Cottars 1920s Camp


Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, fascinating wildlife and moderate temperatures have made Kenya a mecca for safari connoisseurs. Fortunately, Kenya manages its millions of annual visitors well and exclusive, private sanctuaries like the Cottar’s 1920s Camp ensure supreme luxuries in combination with outstanding safari experiences.



At the Cottar’s 1920s Camp, Africa’s untamed nature lies just past your luxury tent’s entrance flap. The Olderikesi Group Ranch’s private concession within read more » the Maasai Mara National Park ranks as one of Kenya’s most beautiful regions abundant with wildlife.


And, certainly, it is a journey back in time. The Cottar’s 1920s Camp transports you back 100 years to the colonial days of the 1920s. Furnished with the era’s original antiques, the camp is comprised of a an elegant main area with two large, white tents grouped around a naturally designed swimming pool, a well-stocked library and a first-rate spa.


Hammocks are strung up here and there around the camp and invite you to take a swing. And then, of course, there is the Cottars’ superb cuisine charming your palate with exquisite flavours.


It goes without saying that you need not relinquish modern day amenities despite the tasteful 1920s flair. A courtesy Wifi service and a camera battery charging station have been provided for.


The Cottar family has a long and proud history. Early on in pioneering days, it offered the first classic safaris. To the present day, the Cottars have been true to their origins, guaranteeing superb service quality, refined luxury and memorable experiences.


The Cottar family’s venerated reputation is a shining example and the word has spread far beyond Kenya’s borders. And thus, it is not without reason that the celebrities like the writer Ernest Hemingway chose the Cottar’s Camp in the past.


Of course, we have arrived in a different era and new challenges have shifted into focus. The Cottar’s 1920s Camp is a proud member of the Zeitz Foundation and actively supports ecological projects implemented by Kenya’s tourism industry.


The four “Cs” have become the guiding principle: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce – all integrated into a sustainable balance. Jobs are created for local employees and nature and wildlife protection plans implemented. « show less


The Cottar’s 1920s Camp features 10 supremely luxurious tents, generously spaced apart, that accommodate a maximum of 28 guests. In addition to their stylish 1920s’ elegance, the luxury tents feature read more » plush comforts, a scenic setting and maximum privacy.


The five Standard Tented Rooms are set up in quality canvas tents furnished in a graceful colonial fashion. Warm ochre hues, precious carpets, transparent mosquito nets and, of course, the antique furniture lend the units their distinct 1920s’ flair.


The en-suite bathroom’s centrepiece is a nostalgic bathtub as well as a safari style shower. The bedroom with an adjacent dressing room is furnished with either a luxurious double bed or twin beds. Settle in all comfort on your sweeping veranda and let your eyes roam the wildlife sanctuary’s expanse. Just perfect!


For a special occasion, the Honeymoon Tent adds a generous dose of extra flair. In addition to the romantic bedroom, it offers a cosy lounge with a living and dining room. The four Family Tents feature two separate bedrooms as well as a common living room tent equipped with an open fireplace that is just perfect for safari adventures shared by the crackle and flicker of a merry fire.


Set at a little distance from the main camp, the Cottar’s Private Homestead is an authentic African private bush home offering supreme privacy and sublime luxury. It easily accommodates up ten guests in its five elegant, en-suite bedrooms. A spacious lounge and beautiful terrace complete the facilities.


The service is on a par with the high standard: There are never less than eight dedicated specialists taking care of you: a waiter, house keeper, chef, kitchen assistants and security personnel.


You will enjoy the benefit of a personal guide as well as a wildlife spotter with your private safari vehicle for the duration of your stay. Moreover, a word is enough and a massage therapist, personal trainer or a bodyguard will be provided. « show less


Years of experience in the safari business have made the Cottar Family experts in providing exciting and professional safari experiences. Their high quality standard implies that all guides have been certified read more » by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association.


All of the Cottar’s 1920s Camp’s guides have at the very least achieved the association’s silver level. Only fifteen guides in all of Kenya have so far achieved a gold level – and the Cottar’s 1920s Camp proudly counts three gold level guides among its staff!


The wide range of exciting safari options at the Cottar’s 1920s Camp includes both day and night game drives as well as guided bush hikes. With the Olderikesi Group Ranch enjoying the status of a private concession within the Maasai Mara sanctuary, night activities are legally allowed.


It is a pulse quickening experience to drive deep into the bush at night with a pair of headlights lighting up observant eyes all around. You may even park the vehicle and set off on foot – only accompanied by your superbly trained and experienced guide, of course.


No less than six open safari 4x4s are at the guests’ disposal. The small fleet consists of five modern and fully equipped Landcruisers as well as a 1920s timber built old-timer. Dusk or dawn game drives may also be perfectly combined with breakfast or a sundowner out in the bush. And, if you are lucky, family head of house Calvin Cottar may be in personally to take you out on safari! « show less