Chongwe River Camp


The Chongwe River Camp is located on the picturesque juncture of the Chongwe and the Zambezi River, directly across from the world-famous Mana Pool National Park, Zimbabwe.


The River Camp’s six large, thatched-roof tents are snugly set up beneath shady acacia trees and command a wonderful view of the river, the Zambian mountains and the endless savannah.


The Chongwe region is especially famous for its large, so-called bull elephants, which feed mostly on winter acacia trees. However, the read more » Chongwe River is also the main water source for countless other species.


You do not even have to leave the camp. Many animals can be spotted and heard in all comfort, resting on your tent’s private terrace. Take care, because no fences separate you from the pristine wilderness.


A herd of elephants dropping by for a quick visit in the afternoon is not at all an unusual event at the Chongwe River Camp. In fact, the number of elephants in the region is higher than the number of people.


What a holiday! Zambia is a place of outstanding beauty, striking landscapes, magnificent flora, a truly amazing fauna and pristine wilderness!


Discover the wonders of the African bush, relish Zambia’s flair, indulge in delicious African cuisine, dream under the starry skies and relax in your luxury bush tent. The sweet life in the wild nature!


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The Lower Zambezi National Park is located about one thousand kilometres downstream of the Victoria Falls, north of the mighty Zambezi. Lush forests and dense vegetation dominate the landscape.


The read more » Zambezi is an enormous river, in places, with a width of up to two kilometres. It is the lifeline of the region, attracting countless animals, especially during the dry season.


The Chongwe River Lodge is located at the heart of this idyllic setting. The luxurious safari camp is highly comfortably furnished. The six large luxury tents are protected by huge, shady acacia trees.


A maximum of twelve guests are accommodated at any one time. The small number of guests ensures a very personal service. All of the fine units feature a breathtaking view of the Chongwe River.


The luxury bathrooms in the back of the tents are luxurious adventure facilities. You will find a large open-air bathroom complete with a shower, separate WC and a dressing room.


Mosquito nets over the bed ensure a good night’s sleep at all times. Ceiling fans provide a refreshing breeze whenever desired. The bush-house additionally offers a bar and a romantic fireplace.


No matter where you are in the camp, elephants are readily spotted. The mighty animals come to the river for drinks and often walk right through the camp on their way.


Two motorboats, a number of canoes and an open all-terrain vehicle are available for exciting wildlife safaris day and night.


Experience pure wilderness in every variety - come to Zambia, the heart of Africa.


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The Lower Zambesi National Park is nestled between the foothills of the Great Rift Valley and the Zambezi River. The area between mountains and river that the park protects is a lush habitat providing read more » plentifully for countless wildlife species.


Fascinating game drives are offered both during day and night time. Alternatively, join a guided safari hike and learn about the mysteries of the wilderness. Canoeing trips offer the wonderful opportunity to approach the wild animals soundlessly. However, motorboat tours are also being offered.


The Zambezi is a great river for those enthusiastic about fishing. The mighty stream is the home of the tiger fish, a fishing trophy in very high demand. The fish has a weight of ten to twelve kilograms and is known to be an excellent fighter.


Healthy and delicious: You can catch bream and different kinds of catfish and have them prepared to your taste. You might even hook one of the enormous Vundu or a Bagrus catfish - a real challenge! The equipment is provided by the camp. Only if you want to go fly fishing, is it recommendable to bring your own equipment.


The annual heavy rains between December and March are the reason why the vegetation is so fresh and green. The region around the Lower Zambezi River features one of the densest animal populations, always providing plenty of water.


The Lower Zambezi National Park is pristine and almost completely unaffected by tourism. The laws protecting the reserve are strict and mass tourism is being avoided at all costs.


“The Africa of the old days” that is what you will experience at the Chongwe Bush Camp in Zambia. Just wonderful!


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