Duma Tau Camp


The Duma Tau Camp is set amidst 125,000 hectares of the pristine Linyanti Reserve, bordering the Chobe National Park in the east and the Okavango Delta in the north.


The maximum number of visitors to this part of the Linyanti Reserve is strictly limited to only 26. Furthermore, the 26 guests are distributed among three camps. Therefore, your privacy, room to breathe and abundant wildlife are guaranteed.


The Linyanti elephants are doubtlessly one of the reserve’s biggest attractions. In the read more » winter, when the floodplains slowly dry out, they make their way to the Linyanti’s permanent waterholes. Up to 1000 elephants can be found in the region at any one time.


They are, however, not the only animals on show – many of Botswana’s diverse species also congregate here: zebras, gnus, impalas, waterbucks, red lechwes, elands, roans and other types of antelopes. Moreover, giraffes, baboons, apes, warthogs, crocodiles and buffaloes are just some of the animals that make their home in this region.


Prey being abundant, the predators are of course always nearby: lions, leopards, cheetah, hyenas and wild dogs can be found. Nocturnal animals, such as bushbabies, aardwolves and pangolins, can also be spotted on night drives.


Birdlife is equally plentiful. Those who enjoy pursuing our feathered friends will surely keep their binoculars very busy.


The Duma Tau camp is built on raised platforms providing spectacular views out over the large lagoon formed by the Linyanti waterways and home to the thriving local hippo population.


The tributary stream of the Savuti Channel is just a short drive away and safaris along the river are the highlight of a stay in this region.


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The Duma Tau Camp consists of ten luxurious safari tents, eight of which feature twin-beds, one is a family tent with space for up to five people and then, of course, there is the luxurious honeymoon tent.


These read more » tents are a holiday home made of canvas. They have a wooden doorway, beautifully decorated interior and, needless to say, an en-suite bathroom complete with an finely appointed shower recess.


Comfortably resting in the large bed beneath the reed-thatched roof, guests can experience the sounds of the African wilderness carrying across the lagoon and easily traversing the canvas walls.


The tents feature every necessary comfort and additionally even an exciting outdoor shower. The tents are fitted with fans, mosquito nets, soap and shampoo, insect repellent – everything has been thought of.


Duma Tau itself is located at a particularly spectacular spot – with views out over the reserve’s floodplains and sweeping lagoon in which the local hippos play.


As you would expect, each of the luxurious tents commands the same magnificent view of the pristine lagoon – it is a true highlight to kick back in all comfort, a drink in hand, your eyes resting on the inspiring wilderness.


The camp’s dining room and bar are also built on an elevated platform featuring a thatched roof. When day slowly fades into nights, a fire is lit. Settle down among the open fireplace and enjoy the wildly romantic atmosphere.


And at the end of a hot day spent on safari, what could be better than a refreshing dip in the Duma Tau Camp’s inviting pool?


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The Duma Tau Camp’s principle attractions are, of course, the exciting safaris at the Linyanti Reserve.


The camp’s four ten-seat Land Rovers are out and about on a daily basis, touring the wilderness read more » and introducing the guests to the pristine nature on morning or evening drives.


Thanks to the prime location in the neighbourhood of the Savuti Channel and many of the Linyanti waterways, water safaris are also available. The small motor boats will take you exploring along the channels or the waterways.


Predators such as lions, cheetahs and hyenas inhabit the area in relatively large numbers. And then, of course, there are the Linyanti’s large elephant herds that provide wonderful photo opportunities, especially during the winter months.


Moreover, there are all the savannah animals such as zebras and giraffes. The lagoon and the waterways are inhabited by countless hippopotamus.


Guided safari hikes led by experienced rangers are a great way to explore the wilderness, visiting the camp’s many hides for animal observation.


The hides offer the superb chance to get incredibly close to the animals without the engine sound or bulk of the vehicles. One of the hides is placed directly at the source of the Savuti Channel.


The camp is situated near various waterways and, depending on the time of year, it is also possible to take part in other water-based activities.


Apart from the motorboat safaris, one can also opt for a spot of fishing or a romantic evening cruise down the channel in time with the glowing-red sun setting the horizon on fire.


In keeping with the African tradition, the evening cruise stops at one of the many isolated, palm-studded islands for a sundowner. Cherish the magical atmosphere and the sensation of being really far away from the curses of modern civilisation.


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