Not only the landscape or the colourful butterflies are highly desirable targets – with just a little luck, you might also be able to squeeze off a few digital shots at the feared saltwater crocodile.


Also keep an eye open for the large reptiles when out casting line, hook and sinker for Barramundis. And did you know that all Barramundis are born as males and change sex after five years?


The Chamberlain River is just perfect for a cruise. One of the romantic tours is a trip to the Champagne Springs: hot springs that bubble out of unfathomable depths like freshly popped champagne. And, at the end of the trip, discover a lush, tropical valley.


Allow INTOSOL to take you on the trip of a lifetime to this nature paradise in Australia. Welcome to the Kimberleys!


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