Damai Lovina Villas


“Hard to Find, Hard to Leave“ – the Damai Lovina Villa’s motto fittingly describes the magical resort hotel hidden location deep within the lush rainforest hills with a scenic view of Bali’s north coast.


In addition to its scenic and peaceful setting, the luxurious hideaway offers all the creature comforts you could wish for. You may look forward to an elegant setting coupled with perfect service and a delightful cuisine.


Make yourself comfortable on the deck beside your pool and read more » allow your gaze to wander from the volcanic peaks on distant Java to the ocean. Savour the warm, tropical breeze that carries a hint of exotic spices from the nearby plantations.


The Damai Lovina Villas are a piece of paradise, the perfect retreat for those in search of supreme quiet and relaxation. Regain your inner balance at the Damai Spa and choose one of the professional massages and spa treatments.


The experienced therapists skilfully combine traditional Balinese healing lore with Occidental science. The result is a treatment programme that can only be described as pure bliss for body and soul.


Unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of serene beauty, refined comforts and blissful relaxation! « show less


No more than 14 highly exclusive villas constitute the exclusive Damai Lovina Villas accommodation options – ensuring absolute privacy in a quiet setting! Set at the heart of a blossoming garden and read more » decorated with an unsurpassed dedication to details, the charming villas reflect Bali’s rich and venerated culture.


Forty-two square metres large, the Superior Villas have been designed in a typical Balinese style and include a small veranda and lush, tropical gardens. The interior has been decked out with precious hardwood furniture and local antiques. Moreover, you have all the modern tech gadgets like a TV, DVD player and WiFi at your disposal. Offering similar facilities but considerably more space (68 sqm), the Deluxe Villas feature an exciting open-air bathroom with a Jacuzzi.


The Pool Studios and Pool Villas include a 24-hour butler service and command a stunning view of the lush gardens and ocean beyond. Vast 110 to 200 square metres large, the bedroom is spanned by an intriguing, arched hardwood ceiling and harbours rare antiques and precious textiles. The bathroom offers both a bathtub and a refreshing open-air shower. And then, of course, as the name suggests, you enjoy the benefit of a private pool complete with a spacious veranda and the traditional Bale Pavilion.


Super-size the Pool Villas and choose the superbly elegant Master Pool Villa, which additionally offers a further bed- and bathroom, totalling vast 305 square metres. The lounge and dining area is the perfect spot to sip a glass of fine wine, revisiting the day’s events in your mind.


Last but not least, there is the extraordinary Umah Raja Villa – the resort’s crowning jewel! With the distinct air of a palace, the Umah Raja Villa offers a large master bedroom as well as two junior bedrooms. Each bedroom includes an ensuite bathroom equipped with both a shower and bathtub.


The living and dining area has been luxuriously furnished with local antiques and high-quality furniture. Additional perks include a large library with an integrated cinema as well as two private pools with a pavilion. And then, of course, a private butler is at your side whenever required, around the clock. « show less


Charming Bali offers its visitors breathtakingly beautiful nature and fascinating sights and attractions. Have you ever enjoyed a round of golf in a volcanic crater? The Bali Handara Kosaido Golf Course read more » is located in the fertile Bedugul Highlands not far from the Damai Lovina Villas Resort.


Famous far beyond the Balinese shores, the unusual golf course has been ranked among the fifty most interesting courses in the world by the Golf Magazine and has become a Mecca for golfers from around the globe.


The lofty heights ensuring a moderate climate, let your eyes roam across the lush, green crater walls and the crater’s lagoon before stepping up to tee off at the Bali Handara Kosaido Country and Golf Club.


On a different day, after having had ample opportunity to enjoy the Damai Lovina Villa’s superb cuisine to your stomach’s full content, join the culinary masters behind the pots for one of the famous cooking classes.


Join the chef in the morning for a visit to the local markets, where you will be selecting fresh vegetables, exotic herbs and spices, fish and meat for the inspirational culinary session to take place in the cooking pavilion later that day.


Stir, season and savour the exotic fragrances floating on the warm air. Having finished your culinary toils, settle down to a home- and self-made, traditional Balinese gourmet meal. Bon appetite!


Bali’s underwater landscapes are worlds of wonder: Explore the vibrant coral reefs and colourful fish on the snorkelling or diving excursions. Many of Bali’s long sand beaches are guarded by fascinating coral reefs.


In fact, the ocean is always well worth a trip: Hop aboard a boat and smartly clip the waves, trying to spot hunting dolphins. It is quite a sight to see the graceful animals fling themselves out of the glittering water, sending spray flying.


And then, there are Bali’s famously opulent and ancient temples. Visit the venerated temples and learn more about Bali’s beliefs and traditions. « show less