El Questro Homestead

El Questro Homestead


When the landscape around the sophisticated El Questro Homestead was created, Mother Nature showed herself generous with colours: A bright blue sky, occasionally freckled with cotton-white clouds, spans red earth, lushly green vegetation and turquoise water.


The play of colours is stunningly beautiful. The luxurious El Questro Homestead additionally contributes a blossoming tropical garden. However colourful, the scenery has a rugged quality that contrasts wonderfully with the homestead’s refined read more » comforts and serene tranquillity.


The far-flung Kimberley region remains largely uncharted territory that certainly lies off the beaten tourism tracks. It is the perfect destination for all those, who appreciate refined creature comforts in a peaceful and secluded setting.


The El Questro Homestead was constructed on a cliff overlooking the majestic Chamberlain River. The panorama is a sight for sore eyes. There is no better place to regain your balance amidst pristine nature.


The homestead has not just made a name for itself with its quality facilities and stunning setting: The service is superb and the cuisine creates culinary magic.


On your request the gourmet delicacies may be served just about anywhere. Maybe you would like to surprise you loved one with a candlelight dinner on the cliffs or a star-gazing night on your private veranda.


Wine connoisseurs will be thrilled by the El Questro’s excellent choice of wines that make perfect accompaniments for the cuisine’s delights. Select works of art and antiques from Indonesia and tropical Australia impart additional flair.


Be transported back in time and cherish the infinite, pristine nature all around – the El Questro Homestead in West Australia.


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The El Questro Homestead features only six highly luxurious rooms that are all characterised by a tasteful, slightly playful style. Only twelve guests are accommodated at any one time, ensuring a private read more » and secluded ambience.


Step into your elegant room and be transported back in time. The elaborately decorated chest and the carved bed-head are reminiscent of the glory of days gone by.


High ceilings and plenty of light lend the rooms an airy and spacious ambience. The bathrooms are exceedingly large and generously equipped. A comfortable, free-standing bathtub invites you to soak at your leisure after a long day spent exploring the wilderness.


Your private veranda is furnished with comfy sunloungers. Put your feet up and cherish the rare sensation of having no obligations. Let your eyes rest on the beautifully kept gardens or the river, daydreaming, and enjoy the warm Australian sun tickling your face.


Should the temperature rise to uncomfortable levels, then a modern air-conditioning system and a ceiling ventilator provide a refreshing breeze. Alternatively, cool down with a splash in the swimming pool or soak in the El Questro’s large open-air whirlpool.


The homestead’s friendly bar becomes a popular meeting place before and after dinner. Sip a cocktail mixed to perfection or a West Australian Emu Bitter and meet the other guests.


Explore the Kimberleys and reside in all comfort at the charming El Questro Homestead located at just one hour from Kununarra – a natural paradise truly off the beaten path!


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The El Questro Homestead is not only set at the heart of a natural paradise … the list of leisure activities is equally remarkable. Time flies, there is a lot to do and nature is at the focus of all read more » activities.


Incidentally, no matter whether you are lodged at the El Questro Homestead or at the El Questro Wilderness Park, you may enjoy the same comprehensive activity programme.


Climb atop your trusty steed and explore the magical surroundings on horseback. Alternatively, soar high and enjoy the view on a pulse-quickening scenic helicopter flight.


It is an inspiring experience to admire the plains, canyons, peaks and waterfalls stretching from horizon to horizon. Of course, you may also ask for an experienced guide to introduce you to nature’s wonders like the local flora and fauna.


Enthusiastic photographers should always keep their camera at hand. Not only the landscape or the colourful butterflies are highly desirable targets – with just a little luck, you might also be able to squeeze off a few digital shots at the feared saltwater crocodile.


Also keep an eye open for the large reptiles when out casting line, hook and sinker for Barramundis. And did you know that all Barramundis are born as males and change sex after five years?


The Chamberlain River is just perfect for a cruise. One of the romantic tours is a trip to the Champagne Springs: hot springs that bubble out of unfathomable depths like freshly popped champagne. And at the end of the trip, discover a lush, tropical valley.


Those still left with energy to spare may power themselves out on the tennis courts back at the El Questro Homestead. Or treat yourself to relaxing massages and professional treatments at the first-class spa!


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