Constantia Uistig

Constantia Uistig


The elegant Wine Valley is located directly underneath the Constantia Mountains and for more than five generations the home of the Lategan family. Their ancestors came to this place in 1735 to grow wine. The farm was sold in 1988 and the new owners renovated and redesigned it elegantly like in the old days.


The Consnatia Uitsig is an excellent luxury hotel and offers their renowned wines, three world-famous restaurants and a fancy spa area. Constantia Uitsig is an old winery in the Cape Town read more » region only 20 minutes away from downtown and the waterfront.


There are a total of seven vineyards in the Constantia Valley. All of them provide high quality wine and are well-known for their wines since 1685. The hotel is perfect if you want to discover Cape Town. After an exhausting day in the city you can relax in the winery and enjoy the beautiful idyllic environment and the adventures of the past day.


This luxury hotel is located within an extraordinary beautiful and quiet environment. As far as the eye can catch, you will see vineyards and fascinating nature. If you want to relax and rest, you are here at the right place. The hotel offers a total of 16 rooms and a fascinating view of the green garden.


The spa opened in the year 2007. Here you can relax after a long excursion. In addition, the Constantia Uistig is not only known for their fantastic wine, but also for their three excellent restaurants. A stay in the Constantia Uitsig Hotel will be a pleasure for all senses. Discover South Africa together with INTOSOL. It will be worth it!


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“You find happiness in each detail”. Fluffy, soft towels and bathrobes, fresh roses from the garden, tables that reflect the sunlight, porcelain and wood, comfortable chairs and big soft eiderdowns. read more » Suites that the guests never want to leave again. And all suites in the Constantia Uitsig are like this!


There are a total of 16 suites and each one is designed with lots of love to detail. The room equipment is very comfortable and leaves nothing to be desired. Before breakfast you can step outside on the patio and enjoy the fantastic view of Constantia Uistig’s garden, because each suite has its own patio with a fantastic garden view.


There are different types of suites: six Garden Rooms, five Victorian Rooms, two Castle Suites, two Family Suites and one Superior Suite. All suites have their own bathroom, which are made from marble. But you should of course also leave the rooms, to get to know the other parts of the winery, too.


But not only the rooms are fantastic, the entire hotel will amaze you. Rest in the 2007 opened spa or enjoy a glass of good wine and unique diner in one of the three excellent restaurants. The restaurants “La Colombe”, “Constantia Uitsig” and the “River Café” invite you to discover culinary pleasures.


The “La Colombe” has a modern French and Asian cuisine. You can eat delicious Italian food in the “Constantia Uistig”. The “River Café” has some lighter food and is very good for lunch. With these many choices you can relax and enjoy an excellent cuisine after an eventful day in Cape Town! « show less


The first view of Cape Town with the impressing Table Mountain and the unique location right on a wide coast will be breathtaking. Out of the question, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in read more » the world and for many people it is even “the” most beautiful city. In the mornings you can go swimming on a wonderful beach together with penguins , in the afternoon you can enjoy a wine tasting in an old vinery and at night you can go to the Waterfront, an old harbor area that was rebuild into a promenade. Here you can relax at night in good restaurants and bars – every day is an adventure in Cape Town.


You can’t describe Cape Town, you have to see it. Next to the obligatory gondola tour on the 1088 meters high Table Mountain, there are many other sights and excursions, you can do. Already the Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean merge into each other, is worth a one-day visit. Not far away from the Cape is the Boulders Beach located. Here you will find the only penguin colony in Africa.


A part of the nature reserve is free for all tourists who would like to go swimming and watch the penguins. In the surroundings of Cape Town you will find numerous old vineries in the middle of fascinating nature. Be inspired by the beauty of this area.


Cape Town also offers a variety in sport and leisure time activities. The coast and the ideal wind are just made for all kinds of surfing and sailing. If you would rather relax, you can of course spend a peaceful day in your beautiful hotel. There are so many possibilities, that you will definitely not get bored! « show less