Edo´s Camp


Set in the western part of the Kalahari Desert, on a vast 120,000 hectares large private reserve, the Edo’s Camp is an exceptional hideaway destination.


In contrast to other camps in around the Okavango Delta, the Edo Camp boasts an environment with a flora and fauna that is not found anywhere else. Birds, mammals and plants have adapted to the unique conditions around the camp.


However, the Edo’s Camp’s strongpoints are not only its intriguing wildlife and ruggedly beautiful scenery. read more » At the same time, a stay at the camp is an introduction to the culture of the local tribe, the San.


Experience the fascinating way of life of these ancient people and learn about the intricate relationship between man, wildlife and nature. We highly recommend you join an excursion or safari that includes a visit to the San’s village.


At the end of a long, dusty but fascinating day filled with new impression, you can look forward to the relaxing flair at Edo’s Camp. You are accommodated at the heart of nature and it is always advisable to keep your camera at the ready.


It is not at all uncommon to spot wildlife from the comfort of the camp. A nearby waterhole attracts scores of antelopes, which you may admire while sipping a delicious cocktail by the pool – wonderful!


Lean back and enjoy. Edo’s Camp is a place to feel truly at home at. It radiates a sincerely welcoming, friendly and private flair. In total, it offers only four comfortably equipped guest tents.


Tiny but unique, Edo’s Camp is also a great option for families or groups of friends, who would like to book the entire camp. The special needs of families are moreover addressed with the Young Explorer’s Programme offering a comprehensive, tailored service.


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The Edo’s Camp is offers an exclusive and private safari experience in southern Africa. The secluded location in the Kalahari Desert is just perfect for exploring the rugged surroundings, treading lightly read more » and with the encouragement of the local San people.


Edo’s Camp overlooks a waterhole that is vitally important for antelopes and other species which come down for a drink. Just perfect, sip a cocktail by the pool and observe the many species approaching the site with the greatest care.


The camp’s four guest tents accommodate a maximum of eight guests at any one time. The refined units have been set atop a raised deck and are protected from the strong sun by picturesque, thatched roofs.


The units have been comfortable furnished and offer a private ensuite with all facilities. Furthermore, the Edo’s service is highly personal and the distinguished guests’ special needs and request are easily accommodated.


Lodged at Edo’s Camp, you may not only look forward to a memorable holiday but are also contributing to the preservation of the local San tradition and culture. Part of the funds generated with your stay are directly forwarded to the Paolo Zanichelli’s Children’s Home, a facility supporting homeless children.


Incidentally, should you be travelling with your extended family or a group of friends, you can request to book the entire camp exclusively. Ask us about this option in combination with tailored activity programmes.


The Edo’s team and the experienced guides are then exclusively at your service and can help you plan every day in accordance with your personal preferences. You decide – the Edo’s Camp in the Kalahari Desert!



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The Edo’s Camp in the Kalahari offers a unique experience in one of Botswana’s remotest regions. Relish the unparalleled occasion of pristine nature and cultural encounters.


Of course, classic read more » game drives in specially converted safari vehicles are being offered. An even more intense experience is a guided safari hike led by a local San bushman.


The slow pace allows you to appreciate even fine details, which your guide and tracker readily points out. And always keep your eyes peeled for the elusive white rhinos.


The Edo’s Camp has a great advantage over other safari camps. Apart from the secluded location and ruggedly beautiful environment, the Edo Camp maintains close ties with the nearby San village.


You are encouraged to visit the local community and participate in daily life. For the San it is a great honour to receive visitors. Join in the traditions and accompany the women and children, who set out to look for edible roots and plants.


Your guide patiently explains the exotic way of life and the traditions, which have ensured the San’s survival in this harsh environment. Some days, you might even enjoy the chance to witness some of the traditional celebrations and dances.


Guests who stay for several days may also visit the nearby museum. Moreover, the Edo’s Camp actively supports local social projects like the Paolo Zanichelli’s Children’s Home, a facility supporting homeless children.


Families visiting the Edo’s may want to consider the Young Explorers programme, which has been especially designed for those travelling with children. Your private guide has a few tricks up his or her sleeve to ensure your little ones will be thrilled by the experience!


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