Coral Lodge Mozambique


Designed in a modern African style, the highly luxurious Coral Lodge 15.41 Beach Resort is located in Mozambique’s north – as the name suggests: at 15 degrees south and 41 degrees east in the region Varanda.


Varanda is in fact a private nature reserve that encompasses mangrove forests, sand dunes and beautiful beaches. It occupies the tip of a peninsula near Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island), the former capital.


With the end of the Mozambique civil war in 1992, economic growth and read more » regained political stability greatly boosted tourism, which is nowadays one of the country’s most important incomes. However, the Coral Lodge 15.41’s surroundings have remained in their pristine state.


A Dutchman, Edward van Vliet, designed the Coral Lodge 15.41 and implemented the graceful African style of the beach resort. Boasting state-of-the-art creature comforts, the Coral Lodge blends with its surroundings and has been built largely with natural materials.


The Lounge Bar and restaurant are located at the very tip of the peninsula. A thatched-roof adds flair, the soft surf the soundtrack and the ocean breeze the air-conditioning: Delight in the culinary delicacies and enjoy the flair.


The extra large infinity pool boasts a magnificent view of the lagoon and the ocean. Moreover, it is a great spot for remarkably comfortable bird watching. Sip a refreshing drink or treat yourself to a light snack or romantic open-air dinner.


Of course, the Coral Lodge also offers a superb spa located in the villa number five, which commands a stunning view of the beach and the pool. Kick back and unwind or request a professional massage in the comfort of your villa.


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The Coral Lodge 15.41 offers ten exclusively furnished villas boasting a hundred square metres each – plenty of space for supreme relaxation and well-protected privacy.


Five of the villas are located read more » on the sand dunes with direct access to the beach and a view of the Indian Ocean. The remaining five are also located on the dunes but look out over mangrove forests and the Ilha de Moçambique.


All of the refined units have been designed in a style that harmoniously units modern with traditional African elements – perfect for the beautiful African island surroundings! Of course, the comforts and luxuries are on a par with the highest international standards.


The interior is fully air-conditioned and includes a vast king-sized bed, separate shower and bathtub as well as an additional outdoor shower, a mini bar and a safe. Your personal butler is always nearby, bottled water is provided as a courtesy and in-room internet allows you to stay in touch.


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Located perfectly on a beautiful Mozambiquean beach, the luxurious Coral Lodge 15.41 offers a host of diverse leisure time activities.


Discover the pristine beach on long strolls and learn more about read more » the fascinating history of the country. Only minutes away, the Ilha de Moçambique, the former capital, has been declared a UNESCO world heritage for its striking colonial architecture.


History, culture, beach life and –of course- sports: The Coral Lodge offers many options that range from wildlife safaris to guided dives at the magnificent coral reefs lining the coast.


Both hard and soft coral provide a lush habitat for countless species, which in turn attract large predators like sharks and dolphins. Those who prefer a mask and snorkel to full-fledged diving equipped may join a sailing tour.


A traditional sailing boat, a so-called Dhow, takes you to some of the most vibrant snorkelling sites around Mozambique. Admire the beauty and bustling activity beneath the waves before landing on a lonely island for a romantic picnic beneath the gently nodding palm trees.


A special highlight are the diving excursions to Portuguese shipwrecks dating back to the 17th century. A keen eye may spot the remains of Chinese porcelain and Portuguese coins.


The region certainly has a lot to offer: Between September and October migrating whales arrive in Mozambique’s waters. The majestic animals may even be observed from the Coral Lodge’s beach, perhaps while enjoying a picnic in the shade.


Yet another recommendation goes to the mangrove tours. The most appropriate way to explore this unique ecosystem is a canoe. A knowledgeable guide points out the different mammals, birds and crabs that inhabit the saltwater tolerable habitat.


Of course, you may also point the bow towards open seas and go sailing just for fun, either in a traditional Dhow or with a modern yacht. On your request, you may also drop a line and try to pull a catch from the blue waters, which may be prepared for dinner.


The Indian Ocean’s almost constant breeze is just perfect for experienced surfers. However, a regular day with quiet conditions also provides the ideal circumstances for sailing novices. Wind and sea, refined luxuries and superb cuisine – welcome to the Coral Lodge and Mozambique!


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