Doro Nawas Camp


The Damaraland in Namibia: an awe-inspiring desert landscape, rugged mountains and fascinatingly exotic wildlife! Set in the Aba Huab River Valley at three and a half hours’ distance from Swakopmund, the luxurious Doro Nawas Camp is an elegant and luxurious basis for exploring this world of wonder.


Looking north, the Etendeka Mountains line the horizon. In the south, the glowing red Twyfelfontein sandstone formations rise out of the ground. Twyfelfontein is a historic site. Throughout the millennia, read more » the San tribe carved and painted the rocks; historic evidence that is still in surprisingly good condition.


The Doro Nawas Camp’s design concept is both unique and highly appealing. Blending with the pristine environment, the single storey bungalows were constructed with natural materials like natural stone, wood, straw and glass.


The result is a stunning success. The entire complex integrates into the rugged terrain. A comfortable main building is the focal point and accommodates the central facilities.


Apart from the first-class restaurant that pampers its guest with cleverly crafted delicacies, a gracious terrace sports a breathtaking view of the spectacular landscape. Lean back and enjoy a stirring desert sunset or contemplate the incomparable desert night sky, jam-packed with stars.


Doro Nawas is committed to sustainable tourism and cooperation with local communities. The celebrated safari lodge chain Wilderness Safaris holds 60 percent of the exquisite accommodation and the villagers hold the remaining 40 percent.


Apart from supporting and involving the local community, part of the profits are invested into nature conservation efforts. First and foremost, it is this successful combination of long-standing traditions with conscious modernisation that ensures your holiday experience will be truly memorable.


Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to Namibia, the Damaraland and the Doro Nawas Camp and spend days of pure bliss and perfect service in this inspiring setting.


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The Doro Nawas’ unique flair and elegant style line does not stop at the main building but is also apparent in every aspect of the 16 luxurious guest accommodation units. Ensuring your privacy, the Doro read more » Nawas has maximum capacity of only 34 guests.


Walls constructed with natural stones and decked out with wood panelling set the tone. High, straw-thatched roofs, glass doors and large panorama fronts create an airy ambience infused with the clean desert air.


Each unit has been individually and painstakingly decorated with special attention having been dedicated to every nook and cranny. The large and cosy bed has been positioned to grant a magnificent view of the rugged terrain and rolling plain.


Settle down on your private terrace to indulge in the stirring beauty of the desert sunsets or sunrises. It is the perfect setting to unwind and perhaps loose oneself either in the awe-inspiring panorama or in a good book.


The intense nature experience is further enhanced by the exciting outdoor showers. Is there any better day to start a day in the desert than to step outside and shower open-air? Of course, you are well-protected from potential onlookers.


It goes without saying that an additional indoor shower complements its outdoor sister. Let the warm water stream over you and scrub off the desert dust which accumulated throughout the day.


The en suite bathrooms furthermore include two double wash basins and a large selection of body-care products. A ceiling ventilator sends a refreshing breeze rippling through the air.


Everything has been though of, right down to the insect repellent in your room. No unwelcome visitors pestering you, sink into your soft bed after having spent a long day out and about on adventure and gently drift away on the flow of sweet dreams.


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For most of the guest staying at the Doro Nawas, exploring and discovering Namibia’s fascinatingly exotic nature is the unchallenged number one on the activity list. And rightfully so!


The Doro Nawas read more » offers a range of excursions and drives that introduce the visitor to the pristine environment. Track the wildlife on one of the exciting game drives or, if you prefer a slower pace and even more intense experience, join a guided hike or mountain bike tour.


The best time of the year for wildlife observation is the rainy season. The dried out river beds quickly fill with the life-giving water the animals have been waiting for.


The birdlife in the area is especially diverse and prolific. Most species endemic to Namibia can be spotted in the Damaraland.


No matter which way you turn, no fences obstruct the movements. A rarity these days, man and the wildlife live peacefully side by side in the Damaraland. Shepherds guiding their herds with their long sticks add another exotic element to the mesmerizing landscape.


With only a little luck on your side, you may chance upon one of the rare desert elephants. Another highlight you should most definitely visit are the Twyfelfontein’s famous sandstone formations.


The sandstone formations are world-famous for their age-old rock paintings. Each painting tells a story and stands for millennia of human history. Some of the ancient art has been dated to be more than 6000 years old.


Having spent an adventurous day out in the desert, kick back and relax at the luxurious Doro Nawas. Sip a cocktail mixed to perfection at the bar or take a splash in the refreshingly cool pool while the horizon goes up in flames and the sun sinks majestically behind the desert’s farthest peak.


At the small shop, you may find just the right souvenir or gift which will forever remind you and your loved ones of the unforgettable days spent at the Doro Nawas in Namibia.


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