Chongwe River House


The Chongwe House is a beautiful safari lodge accommodating no more than eight guests at a time. It is located on the edge of a lush forest, right next to the Chongwe River in the Zambezi region.


The Chongwe River House offers four bedrooms styled in an original, quaint safari design. Small but exquisite and private, the Chongwe is also the perfect safari-hideaway for groups of up to eight people.


It was designed by Neil Rocher. The predominant material is selected timber, which lends the read more » ambience a rustic flair. A peculiar detail: there is not a single straight beam in the house. The wooden construction is seemingly fluent and perfectly blends with the stunning environment.


The house is completely open and guarded at night to make sure that no animals enter. The Chongwe Region is famous especially for its huge, so-called bull elephants, which live in the forest near the Chongwe House. An encounter with these impressive animals is a memorable experience.


Enjoy the wonderful regional food, which is served in the open-air dining room. A small but beautifully designed swimming pool offers refreshment and the idyllic terrace is just perfect for a relaxing spell of sweet idleness.


Making yourself comfortable can be so easy. Zambia, the Chongwe River House and the magic of Africa will make your holiday in the middle of the wild and pure nature an unforgettable experience!


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The exclusive Chongwe River House offers its guests four comfortable en-suite bedrooms. Everything at the Chongwe has an extraordinary attribute. The showers for example: Downstairs the water streams directly read more » out of a stone wall, while the water upstairs gushes like a waterfall.


The water taps are made of either bone or wood and the washbasins of beautiful woodcarvings and white marble, designed by the famous Zambian artist Eddie Mumba.


All beds are equipped with mosquito nets for your protection. Ceiling fans keep temperatures pleasant during the night. Incidentally, entering the house, pay attention to the small bridges spanning the decorative waterways that have been integrated into the Chongwe!


Your room commands a terrific view out over the river and the mountains. The entire furnishing of the living room is made out of a single, huge acacia tree. An unconventional design, it almost seems as though the acacia just fell into the room.


The design is delightful no matter where you look. Pretty, colourful river-pebbles are embedded into the ceiling. You reach your bedroom through a room that has a distinct cave-like flair, in a charming sense.


At first, it might seem strange that your room has no door. However, the winding entrance area ensures absolute privacy despite the lack of a conventional door.


In front of the big terrace, a small but inviting swimming pool promises refreshment on a hot day. The Chongwe’s superb location in the lush forest next to the Chongwe River is the perfect spot to enjoy the pristine environment and the awe-inspiring view of the mountains.


Enjoy the luxurious ambiance of the Chongwe River House. Come to Zambia and spend unforgettable days!


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The Chongwe River House is located on the edge of a forest right next to the peaceful Chongwe River and it commands a breathtaking view out over the scenic landscape.


The Chongwe Region is especially read more » famous for its large, so-called bull elephants, which feed mostly on winter acacia trees. However, the Chongwe River is also the main water source for countless other species.


No matter where you settle down to admire the setting: Bedroom, living room and the patio – you always enjoy a wonderful view of the stunning environment as well as the flora and fauna.


This elegant private house is designed especially for families with children that are older than seven. The Chongwe River House runs educative and entertaining kids activities to give the parents some free time.


Everything is personalised! Expect the hotel manager to drop by, asking you about your thoughts on activities and meals. The cook will prepare delicious regional food according to your wishes for you.


Private vehicles and rangers are available for wildlife observation tours as well as walking-safaris. Other activities are canoe trips, boat tours, bush walks and hunting safaris.


Nature without fences or borders, an animal diversity you will find nowhere else in the world, an exotic vegetation and native people that still hold on to their age-old traditions and customs – that is Africa, that is Zambia!


Wonderful experiences are waiting for you at the Chongwe River House. What are you waiting for? Zambia will inspire you!


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