Divava Okavango Lodge


A member of the esteemed association Leading Lodges of Africa, the Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa offers finest comforts in a stunning region, which the locals consider to be one of Namibia’s natural paradises.


Soaring trees frame the Divava Okavango Lodge and cast welcome shade. Almost every part of the hotel property sports a magnificent view of the Okavango River. Moreover, the Mahango Wildlife Reserve, where elephants, buffaloes and antelopes may be observed, lies a mere 14 kilometres away. read more »


Another great way to observe the wildlife is a boat trip out to the Popa Falls. The Popa Falls change their appearance dramatically depending on the water level of the Okavango River in the course of the seasons.


In the wet season, the water thunders of the edge with terrifying might, roaring majestically and creating clouds of fine mist. However, should you visiting the falls on a different date, the low water runs, trickles and gurgles through countless clefts and canals.


No matter which season you visit, both have their own charms. Moreover, the trip out to the falls is a wonderful occasion to observe the hippopotamus and crocodiles living in seeming harmony in the mighty river.


The Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa has also made a name for itself with the abundance of bird species that populate this sun-kissed country. Moreover, the twenty accommodation units are arranged in such a fashion that the wildlife may be observed without having to leave the comfort of your accommodation.


And location is not the only luxury that the Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa offers. The guest chalets are all equipped with air-conditioning, additional outdoor showers and private balconies that overlook the Okavango River.


The Divava main building is at once impressive and perfectly in tune with its natural surroundings. The general facilities include a restaurant, the Bush Bar, an inviting swimming pool and the Mystique Spa.


And last but not least, the gracious viewing platform is just perfect for sipping a cocktail mixed to perfection while admiring the breathtaking splendour of the African wilderness all around.


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The association Leading Lodges of Africa stands for unrivalled quality that exceeds the expectations of even the most seasoned globetrotter. The Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa offers supreme comforts in a read more » stunning setting.


This pledge to excellence also includes personalised service, refined furniture, decorations and facilities, exquisite gourmet cuisine and the wonderful Mystique Spa.


Moreover, the Leading Lodges of Africa always plays on the environment where the design of the lodge is concerned. The unspoilt African ambience is picked up in the style of the decorations, the design and even the architecture.


The Divava Okavango Lodge is a fine example for this philosophy: An elegant African style, airy ambience, natural materials and ochre colours define the mood.


The twenty luxuriously furnished guest chalets are all located with a view of the Okavango River. Time seems to stand still at the Divava Lodge. Man and nature are still in harmony.


The chalets offer all the comforts you can expect of a five-star hotel: A state-of-the-art air-conditioning system, high quality furniture, select decorations and a finely-appointed private ensuite.


The spacious interior reflects the beauty of the nature in all its details. Relish the traditional design coupled with modern day comforts. Dark hues are combined with bright contrasts, high ceilings, large windows and a cheerful, airy ambience.


Framed by soaring trees, the chalets are set atop elevated platforms that offer a magnificent view of the Okavango River. Settle down on your sundeck, and enjoy a quiet moment with just the pristine nature for company.


Welcome to the Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa in the Caprivi Region, Nambia! Step out of your everyday life and into an African dream!


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The world’s largest inland river delta, the Okavango Delta in the north-east of the Kalahari Desert, is fed by the Kubango River among others. Halfway, the Kubango changes its name to the Okavango River.


The read more » Okavango Delta and River are world-famous for their astonishing species diversity. Welcome to one of the world’s last nature paradises. The Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa is the perfect basis for exploring the wonders all around.


A boat safari on the Okavango River allows you to observe crocodiles and hippopotamus at a close but safe distance. The boat may furthermore take you to the Popa Falls that are situated at only a few hundred metres from the Divava Lodge.


A highly popular excursion among the romantic natures is a sunset cruise on the river. Camera at the ready: The magic of the setting sun painting the scenery in vivid red is indescribably beautiful.


Of course, memorable moments may also be experienced during the day on one of the exciting safaris into the Mahango Wildlife Reserve. A well-trained guide picks up the tracks leading to elephants, buffaloes and bushbucks.


At the Divava Lodge, wildlife observation may be enjoyed in many forms: on water, on land and even from the air. Inspiring scenic flights allow you to admire the gorgeous landscape, intricate waterways and large animal herds from a bird’s perspective.


And speaking of birds, the Okavango Delta is a great place for enthusiastic birders. Countless species inhabit the surroundings in great abundance. Many may be observed right at the lodge.


After a long day filled with new impressions, settle down on the terrace, a refreshing drink in hand, and enjoy the peaceful ambience. The lounge, swimming pool and restaurant are also awaiting your visit.


Of course, for supreme relaxation and sophisticated treatments we recommend visiting the graceful Mystique Spa. The facilities include a sauna, steam bath, Thalasso Bath and treatment rooms with a view of the river.


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