Eichardts Private Hotel


There are many legends and old stories that are being told in Queenstown, New Zealand. Long before the 19th century gold rush brought fortune seekers from all over the world to Queenstown, the Maori had been inhabiting the region for centuries.


According to Maori legend, the giant Matau stole the beautiful princess Manata. Desperate to recover her, Matau’s father promised to marry her to the hero to rescue her. The fierce warrior Matakauri accepted the challenge and set off on his quest.


In read more » a valley, he finally found the giant Matau asleep with the princess bound up by his side. However, for all his mighty strength, Matakauri was unable to break the princess’ chains. Manata broke out in tears and begged Matakauri to save his own life.


As Manata’s bitter tears fell onto the shackles, they broke and both were able to flee. However, Matakauri returned and struck fire to the ground around the giant, burning his shape into the ground, creating today’s Lake Wakatipu.


Inconceivably deep, the lake’s water level rises and falls by a few centimetres every couple of minutes. It is an effect created by the wind and waves. However, the Maori believe that the giant’s heart still beats somewhere in the deep.


And it is in this mystical setting that the venerated Eichardt’s Hotel offers its refined luxuries. The Eichardt’s already enjoyed an excellent reputation during the days of the gold rush, today it is proud to belong to the renowned association Small Luxury Hotels of the World.


The immaculately white colonial building set against the blue backdrop of the sky is a feast for the eyes. Step inside and discover that the interior upholds the promise made by the exterior and discover sophisticated comforts, elegance and tasteful design.


Select antiques and quality furniture reflect the glamour of days gone by. And as you would come to expect, the Eichardt’s Restaurant serves gourmet cuisine par excellence!


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Relish the historical elegance at the celebrated Eichardt’s Hotel in Queenstown. A landmark and icon for the mountain city, the Eichardt’s has been around for longer than most people can remember.


However, read more » far from having accumulated dust, the accommodation at the Eichardt is still top of the notch. Restricting itself to offering only five exceedingly luxurious and generous suites, the ambience is highly exclusive.


Located directly on Lake Wakatipu’s shore, the views out over the water are simply spectacular. Gaze into the distance and let your eyes rest on the magnificent backdrop of snow-covered mountain peaks.


The exquisite bathrooms merit extra praise. Look forward to design details like a freestanding washbasin and extravagant amenities set against a backdrop of dark wood panelling. Underfloor heating are a thoughtful tribute to your feet.


The Eichardt suite’s bedrooms are contemporary and sophisticated. A large, cosy bed promises sweet dreams to come at the end of a long and exciting day in the mountains.


On a cold night, a crackling fire radiates snug warmth and soft light in your private lounge. Your loved one by your side, enjoy the romantic flair, help yourself to a drink from the mini bar and cherish the mood of the moment.


An entertainment and business centre allows you to stay in touch. The internet is just a mouse click away. However, the focus at the Eichardt’s lies on providing a private and supremely relaxing ambience.


Take the time to leisurely leaf through the newspaper next to a merry fire at The Parlour or sip an espresso at The House Bar. The clocks still run considerably slower at the Eichardt’s – a great opportunity to unplug for a while, falling back into tune with the old days.


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No matter which time of the year you are visiting Queenstown and the Eichardt's Hotel, each season has its own charms and activity options on New Zealand's beautiful South Island.


Set in the heart of read more » Queenstown, the immediate vicinity of the hotel offers countless delightful cafés and restaurants. And, of course, there are a number of shops and boutique stores that sell everything from souvenirs to designer clothes.


Some of the world's most celebrated designers have scouted out Queenstown for an outlet store. Designer or not, the clean, cold mountain air has the same effect on just about everyone – it makes you hungry!


As day fades to night, choose one of the many exquisite restaurants that Queenstown offers. Chinese or international cuisine, regardless of the culinary orientation, every meal is seasoned with the southern hemisphere’s star-strewn skies.


In the cold winter months, the tables are commonly moved in front of an open fireplace. Dancing flames and cosy warmth, settle down to a sumptuous gourmet dinner accompanied by a fine local wine.


The Eichardt's Hotel also offers professional spa services, which may be applied in the comfort of your suite. Alternatively, you may choose between the many options on a long list of beauty treatments.


However, the Queenstown region's great attractions are outdoor attractions. For a first impression from lofty heights, board a hot-air balloon and take to the skies. On a quiet night, you can see a movie at the cinema. Or, to kick up your pulse once again, go on a jet-boat ride on the lake.


Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu are a natural playground for open-air adventure activities. Mountains and plenty of snow spell out a clear invitation: skiing and snow-boarding!


Be the first to lay down the tracks running down a virgin mountain side! Heli-skiing takes you high up to remote runs and spectacular sceneries! Then again, maybe your interests lie in fly-fishing, golfing or wine tasting – the options are next to endless!


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